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Giving gifts to 24 Hours of LeMons judges in order to ensure smooth turning of the gears of justice has been a tradition for several many years now. While jugs of quality booze remain the most common judicial bribe, keeping my liver at least semi-functional mandates that most of that stuff get passed on to track workers. Not so with bribes involving weird toy cars, however; I’ve got quite a collection of such gifts on my office bookshelves now. While I prize my Leyland P76, Nissan Prairie, and Impala Hell Project diorama, the car that now sits in the place of honor on my desk is one that I received from a Denver racer who couldn’t wait for the B.F.E. GP next month and came by Chez Murilee with this lovely Detroito-Tokyo icon of the early 1990s.
Yes, the Geo Storm GSi, a fine example of which I spotted in a Denver self-serve junkyard not long ago. Remember this badge-engineered Isuzu? Quicker than a Civic Si, and (after all the rebates) cheaper as well. Apparently, GM had AMT make up a bunch of plastic promo models of the GSi back in the day… and now I’ve got one, thanks to Cadillac Bob of twin-supercharged AMC Marlin race car fame. Thanks, Bob!
Which isn’t to say that I’m not overjoyed by all the diecast Soviet cars I’ve been receiving from generous racers who understand my obsession with Warsaw Pact drivers. Inspired by this piece about an UAZ-452 I spotted in Vietnam, two racers gave me 1:43-scale Bukhankas at the Michigan race last month.

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    Very cool – I never knew about the Geo models. But have you picked up a Dongfeng Golden Dragon yet?

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    I was tempted to purchase a 1980 Monza dealer promo plastic model I found at a swap meet recently for MM’s ecclectic collection. This Geo is a cool find.

    My grandfather worked in a succession of Ford and Oldsmobile dealerships back in the 50’s and 60’s, and collected a few of the old promo models from back in the day. I was able to save some of them from his estate. Wonder when they stopped doing promo models like this? I never see them anymore.

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    bumpy ii

    I wouldn’t mind having one of the transforming Aveo promos, but I don’t feel like spending the $$$$ on ebay to get one.

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    The Bukhanka is awesome! There was also a pickup truck model of the UAZ with same cab.

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    I’ve thought about starting a business where I would partner up with some local dealerships and make die-cast 1/16th scale complete replicas of each individual car they sell: the same paint, same wheels, same interior–the whole shebang. The dealership would give them to customers as a form of thank-you gift (I believe it would do wonders for referrals & repeat business–they can write it off from their advertising budget), customers would be able to show off their pride-and-joy even when not around their car (seriously, I think people are that vain). I’d even put the buyer’s name on the model to make it that much more personal.

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