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The breadth and diversity of TTAC’s readership is such that I really cannot manage to offend you all at once. If I talk about evading the police at night, some of you just shake your heads and say, “What a scamp!” If I admit to selling a female friend’s body to a wealthy industrialist for five thousand dollars, most of you assume I’m either fibbing or just, well, allowed to do that sort of thing. Even my use (while quoting someone else, admittedly) of an infamous term commonly used to refer to a bundle of loose branches resulted in as many pro-Baruth comments as anti-Baruth ones. I admit it: the commentariat can’t really be trolled. You win.

Some people aim higher than I do, however, and Jalopnik’s Ray Wert is one of those people.

In his post entitled I Would Go Gay For Bob Lutz, Ray brags that

I would absolutely “go gay” for former General Motors Vice-Chairman “Maximum” Bob Lutz… Yes, that’s right, I’m sitting next to Owen Thomas on a park bench in San Francisco, and yet somehow I manage to be the gayest thing in the entire clip.

Make no mistake: Ray Wert is an extremely intelligent fellow who has a reason for everything he does. It’s never a good idea to bet against him. The Jalopnik editors who laughed at him and demanded his removal now either lick his boots in staff meetings or rage at him impotently from dead-tree dead-ends. His decision to successfully (appear to) play king-maker at Car and Driver confirmed what most of us already believed: Ray is the most powerful individual in this business, as well as being one of the most influential.

With this “go gay” business, however, Ray may have committed a rare mis-step. His gay readers don’t appreciate the idea that being gay is a choice; his straight readers are alternately bemused and offended. Wert trivializes homosexuality even as he pretends to embrace it.

While there are many women in this business whom I have been lucky or deceptive enough to would love to sleep with, I can’t imagine liking a car dude enough to change teams. Even Maximum Bob doesn’t exert that kind of charm on me. But, for the record, as our respective times in the “CTS-V Challenge” using the same car demonstrate, if I did, I would totally be the “top”.*

* Oh, behave!

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74 Comments on “Jalopnik Creates What May Be The Most Offensive Blog Post In Automotive History...”

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    Oren Weizman

    wtf did I just read

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      My thoughts exactly…

      Might be off the mark there Jack… This comes off as a trolling effort to get Ray back on here…

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        Best I can tell is that someone’s trying to create controversy by pointing out that they’ve stirred controversy before.

        I think he’s trying to say he pulled the gay card before the guy from the other car website did– so he’s more-entitled to it in the future?

        And, he’s a top.

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        Jack Baruth

        I think he’s busy fighting the good fight on his own site, honestly.

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    I’m not sure that Ray’s post was worth writing about. The “going gay” for” colloquialism is in quite common use and generally an expression of admiration and respect. However, what this does suggest maybe is some personal animosity between Mr. Baruth and Mr. Wert which is probably of little interest to TTAC readers.

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    Oh no, Jack, I’m not falling for that. Wert’s got to you too, as evidenced by the presence of that hyperlink that would facilitate a visit to Jalopnik and Wert in short pants. Or hot pants, perhaps?

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    When do you think Wert will come out of the closet? Clearly he is in denial about his own wants and needs.

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    Most of the time when somebody gets offended about some trivial comment that wasn’t intentional (or even in the case of South Park’s equal opportunity intentional offending), I just wish a flash-bang would go off right behind them. This would shock them back into the real world where we have real problems, and other human beings don’t fart sunshine 100% of the time.

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    “I would go gay for Jack Baruth”
    -80% of TTAC commenters

    “I hate Jack Baruth”
    -the other 20% of TTAC commenters

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      LOL. Jack and the junkyard finds are about the only things worth visiting this site for.

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      NB: Baruth is an effing god! I’ve sold children (not mine) into slavery in order to get enough bandwidth to ensure that his new posts reach me first. Jack’s car reviews are the Wyld Stallyns (look it up) of authojournalhism, bringing peace and harmony to the world by killing the infidels, i.e.- Porsh execs. I make love to my wife rereading them to her in a voice of honeyed gravel and a tempo of epileptic Cirque du Soleil kids – not the trapese artists, mind you, the sword-swallowers and fire-spitters, the real talent – that makes me the extra .01% of the readership: Baruth would go gay for me.

