Peace Out, Scion XB

Derek Kreindler
by Derek Kreindler
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peace out scion xb

Scion will be killing off their xB hatchback (beloved by at least one commenter) and the xD hatchback (which nobody really liked).

Scion sold only 17,000 xBs in 2012, down from a peak of 60,000 units just a few years ago. Scion seems to be moving in a different direction, with cars like the iQ and FR-S – but the much-loved tC (well, loved by the college co-ed set) seems to be sticking around as a volume model. Scion told Ward’s Auto that there won’t be any direct replacements for the two cars either, suggesting an all-new direction for Scion.

Derek Kreindler
Derek Kreindler

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  • 84Cressida 84Cressida on Apr 24, 2012

    As a huge Toyota fan, I will say confidently you will never ever see me behind the wheel of a Scion. I am smack dab at the age Scion thinks they're going to appeal to, yet I will never drive one of their cars. I've hated the brand since day and I blame it partially for the disappearence of the Celica and MR2. The "FR-S" (which is the dumbest alpha numeric name of all time, except for the even more appalling "BRZ") should be badged Toyota Celica here and abroad. End of Story. The tC should be Paseo and the rest can burn in hell for all I care. I want TOYOTA badged sports cars, not Shitons. Call me a badge whore, I don't care, but I will not buy what is otherwise a Toyota when it has that stupid Scion logo on it.

  • Bill mcgee Bill mcgee on Apr 24, 2012

    While I really like my Gen 1 xB (2006) which I bought a couple of years ago and I wouldn't have bought the next generation I do think the second generation isn't as bad as some people make it out to be . My next door neighbor has a 2008 which she bought used and I've driven a few times . Hers is an automatic and really it has decent acceleration . Don't know about the gas mileage though . The cargo area is a bit different in configuration- seems to me like it's not as tall but a bit wider and longer than my Xb .It has the optional mood lighting which I wish mine had . It does feel solid and not as tinny as my 2006 . The first gen seems like it's better suited to a stick though - but really I don't mind a slow car .Both generations have good resale value - at least here in Houston . If I were to replace it with a new car I'd probably buy a Soul .

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    • Crabspirits Crabspirits on Apr 24, 2012

      My brother and brother in law each have xB2's. I can tell you that the cargo cap is a bit more than the 1st gen. It's actually longer. There is more room for the rear passengers. You definitely feel more power, but you also feel the bulk of the thing, so it cancels out. The shifter location is annoying. I will say it's far more comfortable on the highway, if you often have passengers, and on long trips though. Here in Chicago you see both generations in taxi service, with the 2nd gen being far more popular. I can see why. This was a great car for the money. I would definitely pick it over the 'rolla if I were in the market for one.

  • Marko Marko on Apr 30, 2012

    Idiotic commercials notwithstanding, the Prius c seems like it will take over most of Scion's place in the market.

  • Tileguy_001 Tileguy_001 on Jun 22, 2012

    Lexus is also made by toyata, so i dont see what the fuss is all about them making a new name for themselves once again.... just another way to try to make money :)