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Did you miss “HyperFest” this past weekend? If you did, then you missed out on what is turning out to be a genuinely American tradition: road racing, drifting, beer, open lapping, brawling, bikini contests, and general debauchery, all held at Summit Point’s outstanding Main Course.

The video above shows an incident that had everybody talking: a high-speed meeting with Bambi on the front straight. But wait, as the AutoBiWeek people say, there’s more.

In this frankly surreal video, multiple confrontations occur between police, women, and policewomen, complete with chokeholds and raw “I’M IN YOUR FACE!” drama, interrupted periodically to observe an Infiniti M45 drifting. All it really needs is a giant video screen featuring Kid Rock to complete the picture of our neo-Roman decline into international irrelevance.

So, for all you people who think road racing is some sort of hoity-toity LeMans CirKwee Doo Sarf business… now you know better, eh?

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41 Comments on “Oh, Deer...”

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    Cheap wannabe punks. At least my generation went to Lime Rock and burned tour buses.

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    Big fat sheriff putting a choke hold on women….what a man.

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    God I love America! I’m far from a redneck but how can you not love to watch?

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    Wow, are all NASA events like this?

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    Looks to me like that C5 ZO6 held up fairly well, considering.

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    And that first video, Jack, is why surfing the net on your smartphone during tedious, late night, empty highway drives is such a bad idea.

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      Jack Baruth

      Um, to be fair here, this was an advanced instructor in a fully track-prepped car, and all he could do was hold his hand over his face.

      Since you can’t tell a flying, decapitated, dead adult deer to “talk to the hand”, I doubt it really helped :)

      Best to be texting when it happens, so you aren’t scared before impact.

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        I hear that drunks have the same advantage in accidents – they’re all loose and limber.

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        I don’t mean that you could protect yourself with your hands if they were free. That much mass coupled with the velocity of the car and its occupants is going to do what it’s going to do regardless of one’s hands. I mean that given a few more moments to react, one could possibly avoid the collision or mitigate the impact, or at least duck down. I’ve managed to avoid deer collisions, albeit at much lower speeds than were seen in that video.

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    Wow, that’s pretty bad.

    Goes to show you where the term “redneck” originated from.

    This is what my wife (and I’m sure many others) fear these types of events will be. She was so surprised when we went to the Baltimore Grand Prix last year to see NONE of this.

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    It appears in the video that another Bambi is prancing across the course further up from the impact scene – you can see something hop the fence about 3 seconds before impact, just as the driver is looking over at the other car and giving a respectful, “thanks for letting me pass,” wave.

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    it makes me sad to think about how much fuel is wasted on stupid things like this.

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    Hey, it is West By God Virginia. Notice the riot video has a 10:1 ratio of obese people to normal sized ones. The girl they cuffed was the only hottie. Maybe that’s their way of telling her to up her intake of pork rinds.

    The deer problem is completely out of control in Northern Virginia and West Virginia. The number of dead deer on the side of any road is amazing. I read an estimate that there are more white tail deer in the eastern US than existed before Europeans settled here in the 1500s.

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      There’s a simple redneck solution to the deer problem — more huntin’.

      I grew up not far from Northern Virginia and West Virginia. The deer problem will start to be be “taken care of” by my relatives when bow season starts in October, and will really be “taken care of” when regular gun season starts right around Thanksgiving. If you go into the woods in the fall, please wear orange and make a lot of noises that can only be made by humans.

      The hunting limits are set based on a deer population survey, and the numbers are selected to keep the deer population stable. Hunting does actually perform an important ecological function, since we’ve killed off all of the deer’s natural predators.

      If it weren’t for identity politics, hunters and environmentalists would be on the same side on a lot of issues.

      P.S. I’m not hunter, since I’ve never been hungry enough to literally kill for a meal. A number of my relatives enjoy hunting quite a bit, though.

