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My biggest fear with the seemingly inevitable departure of Dany Bahar was having to read the contempt and gloating of the automotive media’s self-appointed product and management experts, whereby they claim vindication for shitting on Dany Bahar’s vision to do something about Lotus and their lack of profitability and his desecration of sacred “brand values”.

This time last year, I became one of the few people to back Bahar’s plan, and I still stand by it. Conduct aside (and I mean, conduct that is actually questionable, not just being mean to Jalopnik when they asked him asinine questions), Bahar’s plan still makes sense. There’s a large segment of the population that hasn’t yet realized that the locus of profitability has shifted, and tastes in those regions necessitate a different way of thinking. That’s without taking into account that the extremely narrow range of cars sold by Lotus will only appeal to a very small group of wealthy people willing to put up with the sacrifices that come with driving the most pure sports cars in the world.

The Lotus plan involved creating a broader range of cars, including an Esprit that would finally become a real supercar, a next-generation Elise and a much to the horror of car nuts, a sedan – something that Chapman, whose cars grew more cushy and family friendly as he aged – wanted to produce before his death. Lest we forget that the Lotus Cortina and Lotus Carlton were born of utterly mundane stock yet have become automotive legends. Along with the new cars came a plan for greater branding and merchandise, something that has helped line Ferrari’s coffers after being implemented by, you guessed it, Dany Bahar. The Lotus branded gear was also much more tasteful and restrained than the Ferrari/Puma stuff that floods my local Foot Locker discount rack.

I always felt that so much of the hate directed at Bahar and his plan was just personal anger being projected onto him and the clientshe hoped to attract. Bahar was handsome, suave, wealthy and accomplished in many fields; he would be an easy target of hate for your typical scrawny, awkward and impoverished auto journalist, akin to how females can exhibit catty behavior towards their mental or physical superiors. Why else would he be branded an “over-coifed little shit“? Lack of automotive experience never stopped Stephan Winkelmann, Alan Mulally or hell, Soichiro Honda (who loved aircraft and motorcycles more than the automobile).

The other side of it was the resistance to any sort of change that is a deeply human trait not reserved for car guys. The Elise and Exige are sublime cars that are not only brilliant, but potentially affordable on the used market (and when new, cost far less than other exotics). The Lotus plan would move them into a whole other pricing category, but lest we forget that the planned 2015 replacement date would mean that those cars would have been on sale for nearly two decades. Not even the Acura NSX had such a long tenure.

The Lotus of the past had me futilely following my neighbor’s Racing Green Esprit S4 on my 10-speed as he roared down my street. It had me lie through my teeth, using an S2000 press car as a prop, just so I could test drive an Elise. In inspired my to peer through the glass of Gentry Lane Toronto’s workshop and take that picture at 1 AM on a Thursday night. It had me taking an unpopular position, against the grain of everyone else, because I believe so strongly that the brand still has so much to offer that a 4-door sedan and Lotus brand shoes wouldn’t have hurt it at all.

The alternative is a world without Lotus. It’s not that difficult to imagine. When Fiat is handing over development of an icon like the Alfa Spider to a struggling Japanese automaker like Mazda, it’s safe to say that we are not living in the world of Colin Chapman’s Magical Norfolk Workshop where building sports cars at a loss is a viable survival strategy. Whatever you may think of it, Bahar had a vision, and his job was to sell and market that vision. Now that it’s off the table, it’s easy for DRB-Hicom to give up and justify it by refusing to throw good money after bad. Long term thinking and a bold plan is necessary. And it’s got nothing to do with continuing to sell the Elise.

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34 Comments on “Sorry Folks, Dany Bahar Was On The Right Track, Even If You Hated Him...”

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    Bla, bla, bla….

    Why was he fired?!

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    Danny had great vision, but poor choices in financial matters.

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    It will be interesting to see what happens next. I’m hoping that they have enough into the Esprit that DRB lets it get out the door, hopefully without fatally compromising it or the new motor.

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    I see a bit of a false dichotomy here. Did Lotus need to be more business-oriented? Certainly. Was an overnight remake the way to do that? I don’t think so.

