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Francois Hollande has officially been sworn in as France’s new head of state, and as expected, his official car is a Citroen DS5 Hybrid4. But his predecessor may have one-upped the upstart Socialist with a choice ride of his own.

Leaving the Elysee Palace in defeat may be tough to do – less tough when Carla Bruni is the one escorting you to your new residence. But outgoing PM Nicolas Sarkozy’s exit vehicle, the Citroen C6 may be more authentically French than the DS5 chosen by Hollande – and a more appropriate successor to the DS’ namesake than the funky hatchback.

The DS5 Hybrid is a cool car on its own, but the choice of a Hybrid is an obvious pander to the anti-Sarko contingent that considers the environment just as sacrosanct as 5 weeks paid vacation. But the DS5 isn’t distinctly a Citroen, even if it does look European.

The C6, on the other hand, couldn’t be anything but a Citroen. Dynamically, it’s not a match for a 5-Series or an A6. But it is unspeakably elegant, with its long wheelbase, truncated rear deck and sloping roofline done in a much more tasteful manner than Teutonic pseudo-coupes. Put it next to an Audi A7, and the German car looks vulgar.


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26 Comments on “Who Wore It Better: Sarkozy Or Hollande? [Citroen Edition]...”

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    C’est très beau!

    If I had the cash for this kind of car, I agree with you Derek. In light of voitures such as these, there’s no reason to go German (*wink*)!!!

    Oh, the C6 bien sûr, mon ami.

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    After seeing “JFK” for the twelfth time, there is no way in hell, I’d hang out a car like that.

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    Athos Nobile

    Tree hugger or not, the C6 goes better with a head of state than a hatch.

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    The Citroen C6 has been reviewed right here on TTAC in 2006.

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    I think the DS5 at least tries to look like a Citroen . . . surely the kick-up at the rear fender and the C/D pillar treatment is meant to recall the XM.

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    “This election was so interesting to me. I read once Sarkozy described as a bold and unashamed virtuoso of political combat. This satire The Conquest tells it all:

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    Gee, you could at least spell the name of the new president correctly: HOLLANDE
    Also, it is obvious that you have never seen a DS5 up close and in real.

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    how can you possibly have less than 5 weeks holiday? two weeks summer seaside holiday, one week winter skiing, one week intimate holiday with your wife while children are with grandparents and there is just one left for odd days for obligations or relaxation during the rest of the year. 5 is the very minimum.

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      So true. I worked for a state government and after 30 years, all I got was 3-1/2 weeks. I had to cut out the ski trip and and the grandparents would take the brats for only a half-week. And my wife would get a headache before the viagra wore off!

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        In the Socialistic hell hole known as Sweden you get 7 (yes S E V E N) weeks of paid vacation if you’ve turned forty and are employed by the government. The rest of the working population has to make do with five measly weeks, it’s borderline slavery, five weeks only leaves a couple of weeks to relax when you’re back from the exhaustive – seemingly mandatory – trip to Turkey or Thailand.

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      Well lets summarize. French have nice relaxed romantic live, eat quality food, wine, most of energy is generated using nuclear power, they have quality and cheap healthcare. Airbus is moving Boeing out of business, they build faster and cheaper and on and on. But their way of life is not sustainable because their government accumulated too much debt and eventually it will default.

      Now about us. We spend most of our life in car and traffic commuting to and from work. We eat crappy food and drink sugary soda. We are in constant stress at work and home. We never know when we will get pink slip, go bankrupt and loose house. Our government and politicians are among the the worst in the world. Our health care sucks and government takes our remaining freedoms with every new legislation which consist of 2000 pages. We need to pay to personal layer and have insurance against frivolous lawsuits. And still our way of life is not sustainable because we accumulated too much debt and eventually our government will default.

      So which way of life do you prefer?

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      “how can you possibly have less than 5 weeks holiday?”

      Sir, can I please come live in your charmed delusion with you?

      Other than a day here a day there I’ve taken one, one week vacation since 2008 to Ireland, and a week or two (whatever was left) at the end of December every year because my now former employer forced us to burn the time or lose it.

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    C6 doesn’t sell, the Parisian crowd have lost interest in domestic brew. They consider Teutonic haut cuisine.

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      The real problem with the C6 is the choice of engines (V6 gas and diesel) which are very costly both in insurance and in road tax… other that that it’s really a great car and a true Citroën.

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        The Citroen C6 top model isn’t a V6 gas engine, it’s a V6 HDI (diesel). The V6 gasser was dropped due to poor sales.

        Even in neighboring Germany nobody, and I mean NOBODY, buy a V6 Passat.

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    “Dynamically, it’s not a match for a 5-Series or an A6.”
    Not everyone is looking for a sports sedan. It you want a smooth, quiet ride on less than perfect roads, the BMW and Audi would come 2nd and 3rd. (Maybe the other way around)

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    “Put it next to an Audi A7, and the German car looks vulgar.”

    You lost me there. I look at the C6 and I see an interesting but extremely contrived design. The A7 is far more no-nonsense. Maybe not as interesting but certainly more proportionally sensitive and clean.

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    My only interest in this aspect of French politics is how long will Carla stay with Sarkozy now? And will I have a shot? Butt out, Baruth!

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    France should be pretty interesting to watch now, IIRC the election was very close and the new president isn’t going to have as many fans as Sarko did when he was first elected. Incidentally I wonder if the Libyan adventure had a hand on taking him down?

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    I guess it’s OK to smoke in the Citroen.

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