By on June 16, 2012

Even though crossovers tend to get their share of criticism at TTAC, the Audi SQ5, despite its silly name, is more desirable than the average mommy-mobile.

The SQ5 immediately scores points for being an oil-burner. The twin-turbo diesel V6 puts out 313 horsepower and 479 lb-ft of torque, bringing it to 60 mph in a Camry-besting 5 seconds. Audi has even but a “sound actuator” inside the car to pipe engine sounds into the cabin. Combined fuel economy is somewhere around 32 mpg. At $74,000, even Roman Polanski has a better chance of coming Stateside.

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17 Comments on “More Forbidden Fruit Drops From Audi’s Vine...”

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    Plus, Porsche probably doesn’t want it competing with the Chocodile Turbo, or whatever ridiculous name they will give to their latest mini SUV. Guess what, it’ll look just like a 911!!!

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    word is bond

    But wouldn’t it be even better and more desirable to get that drivetrain in an S6 Avant?

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      > But wouldn’t it be even better and more desirable to get that
      > drivetrain in an S6 Avant?

      It is already offered in the A6, under the name 3.0 TDI (this moniker currently embraces three power levels, 200, 250 and 300HP diesels). Every large Audi model will soon get this motor.

      The engine itself is pure awesomeness:

      The A6 with it under the bonnet will hang on with the 380HP tri-turbo BMW M5 diesel:

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    Derek, 60 ‘mpg’ in 5 seconds?

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    VW can make some awesome diesels. I’d love to have a Touraeg or Q7 V10 TDI, at least until the first out of warranty service bill.

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    Oh good! Only $74000. I shall order two of them. One to make myself feel special inside and another to impress my neighbors.

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      How many so-called “enthusiasts” for how long from now will still remain tricked by converting European prices to American ones?

      Euro prices include VAT. US prices do not. US price for this car would be USD 58k.

      Which is a bargain considering that a car being light years behind the Q5 – the Caddy SRX – with its faux AWD, ancient transmission and a much slower, stone age V6 that is twice less efficient at higher speeds, hovers around USD 50k when actually equipped.

      @Derek: this entry sees a bit rushed, doesn’t it? There are writing errors, price is not adjusted, MPG seems to be translated directly as well…

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      If you don’t live in the US, why are you referencing USD?

      Derek – it looks very unprofessional (not to mention incorrect/misleading) when other blogs simply convert European pricing, with out taking tax and duty into consideration. It would be better for TTAC to mention no price than an obviously wrong price.

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    I can’t wait for the Q2

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    Audi used to make stuff that people wanted.
    what happened to that?

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      Haven’t you read that Audi is having record sales and has passed Mercedes to become the number 2 premium brand in global sales? Not that i’d buy one, but there seem to be many people that do.

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    Chicago Dude

    $74,000 and it still looks plain. Even the CR-V has a more interesting exterior design.

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    Sigh, another Europe Only Audi. USA Environmental regulations make it difficult/expensive for the foreign automakers to bring those stateside. In fact, you cannot buy any Audi TDI with Quattro in the USA because of Audi’s worry that it reduces fuel economy by 1 mpg (that’s right, a pitiful 1 mpg).

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    el scotto

    This thing will not be poster fodder. Then again, neither is my Escape.

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    The problem with bringing the SQ5 to the US market is that once the 150 or so enthusiasts pony up the bucks (let’s assume that at price parity Audi of America listed this sucker for $55,000), who else will buy it? If you are in the US and can afford $55,000 you’ll likely want a Q7, or save money and get a loaded 3.2, or a 2.0T if fuel economy is your thing.

    I’d love to see these cars as BTO or sold order options in the US, and I believe that once Audi has expanded its US customer base sufficiently they’ll be able to, but right now it just doesn’t make any sense at all.

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