By on February 28, 2012

Porsche put its Boxster on a diet. The result, a lighter Boxster with a wider stance (or, as Porsche calls it, a “road posture that is more muscular and more striking”) will be shown at the upcoming Geneva Auto Salon. Porsche promises “significantly enhanced driving dynamics,” resulting in “unadulterated driving fun.” For green cred, the new Boxsters are promised to be 15 per cent more fuel-efficient.


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13 Comments on “Lighter, More Muscular And More Striking Boxster Promised...”

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    Wider is better?

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    Weren’t you around i the 50’s and ’60’s? Lower, wider, longer! (Heavier!)

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    Now if Porsche would just give them the GT3 motor and similar chassis tuning, we’d be getting somewhere.

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      In a ‘vert, I’m not sure if that kind of racy motor is all that useful, aside from sounding awesome. 500hp, high revving cars meant to be driven sans helmet, really ought to have a roof. Now, in some hypothetical Uber-Cayman, however….

      For driving even a bit above posted limits along backroads in a ‘vert, lower fuel burn/increased range is, at least IMHO, just as useful as all out max track speed.

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      Sticking in the regular 3.6L from the (previous) 911 would be a good start. Back when the 911 used the 3.6L, sharing the exact same engine with the Boxster S and Cayman S would probably have saved a tiny bit of money in production costs (and lost Porsche lots of money in sales as everyone grabbed the Boxster and Cayman over the regular 911).

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    Evidently, wider AND more expensive is somehow better in the Porsche mentality…

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      Once the newness of this one wears off, I doubt P will be able to keep increasing prices much. The last Boxster is not nearly the seller it really ought to be, and price definitely has something to do with it. But with a new (and striking) model out, this does represent a unique opportunity to make price “adjustments.”

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    front view 1/4 has quite a bit of MR2 in it.

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    Lighter? Wider? Better looking? Faster? Heard it all before.

    More reliable? Now that would get my attention, but the shareholders would not sanction such profit eating heresy.

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      A few years ago, I was driving an e39 the same vintage as a Boxster owned by a friend. We both had the same repair needed – metal elbow pipe that connects the radiator to the engine. Parts and labor for my 5er was about $350. Cost for the Porker for the same repair was a hair under $1k. It likely took an extra hour at most to do the P repair.

      P’s are great values as used cars until you have to fix them.

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    A “wider stance”?!?

    Eww… Shades of Larry Craig!

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