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The launch of the Acura ILX kicked off on Sunday, and Acura told the crowd of assembled journalists that their new ILX sedan will cost “around $27,000”.

AutoGuide’s Colum Wood notes that the Buick Verano, which is the ILX’s closest competitor, starts at a far lower sticker price – $22,585. According to Wood, Acura staff who were asked about the difference seemed unfazed, and suggested that the two cars didn’t really compete with one another.

The ILX, as well all know, is heavily based on the current Honda Civic, and shares the same engine as the Civic Hybrid and Civic Si, as well as offering a 150 horsepower 2.0L 4-cylinder engine. It seems rather audacious for Acura to start pricing at such a level – the level of content or refinement better be able to justify such an enormous gulf, as even the Verano, with its improved engines and substantially improved sound deadening and interior, is able to maintain a smaller pricing delta relative to the Cruze.

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64 Comments on “Acura ILX To Cost “Around $27,000”...”

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    The type of person that will buy this would not consider a Buick. At least, that’s what Honda is hoping.

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    i predict this one will be a huge… dud.

    Why wasnt this the 2012 Civic?

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    I don’t know…from the initial pics shown, the “level of refinement” even at higher-contented variants of the ILX still might not match that of the Verano. At “around” $27k, this starts pushing some pretty competitive territory, and it isn’t like folks have been flocking to Acura dealerships as of late to begin with.

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      I agree. At $27,000 this is priced more similarly to the Buick Regal than the Verano. I find the Verano to be a great little car. The ILX looks very nice too, I just hope the equipment and refinement levels are there to match it. Buick’s weakness in the past (besides it’s image, which they are obvisouly working to get rid of) has been their technology. Their refinement (especially NVH) and reliability have always been at least very good. Buick has made up ground in the technology, but has Honda/Acura been able to make up ground in their NVH levels (which are typically louder than average, especially in small cars). This will be interesting to watch since I really enjoy both cars, and their mission.

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    And the “Acura can’t do anything right” posts start. My TSX was $27,000 in 2006 and I felt it was a good value. From what I’ve read so far, the two cars are basically the same size and comparably equipped.

    The first reviews will be interesting. I’m predicting few will be happy even if it’s a decent car. I’m sticking with my theory that Acura is simply a damaged brand.

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      30-mile fetch

      Consider, though, that your TSX doesn’t have a 150 hp 2.0 liter. It will probably be a lot slower than your TSX and bit slower than a $27K car should be.

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      I also drive a 2006 TSX and I had been thinking about the ILX as a possible replacement. The 6MT ILX has the same engine as the current Civic Si, which is also the same as the TSX — the K24. Same engine in a lighter car = should be quicker that the TSX, especially the current-gen imposter. But if it “starts” at “around” $27K — presumably with base engine and slushbox — the 6MT will probably be pushing 30, which is too steep even to be a viable GLI competitor (I think the GLI is a better comp than anything by Buick). Pity. A Civic Si for grownups would have been right up my alley.

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        Yeah 30k for a souped up Civic Si is out of the question. That’s 2k less than a V6 EXL Accord coupe, and you’re likely to negotiate more off the hood of the Accord (I got $5k off mine with minimal haggling).

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    Somebody at Acura corporate really has lost their mind if they think they can start selling Civics for almost BMW money. As Jack would say: “Whisper it: Cimarron.”

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    Maybe I’m not remembering this correctly but the concept shown at Detroit looked a lot better than this. Of course differences exist between concepts and production models but this was so close to actual production.

    Anyway it appears Acura is putting this “out there” just to have something “out there”.

    I’m sure it will be a solid car but is it something people will want to buy given the price point and specs?

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    30-mile fetch

    Maybe this thing doesn’t really compete with the Verano. They are both small entry entry level luxury cars with basic powertrains, but the Verano seems very conservative and marketed to older buyers. The Acura looks comparatively aggressive and angular and might appeal to younger drivers.

    Maybe if you would have bought a loaded MKV Jetta you will gravitate to the ILX.

    $27K seemed shocking until I realized you could option up a Cruze or Focus sedan to over $26K. I guess it’s still shocking, but it’s not alone.