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      You aren’t kidding about the obesity. I went to a NASCAR race at Martinsville Speedway a few years ago. The race was great, but that is not what stuck in my head as the most memorable thing about the event. No, it was the incredible number of morbidly fat people that I have ever seen in one place. These guys labored just to walk up the stands. Ironically, the bleachers are sized for normal weight people, so there is a spill over on every row of chubbies pressed shoulder to shoulder. My wife noted one cut, vascular fit guy a few rows down from us; he and I were the only truly fit people to be seen. I can’t help but think that there is going to be a massive diabetes-fueled health care disaster in about 20 years…

      And yes, the deer in certain places are getting out of control. More hunting, sterilization, something needs to be done.

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        An effective way to control deer: Allow regulated, for-profit hunting companies to sell venison.

        That even the most conservative states disallow such an obvious solution shows
        a) the extent of cement head anti-market populism even in flyover neck-land
        b) that the farm lobby dislikes competition.

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        @ihatetrees: “An effective way to control deer: Allow regulated, for-profit hunting companies to sell venison.”

        That would be true, if you really wanted to eradicate the deer. But hunting, as it’s practiced in the valleys of Virginia and West Virginia, is the alignment between conservation and an old rural tradition.

        In my experience (having partially grown up in that tradition), the amateurs supply more than enough volunteer hunters to accomplish the conservation goals. Also, the hunters I know would be just as upset about their tradition being replaced by professional hunters as they would if there weren’t any deer to kill and eat.

        Professional hunters are sometimes used when things get really out of hand in areas where it’s too populated to trust amateurs to hunt safely. But, as far as I know, they don’t get to sell the meat.

        Anyway, I’m pretty sure your proposal wouldn’t accomplish the goal of keeping the deer population stable, and it would also vehemently opposed by hunters.

        I’m the Liberal that Fox News warned you about (or so I hear), but rural hunting/gun culture is something that I understand. I personally decline to participate, but hunting as it’s typically practiced in the valleys of Virginia does have an important place in the conservation efforts and isn’t likely to be replaced.

        P.S. I grew a beard a few years ago, and people have finally stopped asking me if I “ain’t gotchyer deer yet” when I visit home. They’ve also stopped trying to talk about politics with me. Both are appreciated. :-)

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    When I’ve been to Summit Point it’s always been tame. Oh, always some big Johnson T-shirts, but nothing more than that.

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    Any event where the majority of the guys are wearing their hats backwards is to be avoided.

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    Out of interest, who would end up paying for damage to the car after hitting that deer? I know normal car insurance doesn’t cover anything on a track, and that if you stack your car – it’s your fault and your cost, but a deer on the track? Every racetrack I’ve been to in the UK is surrounded by 8 foot high chainlink fence, and the idea of large pieces of livestock (wild or otherwise) wandering on to the track is unheard of. Surely the track and organizers would be on the hook for this one?

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    Next movie in the series:

    Fast and Furious: Summit Point Drift

    Vinnie would’ve dodged the deer.

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      The driver in the red car DID dodge the dear. My guess is that the driver of the red car probably saw the deer, and started slowing down. The driver of the camera-car missed the hint, and plowed into the deer at full speed.

      I learned to drive in deer country. If a driver up ahead is braking for “no reason”, they probably see something that you don’t.

      Of course, the expectations are different in broad daylight on an active racetrack, so I can’t fault the driver of the camera-car.

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    Felix Hoenikker

    Many of my relatives were PA deer hunters. Not very far removed from the hunting scenes in the movie The Deer Hunter. After seeing all of the injuries they sustained in the cabin fueld by liquor, I never accepted their invitation to join them.
    These folks seem to be carrying on the tradition.

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    And to think, with a well placed air-strike we could put a huge dent in this country’s unemployment rate…

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    Meth, Oxys, alcohol and Hoopies.

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    What I love about Hyperfest, is every year, at the exact same time, the exact same weekend, exact same race park, on the other side is a group of folks driving $500 race cars and drinking twice as much They average zero arrests and I don’t even think the cops know they are there.

    Every now and again a shiny, lowered, hella-flush import will make a wrong turn and cruise through the pits. Zombie-eyed mechanics stare lustfully with welders in there hands wondering what parts can be used to patch together their smoldering heaps. They usually zip out as fast as they can without shattering their undercar lighting like the Griswalds in St Louis.

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    Sam P

    America. F Yeah!

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    Needs more Insane Clown Posse.

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