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“An almost 100% perfect copy of the Volkswagen Amarok, which is actually and only made in Argentina” has been spotted in China by Carnewschina. The Hengtian T3 will slot above the Hengtian T1. That one drew its design cues from Chevy trucks, now it’s Volkswagen’s turn to inspire.

According to Carnewschina, The T3 will cost around 70.000 yuan or 11.000 USD. The Amarok is currently not available in China, but that might change. It costs around 35.000 dollar in the US.

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17 Comments on “Fake In China: Amarok, What Are You?...”

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    The Chinese, the photocopiers of the human race, they copy everything, it has to stop, is there an orginal idea in the whole of China?

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      I could tell you some quite original ideas, but this being a family-oriented publication ….

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        Don’t hold back on us.

        The truck certainly isn’t a perfect copy, it looks like a 90’s Japanese pickup fitted with golf V headlights and pep boys chrome.

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      What is “original” anyways? Everything is a derivative of something else. Apple’s touted as “innovative” and “original”, but is really more clever marketing and packaging than actual innovation while delivering no further technological advancement than what other MP3 player manufacturers have created at the debut of the iPod. Ditto the iPhone.

      In terms of China, they did go through a 10-year period with their entire education system completely shut down not too long ago. Most other countries would be a complete basket case today if in the same situation. They’ve eventually come around and contribute their share.

      Meanwhile, Hollywood has been unabashedly copying Chinese movies for the last 30 years. Oh, wait – when Westerners do it, it’s called a “homage”, isn’t it?

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      Why does it have to stop? Have you seen the turds they drop when they try to be original?

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      I think one of the more original ideas to come out of China was gunpowder. Look where that got us…

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      VA Terrapin It’s a long list.

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    Not sure where you got the $35,000 figure, since it’s not sold in the US.

    Per Wikipedia: “The Amarok is currently being produced in the Volkswagen Group plant in General Pacheco, Argentina; for South American, Mexico, Russian, South African, Oceania and European markets.”

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      German starting price (single cab, unpainted bumpers etc) ex vat is €20k so around $25k. Mid tier double cab is 26k ex vat, or $32-33k. The model our Chinese friends are trying to resemble seems to be the mid tier Trendline or the range topping Highline, so $35k is probably a fair guesstimation on a straight price conversion. But you’re right the Amarok isn’t for sale in the US although it’s been considered for sale in Canada.

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      Maybe that was intended to simply read as “$35,000 USD”

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    Anyone else confused by the number of Chinese auto manufacturers and brands? It has to be over a hundred now, or at least more than the United States during the 1920s.

    When the auto industry in China matures and begins to consolidate, it’s gong to be ugly. And it’s also going to have the potential for a great version of brackets.

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    “An almost 100% perfect copy”? Hyperbole much? It’s – at best – a 30% copy. The front end KINDA SORTA resembles an Amarok (the headlamps are nothing alike), but in profile it much more closely resembles the Chevy Colorado/Isuzu I-Series pickup.

    You wanna see what happens when a Chinese automaker sweats the details of styling theft?

    Here’s the Great Wall Wingle pickup…:

    ….compared to the VW Magellan concept:

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    I once read that China has the most engineers. I thought to myself these are reverse engineers.

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    They may be copying the styling, but I’m fairly sure nothing else is remotely as good as the original.

    Think of a copy machine set on save ink and then on it’s lightest setting and you get the idea. There won’t be any meat underneath this thing.

    Chinese have had many original ideas, currently not so much. Their education system isn’t exactly geared to allow creativity, it’s more geared for crushing creativity. Doesn’t mean they don’t have creativity, but it’s more in spite of the education system, not because of it.

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    VA Terrapin

    If the Hengtian T3 is a copy of the VW Amarok, then the Amarok is a copy of the Hilux/Tacoma and Ridgeline. The Hengtian T3 has significantly different wheel arches, fender flares, greenhouse, side view mirrors, bumper and headlights compared to the Amarok. The grill, hood and, to a lesser extent, front valance look like copies.

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    “It costs around 35.000 dollar”

    $35? I could’ve sworn that the one I test-drove was more like £23,000 (excluding VAT).
    Which made the Amarok even more of a joke – my Nissan Navara (which I found to be superior in pretty much every way) with more kit came to £18,500.

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