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“…as some men try to be proud of their defects, he extracted an ornament from an inconvenience, and vanity produced a grotto where necessity enforced a passage.”

So Johnson wrote of Pope. It’s always best to face the truth and do one’s best with it. Thus, in this TTAC-reader-contributed image, we have a FIAT Seicento — the absolute exemplar of “crappy Euro commuter” — and, rather than a Valkyrie or guy with a Fast and Furious sword on the side, we have the humble snail. Slow is good! Ask any hipster.

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19 Comments on “What’s Wrong With This Picture: Meanwhile In Europe Edition...”

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    Keep America Beautiful.
    Stab Hipsters In The Face.

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    Jean-Pierre Sarti

    hipster shmipster, the best way to get rid of a nuisance is to ignore it.

    Anyway to more important matters. Is the snail actually breathing fire or not? I actually like it but then again I am an admitted sucker for art cars.

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    When I was 17 and got my license my Mum had the prior model of this – the Cinquecento. It was basically the same car, but better looking IMO, and with the same 40hp of raw, unadulterated power from the 900cc NA engine!

    I remember there was a knock on the door one day and I opened it to find a WPC, inquiring who had been driving the car earlier, because neighbors had complained of kids driving recklessly and speeding. I said I had been driving and asked if she thought anybody could drive recklessly or speed in that car. She laughed and went on her way. Good times!

    I’ll say this though, I cannot even imagine how much trouble I would have gotten myself into if I had access to more powerful cars at 17. Even the most basic American metal is vastly more powerful that most cars in the UK, and since I drove like a lunatic I really doubt I would have made it to 20 without wrecking at least a car or two, and probably myself aswell.

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    Silly, but honest. As far as hipsters go they can go buy their goodwill jeans or slurp obscure booze all they want, I just can’t stand their love for arguing nor their snobbery.

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    So… a car that someone made their own by airbrushing some art on it says “hipster”?

    By the same logic, does a bright lime green Audi say “douchebag”?

    Hm. Perhaps that’s too judgmental. As you were.

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    Am I the only one who sees the irony in snarky comments about hipsters?

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    If I was forced to drive any minuscule city car, I’d prefer one with a fire-breathing snail mural over one without.

    That said, I have a Volvo 244 with the Grim Reaper on its hood, so maybe I’m not the best guy to ask.

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    slow kills

    I deliberately choose underpowered cars to prove my point about other people driving deliberately slow. If there are true road slugs overseas, I hope they are humiliated when overtaken by the metaphorical snail.

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    Go S car go!

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    I choose small cars because its easy to make them quicker with just a few HP, that and they’re cheap (except Ford Festivas). That and easy to avoid things.

    Theres always a pleasure of when Mustangs and Vettes give you the right of way, I was just doing a the speed limit in my Tercel on a county road and while everyone passed me a guy in a black mustang had the patience to drive behind me, at the speed limit.

    Do I have a smail or flames on it? No, but I’ve considered racing numbers in all honesty.

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