By on May 14, 2012

Dayna Hart, GM China’s Director of Communications, and resident of Shanghai, has been shanghaied as a spokesperson for an amazing new weight loss product on Twitter.

Dayna also has been seen sending out tweets to other people telling them “Hey this user is saying very bad things about you …”, followed by an URL that purports to be leading to the alleged on-line defamation.

Apparently, Dayna became the victim of a common Twitter scam: Click on the link in “Hey this user is saying very bad things about you …” (and who does not want to know who’s saying bad things about us ?) and you land on instead on The site asks you for your login info, you give it – and your Twitter account has been turned into an instant spam machine. If that happens to you, follow these instructions. If you just see the message, don’t click on the link.

People saying bad things about me? Come on, Dayna, what else is new?

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5 Comments on “GM’s Dayna Hart Becomes Spokesperson For Weight Loss Product...”

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    I’m not sure if this would be funnier if it was Docherty that got stung.

    On balance, probably not. I think there’s something particularly piquant in a GM “Director of Communications” falling for a bad Twitter scam, although it would be even juicier if the scammers had bagged a GM’er whose title included “Social Media.”

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    Volts On Fire

    Finally! A GM spokesperson has a chance to promote a higher-quality product!

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    This is known as whaling, bagging an executive of a large company. If she’s lucky, it was just a slight twitter hack and not a trojan download as well.

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    Volt 230

    Perhaps she should encourage GM to put their vehicles on a weigh reduction plan as well!

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    how sad and funny that someone who should know better clicks on an obvious phishing scam.

    Over 90% of security intrusions are because people like her are either ignorant, stupid, or careless. I don’t really care which one she is, the point being is that a director of communications should know better and if they do fall for this, maybe someone needs to re-evaluate her performance on the job and probably look for someone else.

    Especially since she is in China and China is ground zero for corporate espionage. This is should be unacceptable behavior for someone like her.

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