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Beijing authorities have slapped organizers of the 2012 Beijing Auto Show with a “serious reprimand” for featuring scantily-clad models.

Beijing’s Capital Ethics Development Office said that the revealing clothing of some models at the 2012 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition has had a “negative social impact,” the state-owned news agency Xinhua reports.  The ethics office criticized the “vulgar publicity” surrounding the models.

Says the government wire:

“The statement is believed to be referring to several widely forwarded photos of Gan Lulu, a controversial Internet celebrity, and Li Yingzhi, a BMW model, wearing a deep v-cut top and a skimpy diamond-studded dress, respectively.”

Online commenters labeled the event as “a breast exhibition with many famous cars.”

In fulfilling its reporting duty, the state-owned news agency runs a picture gallery with high-res examples of the most vulgar pictures.

No reprimand was issued for the showing of protruding ears.



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23 Comments on “Gleanings Of The 2010 Beijing Auto Show: Breasts Draw Reprimand, Ears Cool...”

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    It’s good that the state owned news agency provided a picture gallery. I perused all of them and I didn’t find any of them objectionable.

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    Educator(of teachers)Dan

    Mr. Schmitt, always providing fodder for interesting image searches. Thank you.

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    What about their shoes? At the NAIAS the ladies working for Porsche were wearing 6″ heels, at least 2″ past CFM style and well into fetishwear territory.

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    When I was a kid I learned the Chinese didn’t have enough to eat. Now I learn they don’t have enough to wear. I blame communism.

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      When I was a kid I learned the Chinese didn’t have enough to eat. Now I learn they don’t have enough to wear. I blame communism.

      That something very profound!

      In reality, these cars will fly off the shelf regardlessly.
      Standing room only even if the models wore Mid East attire aka Burkha.

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    I for one don’t like implants on Asian women.

    As a resident of Shanghai, China, I find the “Beijing’s Capital Ethics Development Office ” to be nothing more than run away bureaucracy/ big government at it’s worse. How else can you get people to look at these crappy car clones without having a tall, busty, scantily clad model. You think I WANT to buy a Geely?

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    Heh, someone else here in Shanghai.

    And change Geely for “random chinese car manufacturer” and that about sums up this market.

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    I keep throwing my money at the screen, but nothing happens.

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    To paraphrase Captain Louis Renault, “Shocked, shocked I am, that there are scantily-clad models at a major auto show”.

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    Glad to be an American where I’m free to look at all the scantly clad women I want.

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      Mark MacInnis

      For the moment. Don’t you know there’s a “war on womyn”? And soon the wascawy Wepublicans will force all women back into 50’s style dress and repression of their $exuality.

      Or so Barrack the Wise and Wonderful tells us….and he’s right about EVERYTHING….just ask him.

      • 0 avatar

        Who said it? Rick Santorum or the Grand Ayatollah?

        1. “We were put on this Earth as creatures of God to have dominion over the Earth.”

        2. “We believe in democracy and we also believe in freedom, but we do not believe in liberal democracy.”

        3. “Although the literal meaning of socialism is equitable distribution of wealth, it is associated with other concepts which we hate. Over time, socialism has come to be associated with certain things in society that are unacceptable to us.”

        4. “The radical feminists succeeded in undermining the traditional family and convincing women that professional accomplishments are the key to happiness.”

        5. “This is not a political war at all. This is not a cultural war. This is a spiritual war.”

        6. “This is a war between two willpowers: the willpower of the people and the willpower of their enemies.”

        7. “Go back and read what the sirens did once you arrived on that island. . . . They devour you. They destroy you. They consume you.”

        8. “The American people’s hatred for Iran is profound.” Oh wait, we got that one backward. Sorry. It should read:

        8. “The Iranian people’s hatred for America is profound.”

        Answers: 1. Santorum. 2. Khamenei. 3. Khamenei. 4. Santorum. 5. Santorum. 6 Khamenei. 7. Santorum. 8. Khamenei

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    No complaints from TTAC readers, it seems…

    So, to TTAC writers with lots of experience attending car shows all around the world, how does the Beijing auto show differs in this matter with regards to other auto shows in other countries? More? Less? Better? Worse? If you go to auto shows primarily for the scantily clad “corporate representative”, which show should you attend?

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    Heh, tits and cars in China – communism doesn’t stand a chance.

    I know we hold freedom and capitalism in high regard in the west, but let’s be honest…they are a means to an end – specifically, tits and cars.

    Good for them I say.


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    A fashion designer friend of mine would probably like a lot of these outfits. Like the costumes of “Star Trek” in the sixties, most of them appear to show far more than they actually do.

    With females comprising only 48% of the PRC’s population, odds are the vast majority of these booth professionals are already spoken for.

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    Well, no belly buttons were showing, so what’s the problem?

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