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We’re often accused of having an anti-GM bias here at TTAC, but this article will reveal another prejudice, considered ugly by some, but one that I firmly believe in.

Manchester United can go to hell! There, I said it. I’m a Liverpool supporter and I can’t stand them. In any case, the apparent tie-up between Man U and Chevrolet is a shrewd move for the brand, which is looking to expand its profile in Europe (where Chevrolet sales are up) and Asia (where the club has a strong profile).

Soccer know-nothings tend to buy Manchester United gear since it’s the only club they really know about, and having a Chevrolet logo plastered on Man U’s shirts (European clubs often have sponsor logos on the front) will be a great way to get the Chevrolet name and logo out there. The official announcement will take place on Thursday in Shanghai. Perhaps this is why GM decided to stop their Super Bowl ad campaigns.

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14 Comments on “Chevrolet Bowtie Appearing On Manchester United Shirts?...”

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    I’m an occasional Man U supporter (growing up in Manchester CT did it, nothing else). But I’d never wear anything (or drive anything made after 1970) sporting a Chevy bow-tie. But I agree it’s a great choice for the brand (if not the club) to help break the prejudice against GM cars in the UK.

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    Oh yeah, that sport. Boring as hell to watch. I played it when I was younger (mid/late-60’s). Enjoyable to play, a complete waste as a spectator sport.

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      I hear this from American males all the time, but I just can’t seem to get over the idea that Association Football (or Soccer) is not popular in the United States because sponsors can’t bombard viewers with ads every few minutes like in American Football.

      Now, don’t get me wrong, American football is a great spectator sport, but Association Football is equally enjoyable. And, its great to go to a pub and have a good time watching it, without getting tired of sitting at such an establishment for a long time because it lasts only 2 hours, including the half time break (in most cases). I think most Americans like to watch Football at home, so a long game with short bursts of intense action and regular breaks for grabbing snacks and going to the restroom works out well :) So, its more of a cultural thing, and what you grow up with IMO.

      Nevertheless, both are better spectator sports than Cricket :) Try watching a test match between England And Australia or India being played at the Lords. It lasts 5 days. they have “tea breaks”, rain ruins everything and most of the times, test cricket matches end up in a draw.

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    tell me who…

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    A bit rich coming from a plastic scouser from Toronto. Who can blame GM; they certainly wouldn’t want to be associated with a club that is the center of self-pity city, one that is offended by everything ashamed of nothing, a club that most recently had a pissed up (ask lawro) Sean of the Dead extra for a gaffer who defends his racial epithet spewing ,haggle tooth-ed striker and had his players en masse wear ridiculous t-shirts to show support to said guilty party.

    If you believe in heaven/hell bollocks, it’ll be your lot going there; you have blood on your hands, not Utd. Ask Juve.

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    I’m not sure it they’re still a sponsor, but when I went to a friendly between Man U and the Philadelphia Union, the electronic billboards were brandishing the four rings of Audi almost nonstop. The logo wasn’t on the players’ shirts, but it got me thinking: those who consider Man U their nemesis aren’t going to buy Audis, are they?

    Jeremy Clarkson also brought up in one of Top Gear’s news segments how it may be a bad idea for an automaker to affiliate itself with a team that, while loved by many, is also equally hated by many. Neither he nor I believe it would cause a downturn in sales; Chevy should weigh the positives of having the bowtie on Man U kit vs. the potential to turn Man U-haters off the brand.

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    Chicago Dude

    Chevy is a good fit for Man U.

    They aren’t even the best F.C. in Manchester any more. My how the mighty have fallen.

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    All I’m getting from this is that GM is more concerned about selling Daewoos with bowties than shifting Opels (whether bedecked with griffins or lightning bolts).

    Not sure why, unless they’re intending to shift the world’s focus to a single consumer brand over time.

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    I think Chevy knows that adding a bowtie to MU ain’t worth much for English sales, but MU is the most popular soccer brand in the world, especially in Asia where that means something. Plus, watching soccer is a heavy white middle to upper middle class activity in the US, and, weirdly enough, the Premier League does ok in the ratings in the US. As sponsorships go, not actually that bad of an idea as long as you remember it is really not about advertising in Europe. As for those of you who don’t like watching soccer, name your favorite sport so I can ridicule you for your tastes…

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    Football / soccer is the biggest sport in the world. Manchester United is recognized and supported around the globe so its about time GM, who I believe tries to be a global brand, starts getting behind a team like this.
    As to Soccer being popular here in the US… I witnessed the insanely huge crowd of supporters departing a Seattle Sounders game so ummm… getting there I think.
    Smart move GM.

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    Looks like Liverpool are going to appoint Brendan Rogers as their new manager. These are dark days…

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    Meh, its a lot better than the sponsor we got in Philadelphia. I know “Bimbo” isn’t pronounced the way you might think, but I still refuse to buy a shirt with that plastered across the chest.

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    Chevy is probably the last brand I’d buy and I hate ManU more than any other team. So… perfect fit, I guess. Come on, you Gunners!

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    Poor title choice for this blog post. A marketing tie up doesn’t mean that the logo will appear on the shirt. Football teams partner with a large number of brands these days. Nike is still United’s shirt sponsor.

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