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Chrysler most likely will announce record growth in  market share for March. No such luck for Chrysler’s owner FIAT. Again, Fiat’s Sergio Marchionne is getting in front of a horrible story in order to soften its inevitable blow. Sergio told Italy’s newswire AGI that “March will be a terrible year for the Italian market.”

Marchionne sees registrations of new cars drop by around 38%-40%, and that “not just because of strike actions carried out by transporters.”

FIAT’s CEO forecasts that around 1.5 million vehicles might be sold in 2012 in Italy, down from 1.75 million in 2011. Until recently, Italy was a 2 million unit market.

Fiat traditionally owns about 30 percent of the market and takes the full brunt of the bottom that’s falling out. To make matters worse, FIAT’s market share in Italy has dropped to 28 percent. FIAT’s market share elsewhere in Europe also is tanking.


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7 Comments on “Marchionne Warns: Attenzione! Vendite Terribile!...”

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    No wonder Fiat’s market share is tanking, given Marchionne’s never-ending product freezes:

    One would have hoped Marchionne would have realized that delaying or cancelling product launches is a bad idea by now, but unfortunately not. Fiat cannot possibly survive such gross negligence for much longer.

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      The next few years are going to be interesting to watch. Fiat will likely to continue to tank based on an unlikely recovery in Italy coupled with lagging product investment. Meanwhile, Chrysler will depend on old Fiat designs with cramped interiors and OK fuel economy to battle Corolla and Camry in the US, the place where Fiat needs/intends to grow. Minivan market share will continue to erode as there will not be a new one for another 3 years, and the new Fiat-based Jeeps are already being eyed with skepticism. Oh, how’s Fiat’s cash position? Maybe it will all work out.

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        Volt 230

        Sergio’s got a real uphill climb if the wants to bring Fiat/Chrysler up in market share, his obsession with quality and reliability goes against the traditional Italian way of building cars, where only passion and driving dynamics mattered at all. That is why he has been slowly trying to move production out of there, but too many people against him.

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      The road sign from this picture… is beyond LOL. Bertel’s so cruel and yet so accurately applied sense of humor in this context, mocking Mr Pullover, is such a defining aspect of this unique TTAC website :)

      Read the comments under the article linked in the first comment here. So true and scary at the same time they are.

      So much state of the art technology had and have they, the FIAT. JTD, T-Jet, TBI, Multiair – and now they consider selling chinese made cars in Europe.

      Meanwhile the Hyundai is floating in money and only gaining marketshare.

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    He could just ‘Pull a Ghosn’ and tell Italy to kick rocks.

    Selling more than one Fiat branded model in the US wouldn’t hurt either…

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    Marchionne needs to cut all he can out of Italy and Western Europe and concentrate new capacity needs in the US. I can’t imagine the need to assemble cars in Western Europe at all. Ask GM how they like being a European also-ran with their production capacity heavily Western European? Not everyone can be VW.

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    Can anybody explain exactly what that sign is trying to warn about?

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