      See? *That’s* how you do Baruthian-level hyperbole.

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    I wouldn’t put anything past Ray Wert to garner page views ++ at this point.

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    i don’t think i’m expressing a new idea, but ever since Jalopnik changed its format about a year(?) ago, it is so frustrating to navigate that i don’t bother anymore. It used to be an entertaining place to read articles about said hoopties, but their new layout/format is repulsive enough for me to not bother going anymore. TTAC provides more then enough entertainment for my basic needs, and thanks to you Jack, I love your writing style.

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    Mark MacInnis


    I was just saying to myself this morning: “Self”, I said, “It’s been too long since there was something truly worthwhile to be found at TTAC. And I think it’s because Baruth hasn’t done anything good in a while.”

    So, along comes this piece this afternoon. “Self,” I said, “Your patience is about to be rewarded.”




    Jack, I want my 5 minutes back. This was just lame pandering.

    This wasn’t a “swing and a miss.” this wasn’t even a swing.

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    “Ray is the most powerful individual in this business, as well as being one of the most influential.”

    You lost me. Sarcasm? Serious?

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    As a long-time reader (started reading BEFORE the Tribeca/vagina nonsense) who normally stays in the “if you don’t have any interest in the topic, move along, please” camp, I have to say this really got to me.

    Where has the quality gone in this blog?

    I do still enjoy Lang’s and Karesh’s posts, a few of Bertel’s, and more recently the reviews of Kriendler and Dykes (and Martin’s inclusion was pure genius!), but why is the day to day grind covered with Baruth’s flame war with Wert, Baruth’s sexual conquests, Baruth’s inflamatory references, Baruth’s looking down his nose at anything anyone else does, Baruth’s prescriptions for everyone else’s life, and worst of all, Baruth’s stories about how he REALLY, REALLY BROKE THE LAW AND IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT YOU’RE A PRUDE STFU!!!1!one!?

    I’m sure I’ll get banned now, but if you guys are wondering where the readers and submitters for Mehta’s advice column have gone – look no further than this post.

    The real car guys have largely vacated the building, thanks to the massive dip in quality in search of ratings/page views. Now we have flame wars starting between authors and commenters, flame wars starting between commenters, and even flame wars started by the SUPPOSED talent with other blogs – for, what, exactly? Personal vengeance? Did Wert not hire a certain someone? Did he pee in your cereal? Put a flaming bag of dog poop on your porch?

    I’m not exactly going to stop reading the blog as a whole in protest, but I wanted to let the powers-that-be know that you attract what you put out. This is no longer a boutique product of unimaginable quality and niche appeal. It’s now a sloppy prostitute on the side of the road begging for quantity over quality. And, in my opinion, that makes the current TTAC just like all the other blog sites, perhaps with a better layout!

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      Perhaps the inevitable passage of time has seen TTAC evolve, rather than some blind pursuit of traffic. If that were the case, then we’d be running photos of disabled people in electric wheelchairs trying to cross a highway, like another blog did.

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      Jack Baruth

      Why, exactly, would you be banned for posting this?

      It’s your opinion. You are welcome to it.

      TTAC is not a zero-sum enterprise. It’s not as if we have ten slots a day to publish and I am stealing those slots from your favorite authors. You are free to skip me, to read only me, to read on certain topics, or whatever you want.

      I assure you that never in the history of TTAC has another author’s contribution been refused in favor of something I have written. To the contrary: I have given up my press-car and press-trip privileges to other authors on this site who can’t personally afford to drive Porsches/AMG Benzos/Town Cars or travel to California.

      I’m sorry you don’t like reading me, but I am pleased that you care enough about TTAC to speak up and say so.

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        Amendment X

        I’ve been wanting to say this for a long time, so I might as well do it now.

        The first big blow to this website was the loss of Paul, who as we all know, ventured to start his own website in the name of classic cars. In Paul’s absence, we got a replacement series called “Junkyard Find.” No disrespect to Mr. Martin, but Junkyard Find has never and will never come close to the depth provided by Curbside Classic. And TTAC doesn’t seem interested in fixing that. So TTAC is now providing basically ZERO coverage of classic cars. That’s a gaping hole there.