    The comparison between Lotus’s lifestyle gear and Ferrari’s illustrates the problem here, and tastefulness has nothing to do with it. Ferrari’s been building its road car and racing brand aggressively for decades… Bahar thought he could simply give Lotus Ferrari-style brand trappings, and it would work. Until Lotus had a road car that had some kind of genuine, unique aspirational appeal, all the branding and swag just made it look like an off-brand wannabe.

    I think McLaren is the counterfactual here… though a niche road car brand, its racing history and the F1 puts it on the same brannd/heritage level as Lotus, practically speaking. Problem is, Lotus’s heritage is dated, while McLaren’s is up-to-the-moment… just not with road cars. It’s had a continuously strong racing brand for decades and now it’s built a road car that challenges Ferrari in meaningful ways and brings unique race-developed tech to the table, and it’s only expanding to a focused three-product range. It’s got challenges, for sure, but it’s focused and building.

    Meanwhile, Lotus wanted to reboot product (and racing) while selling brand… but if product needs a clean reboot, what is that brand? With McLaren, you buy a racing team’s road car. Lotus’s product reboot was so lacking in identity, they didn’t even know they would make their own engines. If not Chapmanesque values (which are problematic these days), what were Bahar’s flock of styling bucks supposed to communicate? It’s unsurprising that this vacuum was filled with nothing more than Bahar’s ego.

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      Ultimately I think they needed a product that fits that grandiose vision first. There was a lot of PR, a lot of talk, but not much substance to back it up. Lotus in the last few years branded a lot of things: F1 team, Indy car, Indy car engine, Le Mans cars….etc. But not a lot of physical input to them aside from money(and I am sure the Indy Car/Le Mans/F1 teams will tell you, not a lot of money neither), to this point most of them still runs the branding out of “good will”…Considering Lotus as a brand/team started as an engineering powerhouse that let their on-track prowness do the talking, this current iteration is all puff and no substance aside from the brilliant products left over from the pre-Bahar guise.

      As an aside though, I think Lotus the engineering firm is still doing ok at bringing their expertise to those who needs its, but those projects pays them to do real work….

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      I never took Bahar’s plan as launching 5 new cars at once. I assumed the Esprit would be first as a test case and then the new models would be rolled out over time.

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        juicy sushi

        Derek, I think I need to disagree. Pre-Bahar, Lotus had already shown awareness of the need to respond to changing tastes. I remember Lotus clearly noting the Evora platform architecture could also be used for an SUV; with a concept built to demonstrate. Bahar, I feel, didn’t bring market awareness that was missing. He was hired because his time at Ferrari showed he knew how to successfully extend a brand. He wasn’t on the car side, he sold cologne, shoes and the stuff, in the words of Jeremy Clarkson, for “idiots.”

        His vision for Lotus reflected that. Rather than build that Evora SUV, or a sedan, he launched a plan for 5 sports cars of limited appeal. And he surrounded these cars with an assortment of celebrities his limited budget could afford. None of that matched the previous brand equity of Lotus, nor did it generate new awareness or equity to replace the old. It was the kind of brand extension stuff he did successfully at Ferrari. At Ferrari though, the brand already had the deep associations with wealth and style that enabled his methods to work. Lotus does not, and those associations don’t come overnight. The inauthentic nature of his approach rang false, and generated a lot of unnecessary negative feedback.

        A focus on quality control, the creation of new core products (the SUV and sedan), and a limited marketing campaign in Asia and Latin America aimed at the new audience would have been more effective and realistic. Behar’s approach struck me as more of an attempt to re-do what Max Hoffman and Luigi Chinetti did in the 1950s. It’s a very different world though, and I think different parts of the world needed targetting.

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      Riffing off of racingmaniac’s comments, perhaps part of Lotus’ problem being seen as a modern technology company because their “heritage” dates to the Chapman era is due to the fact that Lotus Engineering is indeed a SOTA level outfit but most of their work is behind the secrecy of consulting contracts.

      Lotus designed the original ZR-1 DOHC engine and I’d be surprised if there isn’t some connection between the work Lotus did on the all but production active suspension Corvette and GM’s development of the magnetorheological adjustable shocks. Lotus did a lot of the structural engineering on current Aston Martins (which use bonded aluminum extrusions that were pioneered on the Elise) and I’m pretty sure they had a role in Jaguar’s aluminum architecture as well.

