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Why should the superstars of cone-chasing hog all of the B&B’s attention? Today we will see some of the worst autocrossers to ever exit a course backwards, hit a tree, or strike a corner worker. The fun begins with the above video, which proves that some people just can’t operate a Mustang, but’s it’s far from the worst incident on our parking-lot hit parade…

After meandering through an autocross course featuring dozens of conveniently-placed trees, the driver of this Mustang finally does the obvious thing and broadsides one of ’em.

This guy doesn’t even make it to the first cone.

For the first minute of this video, I couldn’t figure out what this guy was gonna hit. Oh yeah… the fence wayyy over there.

Taking girls on a ride in your S2000 can be fun, right up to the point that you hit a curb and kill the car. The action at 2:05 is highly recommended.

Darned curbs, they are all over. This Miata looks like a surprised frog when it leaves the ground.

That’s all for today, folks, but remember… Autocross is as safe as YOU make it!

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19 Comments on “Yesterday We Showed You Some Of America’s Greatest Autocrossers. That Was Yesterday…...”

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    During the summer of 1988 my roommate and I did some autocrossing. I remember one event which had a high-speed (50+ mph in certain cars) flat (of course, it was on an old airport) turn.

    A guy driving his girlfriend’s 1984 Corvette took that turn at 60 and suddenly disappeared 50′ sideways into the bushes. Everything came to a stop and we all ran over to see what the damage was – surprisingly little, other than to the guy’s ego.

    This was the first time of many that I heard about the lack of vehicle feedback to the driver in a C4 Corvette. You feel like it’s on rails, until suddenly it’s not.

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    There’s a big difference in severity between local clubs that ignore common sense and larger bodies that follow SCCA safety guidelines or similar to minimize risk. The ability to hold accessibly affordable events depends on keeping event insurance rates low.

    I’ve grown to be happy that the SCCA brands its own autocrosses as “Solo.” If you approach a site owner about using their venue (and venues are becoming fewer and fewer), you don’t want their first YouTube hit to be a Corvette running over spectators while corner workers sit in lawn chairs at a goober non-SCCA event. Or a Mustang wrapped around a tree. For the millions of uneventful autocross runs hosted by a dilligent organization, it always seems like the accidents at the “we don’t like their rules, let’s run that marginal lot” clublets go viral.

    We’re lucky in this day and age that all personal vehicles aren’t attached to a rail like a Disney ride, let alone allow anyone to show up and drive 10/10ths in a closed motorsports event. A little schadenfreude is Friday fun, but no one should expect to damage their car doing this, no matter their skill. Autocross is as safe as the organizers make it.

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      99% of the events that I run are SCCA.

      Autocross is about running a course at 10/10 without having to worry about hitting things. If I have to start worrying about trees, curbs, or other stuff I’m not interested. I once drove an hour to get to an event just to turn around after getting a look at the lot.

      The trouble with small clubs is that they attract newer autocrossers that don’t think about the safety aspects. These are the same drivers that are more likely to run out of talent at the wrong time.

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    this is me. I’ve never once managed a clean lap on a cone course. I always ended up outside cones, cones in my wheels, etc. I just find it so hard to speed around a parking lot with no real frame of reference. so in that respect, I can admire the skill involved, but it’s not for me. I’d rather pay $200-$300 and spend hours on track over a weekend than stand around baking on the asphalt for 6 minutes of seat time in a day.

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      After seven-odd years of karting, I couldn’t agree more. I can see why it’s popular with some, but I have better things to do then spend six hours waiting to drive a total of four minutes.

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    Most of the vids don’t work

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    I did this for a couple of years, never got to the point where I was shaving cones. Sometimes though I’d be surprised I hit one. I never did it with a car that was competitive in it’s class though. It’s one big reason I’m looking at that Subaru BRZ.

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    Here’s the S2000. Damned if I can tell what the “action” is at 2:05. All I see is two people climbing out of a stopped car.

    Oh, right. We can’t be trusted with simple HTML.

    Well, if you feel like jumping through hoops, you can find the links to the videos by using “view source” on selected sections of the page.

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    I can only see three of these videos but they all have one thing in common. The course designs are unsafe.

    Years ago when I use to AutoX with the FCSCC there was one course that was set up at a tool factory parking lot in Connecticut that I would not go to after my first event. The parking lot was rather tight for an AutoX event and the course got way too close to the curbs.

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      I agree. They also seem to be set in huge parking lots. Our autocross course back then is usually set up in much smaller parking lots. Also, I think the course is not tight enough, allowing too much speed. They should’ve made it tighter and have more safety areas away from the curb.

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    Note to TTAC: Whatever POS you’re using w/ vvqexpressinstall, vvqflashvars, vvqparams, vvqattributes, etc. is *&^%ing your embed codes with doubled URLs like:

    when they should have one of the roots removed and be like:



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    The other videos:

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    I was present for the Mustang-tree incident. My avatar photo is of me, on-course, in that same lot.

    The owner was letting a friend run the car; said friend had no previous RWD experience and obviously handled the situation in the worst possible way. Stuff happens.

    Come to think of it, the only other collision I’ve witnessed in ~10 years of autocrossing was also at a (different) non-SCCA event, one with a lot of heritage but with real street curbs within ten feet of the course on either side.

    The SCCA overall has a pretty good thing going, but as with anything, YMMV.

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    Jack Baruth

    Sorry about the embedding/encoding on this one, guys!

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