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Along with a facelift, the 2013 Mercedes-Benz GLK soft-roader will get a BlueTEC diesel option in the United States, in addition to the standard 3.5L V6 gasoline engine (now making 302 horsepower and 273 lb-ft of torque).

Dubbed the GLK250 BlueTEC, the 2.1L 4-cylinder diesel will make 190 horsepower and 369 lb-ft of torque. Both engines will get a 7-speed automatic with start/stop, and be available with rear or all-wheel drive. Sales of the revised GLK350 will start this summer, but the GLK250 won’t be available until early 2013. The car will get it’s official unveiling on April 4th at the New York Auto Show.


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33 Comments on “Mercedes-Benz GLK250 BlueTEC Gets 369 lb-ft Diesel Engine...”

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    Still ugly as sin.

    MB hasn’t figured out who to market this to. Is it women, who fit the demo and appreciate the SITC tie-in, or is it men, with the chiseled macho Terrain-style design? My sense is they fail with both genders.

    Sounds like a cool engine, though. Would it fit in a B-classe hatchback?

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    There is something about MB cars and this SUV is one of them I don’t like the looks of. They’ve been getting better lately. Still they look like a F1 car in that they have all these tacked on lines and aero devices.

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    The GLK reminds me of a phone booth on wheels. Very awkward.

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    I’ll pile on. Always thought this was one of the ugliest cars on the road. Awkward proportions, weird creases, cartoonishly large wheels. Ugh.

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    Franz K

    #1 To all previous posts …… Thppppppppppt !

    #2 I own one . Love it ! Best damn compact luxury CUV on the market with Zero Blind Spots , all the comfort in the world 0-60 6.5 seconds , Best bang for the luxo buck as well

    #3 FYI I’m in my middle years , owned more exotics than most of you will ever dream of , raced etc and again .. I love this car . Not to mention cut my musical teeth in 1% biker bars in the 70’s when that meant something . Just to dispel any assumptions on my manhood

    #4 Drive one . Heck just look at the reviews across the Net . To almost a number they all say what I’ thought myself ;

    ” Its the car you’d love to hate , but’ll have to admit you love it after driving it ”

    #5 Looks wise . While looks are a matter of personal taste , place a GLK in front of a Masterpiece example of Architecture . I did with mine ( in front of one of Moshe Safdie’s works ) Stand back and take a good long look . The design not only stands up to , but also complements the design of the building its in front of . Unlike 90% of the pretentious so called automotive designs out there today the GLK is one of the few that’ll stand the test of time . The FX 35 already looks dated . The X3 .. boring .. The XC60 … a Ford in a Party Dress . VW Toureg .. a jelly bean on wheels

    So who is the GLK being marketed to you ask ?

    Discerning buyers with a sense of good taste and an eye for quality and value . Thats who .

    But please ….. continue on with your critiques . Just remember those snide criticisms when I blow by you in your ride , driving in comfort , superior handling , acceleration , as well as class :-)

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      DC Bruce

      I’m not a donkey . . .

      but I play one on the Internet.

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      Your post makes you sound pretentious and insecure. Maybe that’s MB’s target market for this little hatchback.

      By the way, congrats on that 6.5 second 0-60 time. Good luck outrunning a V-6 Camry, never mind my lowly Saab 9-5 Aero.

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      Franz, thanks for making my day.

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        Agreed on the Frank response. Moy Entertaining!

        I do love the styling of this thing – there are only a few cars which truly stand out on the road, and this is definitely one of them. It was never on my list because it’s a poor value and the fuel economy is truly abysmal for a tiny CUV, but it is a looker in any color. Plus MB’s in-car tech is truly a joke.

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      “So who is the GLK being marketed to you ask ?”

      Judging from your response, the target market involves a lot of inappropriate capitalization and incorrect use of punctuation.

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      I’m kind of ashamed to admit I rather like the GLK myself, now.

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      Yeah, but how does it perform when driven into a tree at 60mph? Please demonstrate this for all of us. Then we will truly be impressed. Until then, it’s still a car for the pretentious and insecure.

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        While I’m sure the GLK performs above average in real world crash tests, I hope you drive safely, Franz, and continue enjoying and defending your GLK.

        FWIW, I upvote the GLK’s looks but still can’t understand what their target market is.