      I’d bet that Lotus Engineering has been the only consistently profitable part of Group Lotus. Unfortunately for Lotus as a carmaker, the company’s recent technology heritage is better known within the auto industry than among consumers.

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      Robert Gordon

      “If not Chapmanesque values”

      Given what is common knowledge of Colin Chapman’s ‘unorthodox’ business practices, it would seem Bahar has been following Chapmanesque values very closely – that’s why he got sacked.

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    I always thought the plan was too much of a reach. Lotus has 3 cars, all of which needed complete overhauling (Elise and Exige) and another needing further refinement (Evora). Personally, I would have focused on those 3 cars alone and perhaps done a Porsche (create variations on existing models). We saw the beginning of that with the Exige Roadster. The Evora could become a convertible, maybe a Targa, AWD, etc.

    IMHO, most car makers do not need a “halo” supercar to validate them, especially a maker like Lotus. Lotus needs to improve their practicality/refinement/reliability to price ratio. Preferring an Evora to a 911 is almost madness unless you have a garage full of cars. If you have only one car (or two) and need a daily driver, it is not likely to be a Lotus.

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      There is an elephant in the room there though:

      There are a limited number of upper middle class people these days to support a sports car in the $50K-$75K range.

      There are a lot of really wealthy people who are buying multiple supercars. And there are people wanting cars like the Mustang and the BRZ. But even Porsche is having trouble at the bottom end of their range. The Boxster/Cayman volume is not significant anymore, and has the lowest profitability of Porsche’s cars, despite being their best platform. The Cayenne, unfortunately, is where the money is.

      So I don’t think Lotus was building the Esprit as a halo – they were building it for the folks for whom cost is not as important as owning the best. Whether or not they could make money there is hard to know, but Ferrari, Lambo, Audi, Bentley, and now McLaren are doing pretty well up there. And Pagani is selling every 1.5 million dollar car he can build. It’s not socialist to admit that the wealth disparity is changing the market. There was no way Lotus can go down to the $30K vehicle market with their volume, so they have to go up.

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        Doesn’t Porsche make most of its money from $50-$75k cars? I think there’s room for competition in that range.

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        “There are a limited number of upper middle class people these days to support a sports car in the $50K-$75K range.”

        “There are a lot of really wealthy people who are buying multiple supercars.”


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        I would argue that there is a limited number of very wealthy people who can afford halo cars and that market is already crowded. Lotus would be hard pressed to get significant sales in this market.

        The $50-100k market has far more potential customers and Lotus could control its costs by offering the Elise, Exige and Evora in as many forms as possible while having the internals pretty much identical across the models. This is what Porsche does and is one of the reasons why it is the most profitable car company.

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        Stottpie: Ferrari is making money. Porsche is making money on Cayennes and 911s. Zonda is making money hand over fist. Sorry, but it’s true. And it’s why there aren’t bespoke sports cars in that price range anymore other than the Cayman. Sorry, but no is not a good enough answer.

        Carlisimo: no.

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    No need to apologize!

    For the record, I don’t hate Dany Bahar in the slightest…but long term thinking and bold plans are worthless without sufficient means to execute them.

    Even if he was on the right track, he never had sufficient resources to realize his grand vision, nor would he ever receive them from DRB-Hicom.

    Making matters worse was his lavish personal spending demonstrated a distinct lack of restraint and sensitivity to Lotus’s precarious situation, as well as poor judgement.

    If Lotus ever had any hope, Bahar had to prove to DRB-Hicom that he could do a lot with a little; instead he spent a lot…and has little to show for it.

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      “If Lotus ever had any hope, Bahar had to prove to DRB-Hicom that he could do a lot with a little; instead he spent a lot…and has little to show for it.”

      Well said. As someone who has had the privilege of driving many Lotus models over the years, I have always wished for their continued survival. My knowledge of automotive history tells me that I am the patron saint of lost causes.

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    “The alternative is a world without Lotus.”

    Meh. If it they die, they die. Ashes to ashes and all that.

    Did you like Bahar’s talk because you actually thought it would be successful or because “at least he had a plan”?

    You just drove a 2013 Boxster. You really think Bahar had a competitive answer for that machine? Even then, Porsche needs to make CUVs and executive sedans to prop up their business. Not to mention they are part of the mighty VW empire.