        With the absence of Ed, who really WAS the site, now the majority of this blog is dedicated to Chinese auto industry news and half-assed consumer reviews. What’s more, the quality of the writing has declined in almost every measurable aspect, including rampant grammatical and stylistic errors. It’s going from professional back to amateur and nobody seems to care.

        I think you do a great job, Baruth, and I look forward to your articles. You used to be more quality and less volume. It’s clear that they are pushing you to put out more volume and as a result your work quality has suffered. Bertel does an admiral job and Karesh continues to do so.

        But as for the rest of the site, it is in need of a fresh injection of writers because it is on a clear downward trajectory. It kills me to see this because there was a time when I visited this site multiple times per day and STILL managed to miss something important or interesting. I’d rather see one or two GOOD or GREAT articles per day than meaningless, 200-word squibs accompanying a photo.

        Instead, I visit it at MOST once per day, and yet, walk away dissatisfied.

        I love you guys but I think it’s time to do some soul searching. And that has nothing to do with this particular piece.

        And in regards to KalapanaBlack’s comment about all of the real car guys vacating the building, I think that is certainly in the process of happening but it there is still time to right the ship. Just look at the number of comments per article these days. They are nowhere near the levels of even a year ago.

        Ed, I hope you are reading this because we need you back.

        This website is in need of a true OVERHAUL in every sense of the word.

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        @Amendment X:
        Junkyard find is why I started reading TTAC after a long hiatus. Paul was too dry for my taste.

        I think you’ll find someone who counters your view, no matter what ‘side’ of the issue you stand on. After all, it’s The Truth About Cars.

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        Unfortunately I have to agree that editorial quality is slipping. As much as I have enjoyed this site for the last few years, it seems to have lost a sense of depth and/or history. There is a lack of perspective of where or how current vehicles (and auto news in general) fit into the history of the auto industry.

        If you have not seen GM make similar mistakes before, if you have not been through the implementation of CAFE, or have seen manufacturing quality rise and fall with different automakers, you do not have a real world perspective on what current auto events mean. History means a lot in the auto business, and there is a big difference between reading it and living it.

        Having somebody at the helm who has been around a while, or is at least old enough to rent a car, might make a difference. There really is no substitute for experience.

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        @Toad, Bertel has been involved with the auto industry (not just cars) since the early 1970s. I think that counts as experience.

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        Amendment X: Thou speakest truth. But I’d be willing to bet a shiny Susan B. your critique is brushed off like yesterdays dandruff.

        And to this blogs chain of command, the curious and sometimes questionable story selections, poor adherence to a tried-and-tested news reporting regimen, weak writing, and seemingly non-existent editing can all be corrected with relative ease.

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      I’ve been reading TTAC since 2004. 2004! It has slipped little. TTAC is the single best car website going in my opinion.

      I too miss Ed, quite a bit. But the last auto show coverage was great, every one of MK’s reviews is great, that Steve Lang stuff is great, Jack’s a jerk who should unblock me on Twitter but he too is great, and I love Bertel to death.

      Don’t like it? No one cares.

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        Jack Baruth

        Why do you think I’m blocking you on Twitter? I don’t even know how to block people on Twitter.

      • 0 avatar

        I’m surprised no one has mentioned the recent TTAC article about how El Caminos are “cooler” than Priuses. That one was galactically stupid. Seriously, what’s next? Why red cars are better than blue cars? Thankfully, inane articles like that are a rarity, and I still enjoy TTAC immensely.

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      no, you’re right. this place has steadily gone down hill.

      i was a fastidious daily reader under the farago years, but as his power waned and things changed i started to come less and less.

      with each passing season, something interesting left and something meh was brought to replace it.

      i remember fondly viergang fuchs posts to TCL in the past, but that’s because you got get impatient waiting for the next nugget of amusement to appear in a thread; now that someone’s given him a soapbox the ego becomes apparrant.

      last time i left followup to an entry here was farago’s last thread, i hadn’t seen much need to do so since then. i don’t imagine i’ll see much more again, after this.

      you guys lost it because you’re trying to hard. if it makes you feel better, alumni haven’t performed any better with the various spin-offs and projects have left me pretty uninspired.

      what ttac had, in the begining, as a certain spark, to arrogantly and appropriately put it, it had that je nais se quoi.

      now its just trying to hard.

      the soul is gone, put the terry schavio of blogs to bed, please.

