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Contrary to initial reports, Ford CEO Alan Mulally told Canadian newspaper The Globe and Mail that the Ford B-Max MPV will be coming to North America after all.

Jeremy Cato, reporting from the floor of the Geneva Auto Show said that

“The nifty new Ford B-Max, which CEO Alan Mulally said will eventually go on sale in North America, will be sold here in Europe with a three-cylinder, 1.0-litre EcoBoost turbo gas engine. 

…he added that it most likely will have a spot in Ford’s North American lineup. Exactly when he would not say, but he was pretty emphatic about the B-Max having a future in Canada and the United States.

As vague as that may be, Mulally is about as reliable a source as one can get within Ford. The B-Max doesn’t exactly seem like the kind of vehicle that Americans would adopt in droves – Canada, on the other hand, may be a much better market for a small, ultra-efficient MPV-type vehicle. But the specter of the $19,995 Dodge Caravan (an extremely popular choice in the Great White North) may prove to be a stumbling block to positioning the avant-garde but bite-sized B-Max at a reasonable price. The Grand Caravan is Canada’s fourth best selling vehicle so far this year, while the Chevrolet Orlando, which slots between the B-Max and the Caravan, doesn’t even crack the Top 30.

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16 Comments on “Mulally Tells Canadian Newspaper Ford B-Max Coming To North America After All...”

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    Educator(of teachers)Dan

    I applaud variety in the market.

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    As a current owner of a Mazda5 I welcome more vehicles of this size.

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      B-max is the next size down. Think slightly larger Honda Fit (Fiesta isn’t a good comparison, as the fit carries almost (maybe more than, I’m too lazy to check facts) twice as much cargo if I recall.

      Upcoming Cmax is closer to what you are talking about, and we are getting it soon. It’s kind of a focus minivan.

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    “Mually Tells Canadian Newspaper Ford B-Max Coming To North America After All
    By Derek Kreindler on March 16, 2012”

    Proofreading time again, for Mr. Mually. Dear oh dear.

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      Says the person who can’t spell “Mulally”.

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        Uh, I think that’s exactly what he was pointing out: That the article’s headline was spelled that way.

        My guess is they corrected that after it was pointed out.

        Ergo: Says the man who couldn’t figure out WHO the person who can’t spell “Mulally” was.

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    Variety in any form, is good and I’d agree this would go over more in Canada then the US.
    But if gas prices keep rising who knows?
    Small cars are no longer the rolling penalty boxes that wither in cross winds,scream at highway speeds, and fold like accordions in a collision. Eventually those attitudes will go away but it’s going to take some time so kudos to Ford for taking that small car gamble.

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    Looking forward to it coming here, but it’s going to have to impress on price, style or performance. Won’t win the Caravan crowd… not enough room for kids’ hockey gear if you’ve got a bigger family, but it’s ideal for the condo-squeezed in Vancouver and Toronto.

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    I dont see it, cannibalizing the fiesta and focus just isnt smart.

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    It could find traction. In the same way the Kia Soul became a surprise hit for that carmaker.

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    The B-Max is going to be up against the Fit and possibly Soul for sales, if it comes in at Fiesta prices I can see it selling. Otherwise I highly support the C-Max as we need another vehicle close to xB size to give people runabout space with good fuel economy. I’m willing to go 23K on a C-Max hybrid if it can return 30+ in the city…

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    So, no 1 liter engine for the USA? They’ll use a bigger engine for the USA version of this car?

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    Oops wrong thread.

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