    I think you misplace what most people outside Gawker didn’t like about Bahar. It wasn’t that he was going to expand the Lotus line. It’s that his plan had as much chance to work as Saab circa 2005 had at taking on the German luxury brands.

    Personally, I think Lotus is finished no matter what they do.

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      The V6 Exige is, to me anyway, a Boxster killer.

      It doesn’t have carpets. It’s hard to get your feet in. But it weighs over three hundred pounds less than the Boxster, is a true exotic in the looks department, and is genuinely as fast or faster than R8s and GT3s. I’d much prefer it to the Boxster if I could get one in the US.

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    I didn’t cry for Sununu, I don’t cry for this guy. Business plans aside, he was just wasting money on himself, which as far as I can tell is why he was canned.

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    The grandiose and unobtainable visions while personally digging around with a hand in the cookie jar story seems like a familiar playbook that gets repeated very often. If anything you have to praise the good corporate governance at work here, this sort of thing might never get called in other circumstances.

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    I saw his ideas as a sort of necessary evil in the day and age of feature creep and model bloat, but he just always had this sort of douche bag vibe about him. Even in his photos he always sorta had this look about him that just made me wanna punch him in the face.

    Regardless of that, however, I hope Lotus can manage to get it’s act together and find some sort of solution to its problems.

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    Hate to say it, but any car developed outside of its current lineup should have been either a sedan or a SUV, not a halo car.

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    I’ll apply for his job.

    My vision: built cars that are more comfortable, more profitable, and have wider market appeal. Whew! That was hard; cracking out visions like this isn’t easy. Now give my my 1.5 million please.

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    I don’t hate Dany Bahar in the least. He was given a task, dress up Lotus enough to sell it, and he wasn’t successful.

    There was no intent for Lotus, under its current management, to build any of those five concept cars from Paris. Ever.

    I wonder to what extent the new strategy was Bahar’s in the first place. He joined Lotus exactly a year before the Paris show. Did the company pivot so radically and develop those five “cars” within just a year? Perhaps. Perhaps he was just hired as window dressing and the five vaporcar strategy was already in motion.

    In any case, the new corporate overlords are unhappy with the lack of investor interest. They’ll chop it up and part it out.

    Lotus had some pretty good years with Proton, the last couple of years being a marked exception. Hopefully whoever buys the brand will continue to do right by it.

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    Sorry guys but Dany Bahar was not on any ‘right track’ that the workforce at Lotus could perceive. There is little doubt that Bahar was brought in to make the Lotus company attractive to potential buyers. He was given an interesting seven figure sum with promises of more to come after a successful sale. That was never going to happen after the Paris Show unveiling of five underdeveloped ‘themes’ that were confusing in their design language, naive in their detailing and overly optimistic in their specification. Colin Chapman new that building one’s own engines, even back in the 80s and 90s was not a good idea. Lotus was never about the engine, it was more a demonstration of what a small group of talented and uninhibited engineers could do with other companies componentry. Lotus was the driving experience, that came from light weight and efficiency.

    Bahar never got this, both his and his Italian team’s dismissive manner with the work force was never going to produce the cars the Lotus has always been best at. Offending Toyota when commenting on the fact that to be a true world class company Lotus needed charismatic engines was the height of arrogant foolishness. As was his ‘inspirational’ speech to the workforce, during which he said that if Lotus failed due to quality problems it would not matter to him because he was a wealthy man, but they would all be out of a job!

    The ill considered motorsport programme that culminated in the black flagging of the only two ‘Lotus engined’ cars at Indy and the law suits against the company that followed typify the Bahar team’s failure to understand what Lotus is. It can never be, nor should it aspire to be a competitor to Porsche or Ferrari, Lotus customers in the past never troubled themselves with having to decide which make to buy. They were Lotus guys and that was what they bought. There are plenty of good ideas as to what Lotus could become, one just has to hope that the new owners are not so disillusioned as to just pack up the whole thing and walk away.

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      An Actual LOTUS WORKER

      Pal…..i could’nt agree more abou being on the right track with us. I am a Lotus worker…..i work there NOW, at Hethel. NONE of us in the manufacturing side who have seen CEO’s come and go over the last 30 years could see what the hell this guy was trying to do. It looked like to us….that Dany Bahar was trying to run LOTUS into the ground, and then buy it up cheap, then ship it abroad.