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      Another vote for it looking good. It’s much better looking than an X3 to me.
      But for my money I’ll take the CX-5

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      Wait a minute…I thought that was a picture of a Kia Soul! Now that’s a value product for the discerning customer.

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        It’s very simple, it’s basically a C-Class Wagon Outback. They a re marketed to the buyer who would buy a C-Class wagon, but needs some sort of CUV to be cool because wagons aren’t.

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      Geez! Does any poseur in NA wish to get his or her hands on an oil burner CUV? I for one applaud MB’s effort to bring over new offering and new engine.

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    Chicago Dude

    Looks are subjective (and I think it looks better as an “SUV” than any of the other compact luxury SUVs out there).

    What makes me happy is that the MB has now returned to the days of old – when you could get a “slow” diesel in a luxury vehicle.

    If this gets rated at > 35 mpg highway, I’m buying it. If the 0-60 is less than 10 seconds, it just doesn’t matter.

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      I dont think its even going to be slow, that should move along pretty well with all that torque. The mileage should be great, the only thing wrong now is the price. But maybe if they sell, some lower priced manufacturers will take notice. Diesel Jeep Wranger FTW!

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    Is the diesel engine going to give the GLK a towing capacity bump?

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    I don’t mind the car’s looks. It’s a high-top sneaker of a station wagon, and it pulls the look off better than some of the truly hideous offerings out there (I’m looking at you, Subaru Outback). I odn’t like diesels, but if priced right, it should sell well.

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    I don’t think it is remotely bad looking by German car standards. I usually think it is a Forrester when one first comes into my view.

    Does start-stop on a diesel make sense? Sounds like a lot of work for the starter motor with the compression ratio and diesels don’t use much fuel at idle anyway. No throttle induced pumping losses, don’t they know.

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      It won’t use the starter motor but it will fire the cylinder that’s closest to top dead center on the compression stroke and therefore start the car without any use of the starter motor. The starter is only used to initially start the car when cold.

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        How will it fire the cylinder at TDC without the benefit of an ignition and with diesel fuel not being volatile enough to light with an ignition if it had one? It took a while, but I found a description of Mercedes-Benz Eco start/stop. It uses an upgraded starter/generator driving the engine via a belt instead of a gear to keep noise down when it restarts the engine.

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    You want pretentious? I’ll give you pretentious!

    I hated this thing. Then I got forced into one when they didn’t have the rental I reserved. Now I love this little ugly car. I am a young dad of three and our family cars are A 2500 burban and an s4 avant. I rented the blutec version of this and did 2500k across Switzerland and italy last summer with all three kids in the back. Stelvio pass, 4 lane, 2 lane, 1 lane, and crazy dirt through the woods behind a madman in his propane defender 110. He said I could not follow him. I did. The thing never let me down. and the 4matic blew my mind. I have never shied away from a real t case and true 4wd but the 4 matic just works even with 2 wheels in the air. Torquey as hell and fun to drive. The Nav system alone was worth the rental…. I came home ready to buy one only to find the diesel was unavailable. Now it is. if they rate it for towing over 3500…. Bye Bye Burban. Who cares that its ugly, it does it all and well.

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    Actually, I think that it is a very nice looking small ute and with the Diesel engine…

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    Volt 230

    Most of these negative reviewers have never driven one. Very closed minded indeed.

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    Hopefully I can get one of these diesels out of a boneyard in several years and figure out how to make it run.. This would be awesome in a Jeep or pre-100 series Land Cruiser.

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    Speed Spaniel

    What a perfect vehicle! (if you have a vagine)……..

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    The GLK’s mileage isn’t *that* bad. Yes, 16/22mpg isn’t going to win any awards. But, just for example, the AWD RX350 makes 18/24, a Highlander 4WD V6 makes 17/22, and the 3.2 Q5 claims 18/23. A little better than the GLK, but not that much. And, probably thanks to all the negative buzz, prices on CPO GLK’s are very good. They’re well below the prices you’ll find for CPO X3’s and most Q5’s, and only slightly higher than CPO Highlanders. For that you’re getting a German-built Benz with the same powertrain used in the E-class thru 2010 and the ML thru 2011. I don’t see why it’s ‘pretentious and insecure’ to take advantage of that, assuming the car fits your needs.

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    for a 2.1 TD can crank out 369 lbs?
    thats a lot of power.

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