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Each year around this time, owners of – what is the German equivalent to rice racer? Reichs Racer? – overengined hatches congregate around the Wörthersee in Austria for the annual GTI Meeting. This is the 31st year it will take place, the roads will be packed, beer and gasoline will flow in equally monstrous quantities, and the bucolic lake will boil. Also as usual, Volkswagen will send some special specimens to entertain the devotees. Here they are.


Golf GTI Cabriolet. After its world premiere at the Geneva Motor Show, GTI enthusiasts can ogle the topless Golf from up close. The 2.0 liter engine makes 210 hp, nearly double the 110 hp of the first GTI. The hot hatch is sits on American shoes. 17-inch alloys of type ‘Denver’ are standard, 18-inch wheels of type ‘Detroit’ are optionally available.

Polo WRC Street:  At Wörthersee, Volkswagen will be presenting for the first time a preview of an extremely sporty small series, which is due to be launched in late 2013. Comes with a  220 hp 2.0 liter TSI.

Polo R-WRC: A road-going prototype for the FIA World Rally Championship. The “hottest Polo ever” as Volkswagen R&D chief Ulrich Hackenberg called it, sports a 1.6 liter TSI engine with approximately 300 hp. Jeez.

GTI Black Dynamic: Built by Volkswagen apprentices who like disco. Features a 1,800 Watt sound system with nine loudspeakers, which take up the entire trunk.

Golf GTI ‘White Concept’: According to the press release, “the attractive design study Golf GTI ‘White Concept’ is characterized by its remarkable ‘Oryx White matt’ paintwork.”  Then, they forgot to send pictures in white and sent Scirocco R ConceptBlue pictures instead. Color me confused.

To put you in the mood, here is a video clip from last year. If you hurry, you can still get the tail end of the GTI Meet. It lasts through Saturday the 19th. Go to Munich, head south, follow the crowd.

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18 Comments on “Where The Reichs Racers Meet...”

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    I do like the idea of the GTI motor in a Polo and I’m looking forward to the Polo R debut in competition.

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    Ricer? Someone tuning German cars should be Krauter, no?
    And similar, but whining loser type would be Sauerkrauter….

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    Pffft, zee Gehmanz.

  • avatar

    The German equivalent of rice seems to be potatoes, so maybe Taters or Cartoffels (see what i did there?).

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    …and not a single tow truck driver went hungry that day.

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    The Germans are much more solid than rice. Call ’em the Bratwurst Boys.

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      VA Terrapin

      If Germans are so much more solid than “rice,” how come they can’t build cars as reliable as Japanese cars?

      How come Germans can’t build cars as reliable as Americans and Koreans? That’s really embarrassing considering how much less reliable American and Korean cars used to be compared to German cars.

      German cars are solid on the surface. A lot of the parts you don’t see, like ignition coil modules and window regulators, are cheap, unreliable crap.

      • 0 avatar

        Well you’re right about that. That’s why I drive a Honda.

        I guess what I meant is that they are big and heavy compared to ricers. And Boxster Caymans are wonderful to drive. And I am not afraid to admit it: I LOVE what Chris Bangle did with BMWs.

    • 0 avatar

      The bangle butt… is still ok for me but the bangle face… i completely disagree… anyhow taste is completely preferential.
      Honda needs much more care IMHO ( not expensive or anything, it just love pampering )

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    I thought these autos were supposed to be “unpimped.” I guess not.

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    For those VW and Audi fans who are feeling a bit left out because they can’t make it to Austria this weekend, there’s always the Southern Worthersee show this weekend in Helen, GA.

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    You need to attend the import car show at Calisle, PA this weekend!
    Don’t limit yourself to VW, see them all!

    The Audi club should have a large group there. I wanted to join them but I just married off my daughter and the bank account is dry.

    The TTAC staff need to jump on the company jet and head on over before lunch time !

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    So tastelessness does exist in Germany outside of pornography as well.

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    I watched a program on German television last year about this meet. The program, unlike, this clip, went on to show all the German police waiting on the autobahns to “chat” with the VW fans returning from Austria about their modifications. This involved a lot of Golfs getting towed away while the owners stood and looked very very sad. And poorer. There is a reason that companies like Alpin, Brabus, Arden and the rest of the tuners are licensed as manufacturers in Germany as you modify at your own risk as a DIYer.

    • 0 avatar

      I am glad I can get a tune for my VW from Unitronic, APR, GIAC or Revo, to name a few, and still drive around the country unnoticed and not get “talked to” by the police, if I keep it at/under speed limit.

      And then I can let it loose on back country roads and enjoy great torque (enough to make me look like a tool if I try to be slightly aggressive at stop lights) and nice handling/cornering – all in my “family sedan” :) (Of course – I am a DIYer)

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    What I saw in the last 5 seconds of that video cannot be unseen. I have seen things….terrible things.

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