      The whole place is run on image, Bullshit, and red tape…..and that’s a fact. Hopefully….now that DRB-Hicom are here, this will (and MUST) CHANGE. The people in charge don’t have a clue how to make their own product. We have a weak, piss poor shop floor management who spend their days ducking and diving and weaving,making excuses and trying to pass the buck. I’ve personally witnessed COUNTLESS times how operators are given instructions that are going to backfire. And when they DO…..THE GUY IN CHARGE WHO GAVE THEM, DENIES ALL KNOWLEDGE of having given them. These are the people who you can blame for the state of the Buisness, and the deadbeats, users, losers and no-hopers higher up the chain who ALLOW IT TO CONTINUE, and who cover up.

      Theres no responsibility or accountability with any of them. Every time theres a balls up…’s always the good old work force that come through, and who have to work harder to dig the company out, while the same old morons in charge WHO CAUSED IT, get to carry on doing a job they can’t do, that gets us FURTHER in the mire. That’s WHY the management at LOTUS will not let the workforce have representation by a Trade Union………because they can do with the workforce whatever they like in terms of breaking agreements, contracts, or fiddling the workforce out of entitlement. It’s NOT company security theyre protecting…….its THEIR personal JOB security they care about. Come and ask the workforce at Hethel what they think of Michael Ock and the flexible working pattern he FORCED in by breaking the contracts of the workforce. And the senior management, Heads of Human Resources, and the Staff Representatives who were accomplices and allowed him to do it and break Employment Law…….for no other purpose than to let Crooks like Dany Bahar syphon money out the back door for one pretext or another. They might have got rid of Dany Bahar, but theres a LOT, LOT MORE Management who should be kicked out right behind him.

      How the hell can you expect a workforce to commit itself to a production plan that’s put in place by people who’ve got self interests at the centre of that plan, and accomplices who use their positions in management to facilitate his doing it. THANK GOD DRB Hicom came along when they did. HOPEFULLY, THE WITCH-HUNT HAS’NT ENDED YET. A staff representative reassured us that things were positive for the company when we started production again in April 2012, and that we should’nt worry about the 1.10 Million pounds that was MISSING from the stores alone. The rep told us that “at least we know that we on the shop floor have’nt had it”.

      And that probably explains why J-MAX Builders could’nt get paid for the work that was done on Dany Bahars rented home…….which we have since learned is owned by his wife and renovated up with company money. I’d like to see Dany Bahar and the Lotus management explain that one in court……

      “we refused to pay J-MAX builders the balance of what i owed because of shoddy work, done on my wifes home, which i’m renting, and up until the final bill from J-MAX BUILDERS, had paid for the £200,000 work already done, out of company money, which i denied to the workforce i had used to pay for the work already done. And we refused to pay for it at a time when we did not have any money to pay ANY bills to our suppliers, or other contractors, which is why they stopped work on our new Paintshop, and stopped supplying us with parts.”

      The words: evading payment of liability by means of deception spring to mind.

      No ones seen his buddy either….Gino Rosato….seems to be M.I.A these days. Even NOW, suppliers WILL NOT supply LOTUS with parts unless they get paid up front. We had a delivery of parts on Wednesday 13th June of last week, and the driver just turned around and took the parts straight back to the dispatch depot, after being told that LOTUS had not paid for them yet. That’s the damage that Dany Bahar and his crooked management have done to the buisness, bit by bit, over the last 3 years.

      The cold hard truth is this…..nothing’s going to change at LOTUS until we have a Malaysian production management, on site, and in control of the production………we’ve got TOO many hanger-onners who produce nothing but debt, more debt, and then redundancy for the work force in order to keep theirselves in a job by recouping that lost money by taking the jobs of the workforce. We do not NEED nearly 100 + managers for 400 workers. Goodbye Dany, goodbye. Don’t shut the door on your way out will you, as hopefully, DRB Hicom and God willing, you’ll have your entourage to keep you and your money company pretty soon.