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      I’m not really shocked Acura priced a Civic clone at 27K… I’m shocked you can actually option a fricking Focus and Cavalier… excuse me Cruze… to around the same price. I feel like I stepped into another dimension. Less is more eh guys?

      Incidentally I checked Ford’s website, the electric Focus starts at 39K and the Titanium edition sedan with destination, 2.0L GDI/6spd auto, remote start, 18in wheels, leather, moonroof, every exterior and most other interior options: $27,870 [!!!]

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    I would cross-shop the ILX with the GLI which tops out fully loaded at about $26,000.

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      The GLi can go up towards $30K but $26K gets you the autobahn pack which adds meaningful stuff to the base GLi. However I don`t see how you compare the top Jetta with the base ILX. If you are interested in a GLi then you are obviously, at least in part, bothered by performance and the base ILX is 150hp. Comparing the ILX with the Si engine to the GLi would be fairer. The price gap just opens out.

      I am interested in this car and how it performs. The Verano is a different but related market – people wanting a level up from the mainstream brands but not getting to the price of the real luxury brands like Audi, Lexus, BMW etc. The Verano becomes more competitive later this year when the new 2.5 (190hp) engine is installed – hopefully more performance and better mpg.

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      $26k will get you a GLI Autobahn with a manual. Two grand more will get you the DSG and navigation.

      If $27k gets you the 2.4L Si engine and a fairly loaded interior, I’d say the ILX sounds like a half-decent deal. If not…and I get the feeling it doesn’t…this car is dead in the water.

      I didn’t even bother waiting to see how the ILX would compare…I’ve had my GLI for a month now. No regrets.

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    I wonder if this vehicle will be priced the same up here? The old CSX, which this car replaces had a starting price considerably lower and it’s the reason why it sold well. Only full loaded “tech” packaged CSX with every option box ticked off, topped out at $27k. The ILX is competing in Mercedes-Benz B class and Audi A3 frontrack pricing territory and judging by the amount the latter two sell, I think it will have a hard time.

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      At the rate the US dollar is falling; US$27,000 may end up costing you only $20,000 Canadian….

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      The pre-beaked CSX was a very nice looking car, and if I remember correctly, early in its life, it didn’t have to cope with a top end Civic with leather and Navi (in the Canadian market). By the refresh, it lost its austere simple good looks.

      I think the prices are not that out of line, mostly a bit more expensive. The type-S CSX was pretty pricey too, don’t forget.

      It’s a good concept (the ILX), but I think the crux of the issue is engine choice. It looks like they shortened the gearing and sacrificed some fuel economy. But for the same economy, they could have used the 87-octane K24.

      2.0l and 150bhp -> skepticism.
      2.4l and 180bhp on regular gas -> Easier sell

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    The Dart SRT4 is rumored to be around 27k with about 280 hp. It won’t get the mpg of the ILX but will be a whole lot more fun.

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    In 1999 you got a loaded TL with a 225hp V-6 for 27k
    In 2004 you got a loaded TSX with a 200hp I-4 for 27k
    In 2012 you get a base model Civic based ILX with a 150hp I-4 for 27k

    This is clearly a car for people that hate cars or don’t care about cars. They just want an Acura badge as they think it is prestigious. The reality is the Acura badge means nothing and this car is pathetic. Acura doesn’t acknowledge Buick b/c they would soon realize they are just like Buick, American made, no V-8s, not really luxury.

    This doesn’t offer anything more than even a mid level Accord, Camry, Fusion, Optima, Sonata etc has.

    MPG is terrible as well. The hybrid has 111hp and can’t break 40MPG.

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      You’d better use inflation adjusted figures to compare. $27k in 1999 is worth about $35k in 2010

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        Yes I’m well aware of inflation so the TL is priced where it is today, around 35k to start. The ILX again is a Civic based turd for 27k with no HID and cloth when you used to get a 27k Acura with a V-6, loaded with HIDs.

        Where is the value? Acura used to at least offer value. What is the point of making all their cars in America to save money against the yen and building in Japan if they don’t have value.

        Kill the brand, its a sad joke.

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    Wish they would have called it the Integra instead.

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    I think the ILX is more of a long overdue replacement of the Integra, which was a nice little hot rod. I’m a few years away from replacing my A3 and I’ll keep this car on my to-test-drive list.

