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A TTAC contributor who shall remain nameless recently raised an issue at our secret conclave regarding the free gifts that automakers sometimes give out to journalists during press trips. Said writer was due to receive a very big ticket item (less expensive than a Rolex, but more than an iPod) and wanted to know if he should accept or refuse it. The answer, handed down by our very own BS, was “take it – and then send it to Derek so he can give it away as a contest prize.”

While I have yet to find a large parcel sitting on my desk containing said item, I did get a pair of Oakley Karting shoes on a recent junket. They are size 11, which is not only my shoe size, but that a fairly common one. As per TTAC regulations, I informed Bertel of my gift, but I was met with a stern rebuke.

“Keep them,” he barked in his gravelly Bavarian baritone. “Nobody wants smelly shoes or sweaty t-shirts.” The shoes, I can assure you, are brand new, never worn, though they may not have the original box due to packing restrictions. I already have a pair of authentic Made in Pakistan karting boots I bought for $40 at Mosport, and they not only work well, but my girlfriend has forbid me from wearing any motorsports apparel outside the house.

If you want them, just write an 800-word piece praising me to the high heavens about my Semitic good looks or my superlative prose  tell me why you deserve them. Otherwise I’ll leave them in my hotel room. The winner gets the shoes, mailed to them at my expense, as well as their essay published as a “Ur-Turn” contribution.

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22 Comments on “TTAC Gives, And TTAC Taketh Away; Blessed Be Thy Name Of TTAC...”

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    When do you start giving away the free drinks?


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    They look sweet but my girlfriend will say the same as yours so unfortunately id be in the same boat.

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    I recently started playing drums and found that my blue Rebook racing shoes work better than playing barefoot or with any other kinds of shoes I’ve tried to help me stay on beat.

    My long term goal is to become competent enough on drums to start a band with Jack Baruth, since he plays guitar and all. We could call our band “The Vodka McBig Bras” and we’ll play on Saturday and race Neons on Sunday. He’s already got groupies lined up.

    I just need some racin’ shoes.

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    Reasons that you could justify giving these away to me: I spend a lot of time behind the wheel, albeit not on a track, taking regular trips “up north” here in Michigan. I ride ATVs and motorbikes in my spare time (when I can these days). I have a 13 month old and another child now on the way, so there is NO way I could of would be able to purchase these on my own. My shoe size is 11, and I’ll wear the shit out of these.

    If someone with two size 11 feet wants them, and will actually use them on a track, by all means… let them have these.

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    Give them to some kid (preferably someone who actually needs and could use them).

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      I second this. At your karting events, keep a sharp eye out for someone who genuinely needs them. No sense in giving them to a group of people who collectively moan about boring cars but then brag about all the miles on their Accord.

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        “No sense in giving them to a group of people who collectively moan about boring cars but then brag about all the miles on their Accord.”

        Truth of the millenium!

        A happy (but enthusiastic) Impala owner…

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    I can appreciate that your strategy is to take them and then give them away – but I think it’s best that you politely refuse the gifts in the first place.

    It’s already getting a little hazy on who and why is TTAC going on these various events to begin with (I mean, do we really need a review of the TSX Sportwagon or take 2, 3 or 4 by everyone including the Hammer Time Guy?)

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    Since they are my size, God wants me to have them. You wouldn’t want to piss off the big G, would you?

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    …and Canuck Kreindler raised the karting shoes up on high, saying, “O LORD, bless this Thine Fauxley Karting Shoes that with them Thou mayest pretend to have the ability to blow past Thine enemies at ludicrous speed, in Thy mercy.” And the LORD did grin and the people did trollingly provoke the Mustang GTs and M3s and Ferraris and Evos and STis and Corvettes, and large Bimmers and large Benzes… And the LORD spake, saying, “First shalt thou put on the Fauxley Karting Shoes, then climb into thine stock GTI, then launch at 3,000, no more, no less. 3,000 shall be the number thou shalt launch at, and the revs of the launching shall be 3,000. 4,000 shalt thou not launch, neither launch thou at 2,000, excepting that thou then proceed directly to 3,000. 5,000 is right out. Once at the revs of 3,000, being the optimal engine speed to be reached, then liftest thine left Fauxley Karting Shoe off thy clutch, next to thine foe, who, being much faster, will snuff you out anyway.

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    How does one go about submitting an item for “Ur-turn”?

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    Because I am size 11 AND I have my Boss 302 owner’s Track Attack at Miller Motorsports Park in August.


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    I too will chime in and say the shoes so listed above are size worthy of my feet.

    … And I will up the anti. For said shoes, I would gladdly return a picture of me attempting a break-torque in my white 2008 Lincoln Town Car (while wearing my uber new shoes of newness, of coarse).

    *(limited time offer, this is not a guaruntee, your milage may vary, cloudy with a chance of rain unless it snows.)

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    Oakley makes shoes? I didn’t know that.

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    Because my low-top Converse are about to give up on me, and I need shoes for rallycross. And manual transmission shenanigans. And they look rather snazzy.

    Here’s a pair of pictures of my race car… er… car that gets into races, manages to survive with all four struts still attached, and drives home. No pun intended, it’s all built on a shoe-string budget, and rocks a plethora of donor Subarus for suspension. It now makes jumps with said Legacy GT struts under the tiny Impreza body.

    This car should do well in Texas Rally Sport, and may eventually see Rally America duty if things are right next spring.

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    I happen to wear 11s and would thoroughly enjoy these since I’ve never had dedicated driving shoes. It’s hard to call yourself a driving enthusiast when you show up to the track in tennies, but you also run the risk of looking too serious pulling up to the kart track in them. Ah, who cares? I’d rock them all the time if I could.

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    Well, in any case I’m not giving up the Detroit Tigers baseball cap I got at an NAIAS publicity event the other day. However, if someone is willing to send me a mailer with postage, they can have a Scion FR-S cap I got at the Chicago Auto Show.

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