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Have a Jeep, need a pickup? No problem! For only $595, Crewbed will sell you – a crewbed. Invented by Goodyear, AZ real estate salesman Calvin Williams, the 88 pound collapsible bolt-in platform transforms a JK, TJ or YJ Jeep into a mini-pickup.

According to the Detroit News, the Crewbed is rated to carry 400 pounds, secures to the open tailgate, and is supported by a pair of struts that bolt into the bottom of the Jeep’s rear bumper bar.


Crewbed also sells you a tent-like soft cover.

Just make sure not to overload that crewbed. Your Jeep could be airborne.

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25 Comments on “Get A Pickup On The Jeep...”

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    Put a couple wheels on the back corners, & it’ll double as a wheelie-bar!

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      Nothing new here.
      My dad bought a CJ2A in 1948 he had a factory approved accessory dealer installed made by an outfit in Texas called a Decoy box. Intended for hauling the old fashioned solid wood waterfowl decoys it is still installed. My Dad gave me the Jeep in 1960 in a basket case condition after a friend ah told him he would help him rebuild it. My Dad was not handy and when the friend moved away the jeep was in pieces about the garage. The deal was if I could get it past inspection it was mine. I took my drivers test in it on my 16th Birthday in 1964 and it now has over 150,000 miles on it. The decoy box is a all steel and hinges into the tailgate hinges and the bolts into the tailgate hook loups on the top of the gate space.two angle braces go down to either side of the rear hitch and are held with large wing nuts the tail gate is then hinged on the back of the box. I recall it had a sugusted weight limit of 200 lbs. but the box itself is of quite thick steel and weighs about 90. It is mostly used for picnic gear these days as it only is driven in parades and to the beach on nice days. The only modification I have made to it is to 12 volts. All else is stock. These decoy boxes were quite a popular thing on the CJ2A CJ2B and CJ3 Jeeps but I do not recall seeing them on CJ5s when they came out in 1952-3

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    This post sponsored by Chex Mix

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    That looks like … not such a good idea.

    Now an actual Jeep pickup? That looks like a kind of good idea.

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      Somebody thought it was, once. My father’s work truck for years was an ’82 J10 (SJ-based) pickup. It was a good truck and he really liked it, but of course as is typical for AMC product in the snowbelt, the tinworm got to it…my wife called it the Flintstone truck because the floor had rusted out on the driver’s side. He junked it in ’98.

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    It looks only as stupid than the Mopar JK pickup kit, and costs 10% as much.

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    Next up, wheel-standing Jeeps! I can’t wait!

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    This looks much better than a hitch carrier.

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    Wonder what it does if you get rear ended? Better not load it up with 2x4s.

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    Consider the hitch tongue weight specifications before using. At 88 lbs most class one hitches would allow a box of Kleenex in the bed and no more. Think welded class three with this one.

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    400lbs hanging that far off the back? Wouldn’t it tend to make the steering very light? IIRC the 4cyl in the Jeep weighs 360lbs – so you’re basically having the weight on an engine pivoting around the rear axle trying to lift the front wheels off the ground.

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    What a bad idea. I wonder how long until someone rearends that and gets decapitated?

    This makes a hitch carrier look like the epitome of responsibility.

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      Boy, howdy.

      When roofing my way thru college, I used a trailer with brake lights and everything. The 40′ extension ladder would stick out some – like about 6′. Always wired a 4 square foot red flag to the thing, but if I had a buck for all the people who nearly ate the rungs, I’d be able to afford a nice bottle of wine. If I added in some 80# bundles of shingles that could go airborne backwards, that would have been an epic disaster. Of course, when the errant car passed me, I got the stinkeye, just as if there weren’t a big red flag waving in the slipstream.

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    Poor rear shocks. Can you spell “worn out in a very short time”.

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    The local Dodge- Chrysler- Jeep dealer has one of the Mopar conversion kit Wrangler Pickups on their lot. Asking price is well north of $60,000. For a two seater pickup with a “bed” roughly the same size as the bed on a side by side ATV.

    If you want/ need a pickup, then… buy a pickup. These Jeep conversions aren’t ready for prime time, IMO.

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    Me like (as long as ‘collapsible’ means easily collapsible, as in telescoping or something)

    The tent option looks to beat the heck out of those silly rooftop tents / sails / rollover aids that some people pile of top of their SUV roofs for overnight trips.

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    It’s a jeep thing… you wouldn’t understand

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    You know, one cool thing for expo type wheelers is that with this thing on the back you can probably sleep in your Jeep. If it doesn’t kill your departure angles too bad that alone could make it useful.

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    Use the extra space to carry fire extinguishers.

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    That thing has J.C. Whitney written all over it.

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    There are several military guys in my area who have made their own rigs, similar to the one in the article. One of them even allows the ‘bed’ to be flipped over and carried on top of the roll bars. Really looks odd.

    I saw a Wrangler Sahara today that had a similar contraption loaded with bales of hay and coolers of water at a local grocery store, probably on its way to feed livestock in the desert.

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    America: Y U Hate trailers so much?

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