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There is an unusual exhibitor at the International Tokyo Toy Show: Toyota. The company shows a grown-up toy car. The car seats 3 children up to 4 feet tall. It has an engine. It drives. Being a toy, it can be dismantled and put together in many different ways. Twist a few knobs, and the car converts from a retro sedan to an offroadish buggy. There is another turn: the toy is supposed to turn on kids to cars.

The car is called “Camatte.” Toyota says this is from the Japanese word for “care”, meant to signify “caring for others” and “caring for cars.” TTAC’s cross-cultural advisor, Frau Schmitto-san, says it is Japanese for “play with me!” The car is said to be powered by an electric motor, and to have a top speed of 25 mph


“Japanese automakers have long been trying to woo back Japan’s young generation, who are no longer appear as eager to own their own sets of wheels. 

According to Japan’s Automobile Manufacturer’s Association, in a poll conducted in 2008, car ownership ranked 17th place on university students’ wish list – trailing behind music players and computer games. Just 20 years ago, cars ranked number 7 on the wish list.”

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8 Comments on “Toyota Wants To Seduce Your Children – To Love Cars...”

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    What a wonderful idea! A moving Lego set (Erector set?) for car enthusiasts’ children.
    Just what I was looking for. How can I get one? I have 3 grandchildren in desperate need of car-ification. (^_^)…


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    (shakes fits in air)

    Curse you Toyota for not making this 30 yrs ago! I will never forgive you.

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    A cool Toyota on my TTAC?

    It’s more likely than you think!

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    Darth Lefty

    Do they not have Power Wheels in Japan?

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    Toy Maker

    “Twist a few knobs..”
    Looks more like 50 knobs to me.

    To car-beginners/kids , these things are way too complicated.

    Good direction, but shouldn’t the end product be more to the scale of power wheels (Darth Lefty has the right idea) that’s customizable / upgradable?

    All the knobs and latches should also be operable by the kids as well (at max a kid and a parent), then they will really have something going.

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    It reminds me of a toy car that I had when I was a boy. It was called the “Crashmobile”. You would run it into an obstacle, and the car would fly apart in about 8 pieces ! It was great ! Then, you fitted the pieces back together, (it was easy), and you did it again.
    Alternatively, the first car pictured looks like it was made from a VW 412 front end, a Pacer roof, VW Microbus hubcaps, and the front bumper from a 1939 Chevy truck.
    @Toyota- this is a GOOD thing. All you need to do is show this spirit in a few of your real-life offerings, like the Scion Xb, perhaps. The younger generation will come around.

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