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Yet another hopeful maker of electric vehicles called it quits in Indiana. Bright Automotive of Anderson, Ind., announced this week that it will wind down operations after withdrawing an application for a DOE loan. This is the latest in a series of EV companies that went belly-up in Indiana, where Gov. Mitch Daniels had vowed in January 2010 to make the state “the electric vehicle state.” The Chicago Tribune lists the failed companies:

  • Last year, Think, an electric vehicle manufacturer in Elkhart propped up by government incentives, filed for bankruptcy.
  • A month ago, Ener1, the battery-maker that was to supply the Think vehicle from three manufacturing facilities in Indiana, filed for bankruptcy reorganization.
  • An unrelated plug-in manufacturer the state tried to nurture has yet to get off the ground.
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11 Comments on “EV Companies Pull Plug In EV State...”

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    Da Coyote

    Were we to have government officials of at least room temp IQ, they might want to put $$ into more STEM graduates so that we can get 1) cost-effective batteries with good range and long life, 2) adequate power transmission facilities to handle the increased load, and 3) alternate means by which we can generate the power…since the marshmallow majors out there still think that there is human-induced climate change.

    I’d love an electric car…but it ain’t comin’ now…or tomorrow…or next year.

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    Another green company, Abound, is delaying production in Tipton, IN. Abound Solar Inc., based in Longmont, CO., indicated that they will delay expansion in the Tipton plant. Abound blames foreign competition.

    Maybe it’s just bad luck. The plant in Tipton was originally constructed by Getrag to manufacture Chrysler’s dual clutch transmissions. That deal fell through. Huge facility; too bad it’s vacant.

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      You failed to mention the close to 300 people at Abound’s facility in Colorado who are getting laid off as well. They say that some of the layoffs are temporary while they retool, but I’ll believe that when everybody is back to work.

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    Carlson Fan

    “2) adequate power transmission facilities to handle the increased load,”

    Like we did during the housing boom?

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    Even the Tesla haters have to admit that Tesla is doing something right to have survived this long, having moved on to their 2nd-gen product already.

    Hopefully they’ll also pay back their taxpayer loans.

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    Companies and startups fail. Isn’t that shocking ?

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    Can’t we finally admit that consumers as a whole don’t want EVs? They are only being bought in limited numbers – at a heavily subsidized price, by well off people as vanity statements. Enough!

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    Chicago Dude

    The rising start of the Republican party gave government subsidies to EV companies and they went out of business?!?

    No wonder he didn’t run for president. Republicans would have had to admit that they are just as bad as Democrats.

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    I wonder how many companies that produced gas-powered vehicles litter the road of history. Surely not one failed since gas was a pure consumer choice.

    You people sound like horse buggy manufacturers.

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    Darth Lefty

    Hasn’t Th!nk been bankrupt or near it for like 15 years? They were owned by Ford at one point, but they clearly only make glorified golf carts, much like GM. Nothing that’s going to compete with a Leaf or a Volt.

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