By on April 1, 2012

Even though Fisker is enduring the kind of misfortune that Job would be hard pressed to shrug off, the newer, smaller Fisker, dubbed the Atlantic, got an early reveal thanks to a Czech auto site that leaked these early images.

Looking like a shrunken Fisker Karma, the Atlantic should have an appropriately reduced pricetag – around $50,000 if rumors are accurate. A BMW turbocharged 4-cylinder will apparently act as a range extender. We’ll have more coverage starting April 4th once the car is revealed at the New York Auto Show.

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15 Comments on “Fisker Atlantic Emerges Out Of The Vapor(ware)...”

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    Must give Fisker credit for at least one thing–he knows how to shape a car. This one’s less of a cartoon than the Karma, a plus in my book. Volume (interior and sales) would be severely limited otherwise.

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    Kevin Jaeger

    That is certainly a sharp looking car. Just drop the electric stuff and stick with the BMW 4 cylinder turbo and I’d consider one.

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    Given the propensity of Fiskar projects to come in over budget, I expect this $50k car to be about $70k by the time you get it optioned to a decent level and get it on the road.

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    A one-off doesn’t move it out of vaporware status. It is howver an admirable achievement.

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    If that second picture wasn’t there, I would have sworn that it was a coupe. The placement of the rear door handle, and the way the rear of the door ends on the wheel arch really helps it blend in. It’s truly a beautiful car…but I just cant like the face for some reason.

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    On the whole, I like it. The wheels are too big, though, and that lower grille opening needs to go.

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    Project Nina, I presume? I did not expect to see you so soon, what with the February work suspension and layoffs. Oh, and the fact that your big brother took a bunch of the government loans that were meant for your development.

    Also, since the price point hasn’t changed, can we assume that the volume projections haven’t changed? Because 75k units/yr seems… ambitious. Especially for a company that has never actually manufactured anything itself. And speaking of that price point and ambition, this starts *just* $15k above a BMW 328 with the same engine… Given the added costs of the EV drivetrain and the lack of global volume that the Dreier enjoys, it’s tough to see where Atlantic’s profit is going to come from.

    I think it’s a bit early to be elevating this project above vaporware status.

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