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Today is a busy day. Bertel and Ed are off somewhere plotting their next round of skullduggery, Murilee is prowling the junkyards of Denver for the elusive 1991 Isuzu Impulse AWD, Jack is laid up in bed with an illness certainly caught from his child’s pre-school, Steve and Sajeev are collaborating on their next hit column and I am commiting a cardinal sin according to the Church of Panther…fraternizing with the enemy.

Ford has invited me to drive the newest Police Interceptor cars today – and while driving a police car has been a fantasy of mine since childhood, I’m sure some of you must be wondering how the newest versions stack up against the beloved Panther-based CVPI. Let me know in the comments. Ford probably won’t let us take the cars off the test course, but if they do, I’ll make sure to get video of me pulling up to my girlfriend’s workplace, sirens blaring, calling her name on the megaphone.



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24 Comments on “BRB Driving Police Cars...”

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    Try a J-turn.

    Do they put the handbrake beside the driver?

    All the fancy lower-body trim is going to be left in a ditch after the first attempt at turning around on a public highway to pursue an oncoming traffic violator.

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      New vs. Old, PIT competition! Have them chase each other around the track, the pursuing vehicle that puts the fleeing vehicle in the ditch fastest wins.

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      Not to mention how often the police have to hop curbs.

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        How often do they HAVE to hop curbs? About never. They do it because they are cops and CAN, nothing like driving a car paid for by other people’s money, i.e. yours and mine.

        I see no reason at all why my local police in a city of less than 20K people with essentially no crime need anything bigger or more powerful than a Golf. Somehow the cops in the rest of the world get by with less than V8-powered body-on-frame dinosaurs just fine.

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    Crown Vic? How does it stack up to the old Caprices too? Love the PIs but the LT1 torque was nice!

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    Gardiner Westbound

    Can’t imagine a turbocharged, front wheel drive machine being as competent, durable, or economical to maintain and repair as a rear wheel drive machine like the competing Dodge Charger.

    I have seen lots of Dodge Charger police cars but no new Ford or Holden/Chevrolet Caprice police cars on the road. Looks like Chrysler ate Ford’s lunch.

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      the turbo models are all AWD and handle better than the CV. Durable and economical remain to be seen, but i can’t see how they’d be better in those departments.

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      Production on the PI models just started within the last couple months. The first PI Taurus and Explorer models bound for the local PD (or maybe Sheriff’s office, no logos on them yet so I can’t tell) just showed up last week.

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      I met with one of the Sheriff’s in a county with one of the largest departments in my Metro area – they provide regional protection as well as contracted police patrol for all but three of the sixteen municipalities. Our own Sheriff Joe said they are going from the CVPI to the new TPI with the base engine as the car is more than fast enough and more economical for their regular duties.

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    I’ve seen one of them on duty in Ann Arbor, MI. First and only so far tho

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    The Caprice has been seen south of Cleveland in Parma, Ohio. If it survives these unmaintained roads it’ll survive anything.

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    This is for Murilee – I had a 1991 Impulse RS AWD – was a very fun car but did not have the longevity of the original Impulse (of which I had a 1985). Kind of sorry I ever got rid of them.

    Look forward to the upcoming report on the police cruisers – what are we up against?

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    OBBBQuote: “It’s got a cop motor, a 440 cubic inch plant, it’s got cop tires, cop suspensions, cop shocks. It’s a model made before catalytic converters so it’ll run good on regular gas. What do you say, is it the new Bluesmobile or what?”

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      Fix the cigarette lighter.

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        Educator(of teachers)Dan

        35 year old me bought that movie on DVD to show to my 28 year old fiance who has never seen it. I told her it will explain my obsession with cop cars. BTW she really has a thing for musicals so at least parts of The Blues Brothers should be right up her alley. Oh and we spent Christmas in Chicago and got to see some of the locations.

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        Dan, we were in Chicago recently, and as part of the trip we each had to visit what the other’s desires were, so we saw Harpo Studios, Oprah’s penthouse apartment building, some high-end stores, and best of all, the plaza and the streets where the chase scenes were filmed – I couldn’t believe how small and narrow those streets really are, because they looked nothing like that in the movie, especially Lower Wacker Drive.

        “One Timex digital watch, broken. One unused prophylactic. One soiled. One black suit jacket, one pair black suit pants. One hat black. One pair of sunglasses. $23.07. Sign here.”

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    Educator(of teachers)Dan

    Long live black steel wheels and center caps. If I ever own a vehicle that has a cop counterpart I’ll buy some black steelies for the snow tires.

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      I’m thinking of spray-bombing my Ranger’s steelies with flat black paint for just this reason. Not that there are a lot of police Rangers out there (although I am aware of at least one within a 50-mile radius of me, I have yet to nab a photo of it)…I just think it’ll look cool with the Ranger’s chrome caps.

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    If you “surprise” your girlfriend at work, you need to rent a full-on cop uniform. I read somewhere that police somewhere in Europe don’t like their new Opels because they don’t fit in the seats with all the gear on. How no one thought to test that is hard to imagine.

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    How does it handle with the hundreds of pounds of emergency gear police are required to handle?

    What about the seats interfering with gun holsters/belts police wear?

    Can you slide into the vehicle quickly or is it more of struggle because the seats grip you too well?

    How do vehicles handle neutral drops?

    How easy is it to screw up the alignment hitting potholes, curbs etc?

    Is the AC strong enough to handle south texas heat and still be comfortable?

    How easy do the seats clean up from suspects puking/bleeding/whatever in the back?

    Is there enough room up front to fit a shotgun easily or will it have to be in the trunk?

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      “How do vehicles handle neutral drops?”

      Hopefully by not allowing the car to shift out of neutral until the engine speed has dropped to idle, while simultaneously slapping the idiot in the driver’s seat for thinking that was a good idea in any vehicle!

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    People learning German, for example, always have to remember the difference between “schwül” (humid) and “schwul” (gay) – one dropped umlaut and you can end up in a very sticky situation.

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