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Porsche fanatics, hang on to your defibrilators. The oil-burning Porsche SUV bastard spawn known as the Cayenne Diesel is coming to America, and it will be priced fairly reasonably.

At $55,770, the Diesel is nearly $10,000 less than a Cayenne S, but about $7,000 more than a Cayenne V6. It’s also nearly $1,000 less than a BMW X5 35d but $5,770 more than a Mercedes ML350 BlueTec.

The 3.0-liter V6 will put out 240 horsepower and 406 lb-ft of torque,with a 0-60 time of 7.6 seconds. A 7,716 lbs towing capacity, along with fuel economy ratings of 20/28/23 mpg round out the package.

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20 Comments on “Porsche Prices Cayenne Diesel At $55,770...”

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    The 28 Hwy is a bit dissappointing.

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    I’ll give you a little bit of a break because of your name, but in my book anything that weighs 6000lbs or more and can tow over 7000lbs and get 28 mpg is pretty damn good.

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      1) Since diesel price is 10+% more than gasoline, it’s really 25mpg.
      2) It can get 25mpg, or tow 7000lb. But not both at the same time.

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        True, this vehicle will not tow 7,000 lbs and get 28mpg at the same time.
        As for the gas/diesel price difference…let’s analize it a little bit further because the market is not everywhere the same.
        In Orlando where I am from, premium fuel ( which this vehicle’s gasoline counterpart needs) is anywhere between 4.09 gal (Costco) and 4.29 galon ( Hess, Shell, Chevron, BP). I shouldn’t even use Costco’s price since not every driver has a Costco card. Diesel in Orlando is anywhere between 3.99 gal and 4.29 gal. I would call this pretty much a tie…and I am being generous by including Costco and Sams ( which don’t sell diesel…I don’t think).

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        Haven’t had a Sam’s membership in a while but I can tell you Costco doesn’t sell diesel here in Orlando (at least not at the Forsythe and University one that I go to). I also don’t use Costco gas in my car. After they started advertising the new detergents added, I gave it a try for one tank and there was a noticeable difference in performance from the Chevron gas I normally stick with. I’m more interested in how it compares to the hybrid Cayenne in terms of performance, price, towing, and fuel economy. I also agree that what sets this Cayenne apart from the crowd is its tow rating, and as controversial as this vehicle is for Porschefiles, I have to give Porsche credit for making this more than just a fashion statement. You can tow a nice race car and trailer or boat with a 7,700 lb tow rating, No fwd based soft roader can or should do that regularly (Buick Enclave, Acura MDX, Lexus RX, Lincoln MK-whatever, Cadillac SRX, etc).

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        Chicago Dude

        At the station down the street from me in downtown Chicago, diesel is about $4.10, 87 is $4.60, and natural gas is $2.65 (gge).

        What was that about diesel being more expensive?

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    SO I can buy a Porsche SUV that uses expensive diesel and returns 28 mpg and a 0-60 of 7.6 seconds, OR I can buy an Acura or Audi wagon that will get better than 30 mpg (on gas) and nicely trump the Porsche from a stop light. I’m sorry, WHY do they make these… things?

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      Women prefer the higher ride height of an SUV.

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      torque for heavy vehicles.

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      Which Acura SUV gets 28mpg and can tow 7000 lbs ( not at the same time of course)? Which gasoline Audi SUV does that? Let’s keep it at apples vs apples.

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      Which Acura SUV gets 28mpg and can tow 7000 lbs ( not at the same time of course)? Which gasoline Audi SUV does that? Let’s keep it at apples vs apples. My friend has an MDX that only gets about 20mpg on premium fuel and tows about 5,000lbs max.

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      The Acura and Audi crossovers are not an appropriate comparison to the Cayenne. Sure, these vehicles share the luxary appointments with the Cayenne, but they don’t have any off road capability. The Cayenne has the best off road chops of any luxuary SUV, hands down. Only the Range Rover, a much larger vehicle, compares. Mine has locking center and read diffs, low range, air suspension with adjustable height and firmness + the best 4 wheel logic of any vehicle I’ve driven, including Jeep, Subaru, Tahoe and Audi.

      If all you do is drive kids to soccer, get the Acura. If you drive Forest Service roads or ski, get the Cayenne.

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      @Sundowner: “WHY do they make these… things?”

      Because a Porsche sports car would be pretty useless for people’s day-to-day lives. So they build a CUV that they can sell to people who want to “Porsche People” while they’re picking up their dry cleaning and hauling kids around in car seats?

      While I understand the appeal of a fast car, I don’t get wanting to be “Porsche people”. But I see Cayennes around my town regularly (and much more frequently than the other Porsche models), so it’s probably been big a success for the company — even if they run 10x+ what I paid for my used Escape.

      (As near as I can tell, my used Escape is just as good for my very specific purposes as a Cayenne, but at <10% of the cost. That’s a winner. But I keep seeing Cayennes around, so not everyone agrees with me, apparently.)

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    It used to be Porsche made exciting cars for the sports car niche. Today they are trying to make cars for every niche.

    Ferdinand must be weeping in Valhalla.

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      Probably not. He’s most likely rolling around in the piles of money this car makes instead of his grave.

      I’m not sure why we anoint the founders of OEMs as eternal benchmarks for what the automakers should and should not do. In most cases, these men were businessmen first, car guys second, and assholes a close third.

      That being said, Porsche claiming a sub-Boxster model would “dilute the brand” while making a this and a Porsche-badged Q5 is maddening.

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    Wow, that’s close to the mileage I get in my 3er wagon! How do these hulks drive? I drove one a few years ago with a V8 and was throughly disappointed. I do like the new interior, though.

    Wouldn’t this essentially be a Toureg Diesel with a better interior?

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    Mercs are selling more bluetecs in Canuckstan, so Oel burning Cayenne has to crash the party a tad late. Q7 and Toureg has oel burners too.
    Not seeing that many Dsl toureg nowadays.

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    Bloody hell…what is it about Porsche and Audi pricing in Canada? Here, the bottom of the line Cayenne starts at 56.6k. An A4 Sedan starts at $37.8K. This is with a dollar on par with the US…

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