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We don’t always cover motorsports here at TTAC, but when we do, we make sure it’s grassroots. Following the Spec Miata, Spec E30 and Spec Focus race series, NASA and Nissan have partnered to create a Spec Z series for the 2003 to 2008 350Z coupes that were so popular earlier in the decade.

Modifications to the cars are limited to a Nismo catback, Nismo LSD, Nismo Flywheel and a Spec suspension kit featuring new shocks, springs, coilover sleeves, anti-roll bars and BF Goodrich R1 tires. Horsepower will be limited to 258 wheel horsepower for the 03-04 cars, 265 for the 05-06 cars and 275 for the 08 cars. Contingency cash will be available for both the regional and national levels.

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13 Comments on “Nissan, NASA Create Spec Z Series...”

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    Byron Hurd

    Sounds expensive.

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      Maybe thats a good thing? NASA already has several “cheap” spec series. Spec3 (e36 325’s) Spec E30 and everyone’s favorite, Spec Miata. Each one’s donor cars can be had for less than $3k. 350Z’s seem to start at around $9k. Maybe like most automakers, NASA is trying to tap every possible market. Fingers crossed for a spec Panamera series…

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        But, realistically, the cost of the donor car of non-exotics is trivial for any kind of racing. I mean, my Lemons car was 300 bucks to buy …

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        There’s Spec Focus and Spec Boxster, both are probably in the same price brackets as the 350Z.

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        Byron Hurd

        “Fingers crossed for a spec Panamera series…”

        I loled.

        But seriously, I’m not opposed to additional classes. Far from it. I just wonder how seriously people will take it. Even Spec Focus struggles in many regions, and it’s on the south side of expensive. Spec Miata and Spec E30 appeal because they’re inexpensive, which means big fields. It could get old being one of two or three semi-regulars racing within a region, and very expensive to race outside of it.

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    If Spec Miata series is any guide- start stocking up on 350z rear bumpers and panels. You can make a fortune on Craigslist. Lots of bumper car action in these spec series.

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      I did that in college with three of my buddies. In Junkyard parts swaps we went through 2 second gen Miatas. Keeping the car as stock as possible was key to keep replacement costs at a minimum. As cheap racing went, anything four twentysomethings with meager jobs can afford, that was hard to beat.

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    I like my Z in its current condition, no bumper cars for me thank you.

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    I’d be a little concerned about the rearward visibility, especially with a pack of them in a race. Or maybe everyone will just know they all have serious blind spots.

    What about the cooling issues?

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    Business 101: NASA is a business and if they can increase their income by creating another spec series, why not do it? They would have spec F150 racing too if more tracks allowed trucks. Sports is a business. Those “traveling” kids teams are a business for the organizers and everyone involved (except the kids, who pay $5000 or more for a season of “traveling”).

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    Seems like a fairly reasonable series. Spec everything, horsepower limit, and given how many first-generation 350Zs are on the road, it should be fairly easy to build a big field interested in a quick road-racing series.

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    No brakes upgrades? The Z’s dust-free brake pad material (Brembo or not) isn’t exactly good for a road race, and fades pretty damn fast.

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