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Infiniti formally opened its new world headquarters in Hong Kong today. This marks “the first time the city has been selected for the headquarters of a car manufacturer,” as Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post notes.  A staff of approximately 100 will trade Nissan’s swank building in Yokohama for even swanker digs in the Citibank Tower in Hong Kong’s high-rent Central district. Heretofore under Nissan’s wings, Infiniti makes its own nest in a dedicated headquarters for the first time in the brand’s history. Its mission: Triple Infiniti sales by 2016.

Next door in China, Infiniti hopes to finalize its plans to produce the premium luxury car in China this year, Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn told The Nikkei [sub] today.

In addition to China, Nissan is also looking into moving Infiniti production to other countries, Ghosn said. Currently, Infiniti cars are mostly made at Nissan’s plants in Tochigi and Fukuoka in Japan.


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10 Comments on “You Are Looking At Infiniti’s New HQ...”

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    Choosing Hong Kong is baffling.

    On the one hand, you’re closer to the Chinese market; you have British Rule of Law on your side for legal disputes; the airport connects to every major city in SE Asia; and you’re more in tune to a highly competitive consumerist society that sets trends for Shanghai and Beijing to follow.

    On the other hand, Hong Kong is a crazy expensive place to relocate to unless you can benefit from the network effects that a cosmopolitan city provides; there’s no benefit in tapping into the financial sector; and most of the Infiniti employees will either be taking the superb city mass transit or riding a Toyota Crown taxi to work.

    It’s perhaps more logical than relocating the Nissan US headquarters to Tennessee though.

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      Hong Kong has not been under british rule since 1997.

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      It sure seems like a place where nobody could drive and where a car is an insane luxury. I wonder why the choice.

      I hear it’s a fabulous place to live, amazingly rich, lots of opportunity … but a distinctly odd car company HQ.


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      Cost of business and red tape are low there. I hear even a Fortune 500 company can incorporate there in 15 minutes by filling out a one-page form. Government regulations are very low by comparison to the rest of the First World. Even mass transit is privatized and they’ve turned into massive real estate developers who just happen to build rail lines around their shopping malls.

      Of course, before all you libertarians drool all over, there is fast growing social unrest from the huge income disparity that has resulted in the last decade. Almost no one under 40 can afford to live away from home with their parents, and a master’s degree graduate is “lucky” to work as a bank teller and be paid not even enough for food. After a whole bunch of recent protests, they just instituted a minimum wage of $3USD/hr or something like that (of course the employers were predicting economic meltdown and such).

      It’s tremendously expensive to drive there. On top of the car tax which essentially doubles the car’s already exorbitant MSRP, parking spaces are sold at real estate offices like individual flats. I have an uncle who is a CFO in the HK office of a Forbes 500 company, and he drives a Lexus ES.

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    Triple by 2016? LOL!

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    They could have gone into Causeway Bay and gotten better digs for less money but hey this is Infiniti and they do things first class.

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    This reminds me of when Lincoln-Mercury “headquarters” moved to Irvine, California. I don’t think any work of substance went on there -probably just some marketing types who convinced Ford management that they just had to relocate from Detroit to do their jobs . One would thnk that anyone who could pull off a scam like that would have no trouble selling cars.

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    It looks just like Nissan’s HQ.

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