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    It might be a success if it drives well enough and is reasonably equipped…but the “sub-entry-luxury” class hasn’t been a success overall in the US.

    I hope it doesn’t end up like the 318ti and the C hatchback, but I have my doubts…

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    Just the fact that there is a serious B&B debate of Acura vs. Buick indicates that the Buick brand has come a long, long way in just five years. I will readily add that it also shows how the Acura brand is diminishing at the same time.

    Agree with other B&B who feel that at an entry price of $27K, you’re getting into Buick Regal land, let alone Verano.

    Acura needs to go back to their roots and bring back an Integra. Well built, a blast to drive, moderately powered, rev happy engines, good combination of ride and handling, good combination of near-luxury if you want to go that route, with real utility.

    Take me back to the 80’s, the Acura Integra RS was quite possibly one of the most perfect cars ever built.

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    $27k would only make sense if that was the CDN entry price (a tick above the Civic EX-L and SI) or if it was the US k24 version. I’m hoping something got lost in the translation.

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    Speed Spaniel

    This car should be the newly revamped Civic starting at $17,000.

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    Thats bold. Take your weak-sauce, underperforming, failure prone hybrid system and stick it in a car that weighs more and cost more. The only way this car kind of sort of maybe makes any sense is with that 2.4 out of the SI. I get it, Acuta wants a sporty hybrid a la ct200h, except that’s based on what is arguably the best hybrid on the planet.

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    We test drove for great length the new Verano in Crystal red which had a sticker of around 25K. We were quite impressed. It was nearly dead silent, had a very upscale interior, offered plenty of features and was very pleasing to drive. The only real sore spot was rear seat room which was a bit tight. From pics I have seen this new Acura has a duller less impressive interior, a smaller less powerful engine and as mentioned a higher price. I would certainly pitch the two as very direct competitors.

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    Hold on, lemme take a deep breath …



    I’ve owned a bunch of Acuras and still have one as a daily, but I haven’t cared for Acura or their milquetoast engineering for a while. When the “most powerful Acura ever built” barely cracks 300 hp and your hybrid won’t break 35 mpg combined … you got issues. And I don’t think I’m the only one — the previous gen TSX and TLs are common here in SoCal, but the new ones are rarer than exotics.

    This is how breakups happen — it’s not outright hate, but a total loss of respect and a lingering aftertaste of annoyance. Acura, it’s been fun, but you’re no longer a good part of my life. Take your baggage, stop your earnest pleading, and GTFO.

    Oh, and this gem: “At the Detroit show, I asked Honda designer Jon Ikeda about the aero on his NSX Concept. He said it hadn’t been tested yet: ‘It’s got stylists’ aerodynamics, and that usually doesn’t work.\'” Yeah, good luck getting that thing to production unmolested. (

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    Was there a poster of the Dodge Avenger hanging on one of the design studio walls?

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    Some people call them simply “Honda Acuras”, they are as relavent as Mercury and Saturn were in 2008. [car brands, not the planets].

    And funny how Honda is now apologetic and making excuses.

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    At first glance, I like the ILX, or at least the idea of it: a modestly tossable, FWD, near-luxury Japanese sedan. My biggest concerns are visibility and driving dynamics. For $27 large, I’d be looking long and hard at the Mazda CX-5; while not a direct competitor, it offers better cargo volume and a larger greenhouse — and Jack Baruth seemed to enjoy his time in the CX-5 at Laguna Seca!

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    Just bought a new Ralliart last evening, not the same car or market, but paid $25,500.00 USD for what seems to be a fun car to whip around town. Has everything but Nav and sunroof.

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    I had a 1986 Integra, 5 door, sunroof, great car. There was a sense of having something cool, different, unique amoung the Fords/Chevys etc. Then my first wife got it in the divorce….DAMN! Ok, bought a 1989 Integra, 3 door, sunroof, etc -in hot RED. Great little car, wish I still had it.

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      I had a 1987 Integra, 5 door, 5 speed manual. I know exactly how you feel!

      For those who suggest that the ILX should have been named the Integra, is the ILX worthy of that name? It needs to prove itself.

      I drive a Mazda3 now — 4 door, 5 speed manual — and I sense it has an Integra-like spirit to it.

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