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    ‘Lotus worker’, brilliant piece dear friend, and brave too. There’s more than one worker at lotus who has been heard to criticise the hopeless direction of the company and then found him/herself out of a job. Your summing up of so many of the issues that are now almost overwhelming the company is just so correct and well put, that we people who still have a belief in all that Lotus means must take our hats off to you. When this is eventually fixed (I hope) I would happily buy you a beer or two at the Bird in Hand as long as it’s not full of the ‘wrong folk’! I hope there are more like ‘Lotus worker’ at Hethel so that the company can be set back on the right path with the right people in charge. The very best of luck for the next few months.

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      An Actual LOTUS WORKER

      Hi There. I’m glad you enjoyed the piece……it was written from the guts, and had years of Lotus experience behind it to give it driving force. I do not know if you are a Lotus employee too, or an ex-employee….but it was nice to know that the words i wrote did not fall on deaf ears, or blinded vision. I also appreciate your best wishes…..thank you for those too. They are very much appreciated

      Now please DO NOT get me wrong…….i am not slagging off the Buisness, or trying to do damage to it’s name or reputation. You can’t blame a person with leprosy for what the disease is doing to them. I’M JUST TRYING TO DO WHAT A SURGEON DOES……..REMOVE THE VILE, POISONOUS, CANCEROUS TUMOR thats stopping the body from being healthy. And that Cancer is called Incompetent British Management. The ONLY problem with Lotus, IS the management. They do not have a clue how to run that buisness. And since we ALWAYS have the same people in charge CAUSING, or mis-handling the problems, and the same people who’ve been doing the job on the shop floor for donkeys years, who’s advice, experience and expertise is totally ignored, we find that this MUST be the only reason why the buisness is up financial s**t creek….. year in and year out. IT….MUST….BE….THE….MANAGEMENT. They’re the ONLY ONES who make the decisions, they are the ONLY ONES who have access to the MONEY, They are the ONLY ONES who instruct the workforce, and they are the ONLY ONES who ignore what they’re being told by us, They are the ONLY ONES with the power to make change. ALL WE, THE WORKFORCE CAN DO………IS WHAT WE ARE TOLD TO DO. Supervisors, team leaders, and managers……who are ALL under the belief that THEY DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE ANY HANDS ON PRACTICAL EXPERIENCE TO KNOW HOW TO DO A JOB, OR BE PHYSICALLY CAPABLE OF DOING THAT JOB……to be in charge. That’s like telling a man who plays Microsoft Flight Simulator that he does’nt NEED ANY HANDS ON PRACTICAL EXPERIENCE TO FLY A SPACE SHUTTLE in real life. Now do you see what’s been holding us back for years.

      NO PROBLEM FOR LOTUS is unsolvable…..when you have a workforce that can be manipulated, or bullied into giving that bit more to dig out the company from the mire. I.e……the flexible working pattern i spoke of last time. NO ONE WANTED IT, NO ONE WAS GOING TO VOTE TO ACCEPT IT, but it still all got forced in by tearing up the contracts, issuing 90 days notice, and telling the workforce……if ya don’t like it…..p**s off. The pathetic Staff Council under the leadership of Mr J. Garwood, and who have a solicitor at their disposal at ALL TIMES…….SAT BACK, AND JUST LET IT ALL HAPPEN. Flexible working means that when the buisness CANNOT make cars, the workforce are sent home, or told not to report for work for the next several days……they will recieve FULL pay……but will have to make that lost time up later. This loss of working time can only go up to a MAXIMUM 150 hours. This IS, in theory…..a good idea from a struggling buisness point of view i suppose, and logical. The ONLY reason that the workforce are so dead against it……..IS BECAUSE OF THE MANAGEMENT……..we know that it will be totally mis-used and abused by them, FOR THEM. We know that NO MATTER what we do, or what efforts are put in by us, or how MUCH physically harder we work…… it will be TOTALLY FOR NOTHING, AND COMPLETELY WASTED. All that Blood, Sweat, and Tears…..for nothing, because some moron in the management did’nt anticipate the blatently obvious to everyone else who’s got to do the job.

