By on March 30, 2012

Volkswagen will apparently debut a “concept” version of the Passat Alltrack, a European model that shares little with our Americanized Passat sedan.

Featuring 4Motion all-wheel drive, a 2.0L TDI making 140 horsepower and 236 lb-ft of torque and a6-speed DSG gearbox, the Alltrack is like a German Subaru Outback, but with a much desired diesel engine. There’s even a hill descent control feature. Sadly, there is no manual, and no honest-to-goodness Passat wagon either, even though the Alltrack is only 1.2 inches higher than the regular wagon.

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14 Comments on “Volkswagen Alltrack Concept; A Diesel Wagon, But Alas, No Manual...”

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    In before the Diesel/VW bashing starts:
    This won’t end well, at least in the US. A VW Diesel + DSG, OMG!

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      hate to do it but…
      all 2.0TDI’s are DSG’s, or 6 speed manual, already. Have been since the new diesels came out.

      I’ll be shocked if we don’t get something like this as well, the big deal would be a DSG/AWD combo, which doesn’t exist right now in the US (?other markets?).

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    I’m sure all 17 people clamoring for a diesel-powered, manual wagon will only be mildly disappointed.

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    There are at least 24 of us and we we intend to be vocal.

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    The other oft-made request (besides the diesel-powered manual wagon) is for GM and Ford to sell their Euro-spec cars here.

    VW seems to be having more success selling Americanized VWs here than they did selling Euro VWs here, so I guess that is the more profitable strategy.

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      I see your VW and raise you a Focus. Also, how Americanized are the VWs to the average buyer? The are more deconted than Americanized aren’t they?

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      After walking around the VW dealership yesterday while waiting for my 2 hour oil change, and seeing the prices on Golfs and GTIs, and then the prices on Jettas and Passats, the reason for this becomes clear.

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    I highly doubt VW will actually bring this car here. I personally would love to see it however. Diesel. AWD. Wagon.

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    Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

    I’ve been holding onto my diesel Benz for fuel diversification (actually cuz I’m too obstinate to part with it for the costs I’ve sunk into it) but I’d trade it for one of these.. (but I think I’d rather have the K1600GT first :p)

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    Interesting fact: In Europe Subaru sells an Outback Diesel *with* a manual transmission.

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    here’s one of the ironies of the world

    where i am most manufacturers sell diesel models… problem is they can be quite expensive… and they often ONLY have manual as they cannot be bothered to adapt an automatic transmission for the diesel which may have double the torque of the petrol… and if they do have auto its even more expensive as its a niche autobox with very strong internals

    i’ve seen $4,000+ for diesel then $2,500+ for auto

    so basically you never recover the cost especially since diesel is more expensive and service is more

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    I really wonder if all the diesel clamorers have ever driven them. I have, and the grass is not greener, friends.

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      I had a TDI VW as a rental for a few weeks in Germany. It took me a week or so to get used to the low revving engine (I think it redlined somewhere in the neighborhood of 3500 RPM), but I loved all that low end torque cruising around the A6.

      Would I buy one? Nope, I don’t like VW’s. But I’d seriously consider a 6MT AWD Sky-D CX-5, if Mazda ever brings such an animal to the US.

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      Depends how you drive, doesn’t it?

      I’m usually an “octogenarian-style” driver, puttering along at the lowest revs I can in order to keep noise as well as fuel consumption down… A diesel would be ideal for me.

      (But since I got my Exeo 1.8 T I’m discovering the joys of being able to overtake, if needed, swiftly and easily. :-) )

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