      Again…..this is why they won’t let us have a Trade union……..because it allows them to modify our T’s & C’s, employment law, and ANYTHING else that we can be pushed and bullied into, that gets them out of a jam as a buisness, and saves a few of the clique’s jobs by hiding indiscretions. That’s why you have to use the Lotus chain of command……the buck stops with the first person you saw, and he’s going to turn into a brick wall when it comes to taking it further. His answer’s FINAL……..even if he’s wrong. Just go and ask one of the lads, who was off sick with depression for several months on a Dr’s certificate. During his time OFF SICK, the manager made a record that this guy OWED Lotus in excess of 60 hours flexible working hours as a result of buisness non-production, 60 hours that he’d NEVER HAD because he was off sick at the time. That manager insisted he was right, and prevented the guy in question from taking it further. As i understand from talking to him……6 months later he’s STILL recorded as owing 60 hours even though both he AND his OWN SUPERVISOR (one of the Good Guys….we do have them thank god) proved the manager wrong.

      Now what about the members of the workforce who have lost no time at all, and are going to lose no time at all, and who are TOLD that they are coming into work on their days OFF……….for NO PAY. You probably know it Peter, as unpaid overtime. The enforced Flexible working pattern means that Dany Bahar has got people working for NOTHING, and being put in a position against their will to accept Dany Bahar’s word that the company owes, and will pay them, AS & IF it suits Lotus. This is the same guy remember, who has just been sacked for sticky fingers in the cookie jar, and the men and women who are owed 150+ unpaid as yet, hours of work, have nothing but the word of a crook to go by. The rest of the management who were in it with Bahar, and who have not been caught yet, REALLY should watch out. They might not have been caught with their fingers in the cookie jar at the critical moment Bahar was caught………but all DRB-Hicom have to do is follow the trail of crumbs FROM the jar, and it will lead to the next rat.

      As i said in my last post……without a Trade Union representing the workforce, Lotus with it’s current production management ( before DRB-Hicom arrived i stress) WILL CONTINUE TO BE A BERMUDA TRIANGLE of missing money, misused investment, and abused positions of trust, and lost opportunities at the expense of both workforce and investors. The whole buisness is suffering from a LONG, LONG overdue treatment of it’s cancerous BRITISH MANAGEMENT.They keep EVERY PROBLEM we’ve ever had……as a problem for tomorrow. Even DRB-Hicom have noticed that the workforce at Hethel are NOT happy in their work, and they find that this is not good for any buisness. They’re now asking a lot of questions about that, and want to rectify the problems. I hope you now understand why i said on my last post about Dany Bahar not closing the door on his way out, as he’s going to probably have some company soon?

      On a final note, another basic fact about Lotus (and i am serious about this, honestly) is this……you could ask the most intelligent, highest IQ’d, super brained, genetically modified, most mentally superior intellectuals in human history, to sit down with Einstein, Hawking, and Newton and collectively come up with a definitive, once and for all time solution to present to Lotus and put into operation……and I GUARANTEE YOU, that no matter how PERFECT that battle plan is, no matter how guaranteed to work it is, i GUARANTEE you that it would go tit’s up within days because because ONE MANAGER, with a little bit of power, did’nt like it and say’s “it’s not in our process sheets, i don’t like it, so we can’t do that”. What he really means is, that “it’s going to open a can of worms for me,and my career, it will expose my misdeeds, my arse will be in the ringer, so we better cover this up with red tape and bullshit excuses”.

    • 0 avatar
      An Actual LOTUS WORKER

      Well…..i guess it’s all kicking off now at Lotus. After the fiasco that was Dany Bahar, we have 3 MORE SUSPENSIONS in the management. Now Dany Bahar was a CEO right? But even he did not have access to company funds willy nilly. So why would DRB-Hicom suspend Kerry Dugan, the head of Human Resources, a financial manager for the company, and a member of the company’s legal team? Just HOW MUCH mischief can you get into when you spend all day sitting on your arse and have no need to have access to the kind of money that Dany Bahar has had away? I’ll say one thing for Hicom……..they’re going after these corrupt, lying, thieving managers like Elliot Ness went after Al Capone and Frank Nitti. like i said in my last post……they must be following the crumbs from the cookie jar, and turning up a few more RATS

  • avatar
    An Actual LOTUS WORKER

    P.s Peter, sorry about the soap box rant and it’s length, haha. There are a few of us there like that……a die hard breed, that won’t be told what to think, what to hear, or why. It looks like i OWE you a coupla pints now. Where abouts is the Bird in Hand when this is all over….i have found several. I’ll be the one in the Long mac (racing green of course) collar pulled up, wearing a hat, big bushy beard, and dark glasses, hahaha

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