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      Johnny Canada

      Perhaps this is TTAC’s “straddle the Mako” moment. I enjoy Jack’s shenanigans and remain a loyal visitor, but yes, it’s time to reinvigorate the brand and get back to Robert Farago’s original vision of an upscale editorial lounge.

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    All the colors of the brown rainbow?

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    Hello, Mr Baruth. I am a longtime lurker and occasional poster here. I also read and post on several of the big-name car blogs and forums. In addition, I am a gay man. I read Wert’s post today and wasn’t the least bit offended. It was funny, and totally flattering to Mr Lutz.

    Now, unbunch your panties and get crackin’ on your Chicago prep.

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    Ray Wert isn’t gay? His mom sure dresses him funny. No wonder Car and Driver has become so irrelevant.

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    I guess I don’t use the word “gay” enough in my vocabulary, so help me out here: If I say something is gay, that means it’s bad, right? But if I say I would totally go gay for someone, that means they’re awesome?

    On second thought, never mind, I’ll just say what the hell I mean and leave the gays out of it.

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    By attempting to ape Jalopnik and perhaps start some kind of righteous outrage flame war with them (honestly, I have no idea what is going on with this article) you are essentially subordinating TTAC to Jalopnik by putting them on a pedestal. I hope you realize this.

    It was somewhat funny at first but now it’s just gotten ridiculous.

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    Jalopnik has cars now? I can’t tell it apart from Gawker.

    I am a TTAC guy, ever since I was slapped down personally by Farago some years back, so as long as they don’t hire any Germans, I will continue to read it daily.

    Jalopnik is too hip for its own good, sort of the Guided by Voices of Autoblogs. I mean, carblogs. Sorry.

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    Sorry Jack, but this gay guy has to disagree with you. I’d find use of the word f*ggot or calling something one doesn’t like “gay” to be far more offensive (as I see nothing offensive here). My straight friends joke about guys they go for and I joke about chicks I’d go straight for. Remember my generation is the one that produced Katy Perry and Gaga. Experimentation is normal (my friends always got a kick out of me singing “I kissed a girl and I liked it”).

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    As a gay, I’m not offended by it. Like tjh said, we joke around like this all the time. Lighten up people.

    BTW, a “bear” is just a big hairy guy, not necessarily a fetish.

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    This thread is gay.

    I spend most of my time on this site doing searches for older curbside classics and the occasional Baruth article. The “nearly less than a paragraph” news articles are terrible and shouldn’t even be bothered with. I’m also a bit bored of ones like this where Truthaboutcars tries to look like unappreciated scholars compared to other car sites.

    I enjoy the site mostly, if you want another writer, I don’t have anything else to do. I can answer the age old questions of “Which car attracts hookers better; a Corolla or a Civic?” or “Which car is easier to pull the plates and VIN off of after you drive it into the woods?”

    You know, things normal people do.

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    Since I (regrettably) still check Jalopnik on occasion, I saw Wert’s post. Jack is misleading here, because the crux of the post isn’t that Wert wishes to have sexual relations with Lutz, it’s that he’s pimping a documentary he appeared in.

    So, actually, it’s even worse than Baruth lets on. Ray is blatant self-promoter and under his watch Jalopnik has become less about cars and more slobbering all over any New York media outlet that name drops Jalopnik. The actual auto content has gotten pretty bad; some new writer has been making silly rants about how the Check Engine light should be banned…real top notch stuff.

    Jack, I don’t know what your fascination with Wert is, but his site isn’t worth the bandwidth.

    • 0 avatar

      I just read Wert’s post and the comments. I’d have to agree, Jack is a little misleading. And the comments are more along the lines of “you mean Wert isn’t gay” and are quite lighthearted.
      In fact they are commenting how Wert has TTAC in an uproar.

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    So! Ahh, anyone want to talk about – you know, cars?

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    So Maximum Bob is gay and likes to be on the bottom while licking the boots of Ray?

    Wait a minute…what did I miss?

    (it’s a joke – I did get it – sheeze)

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    slow kills

    Surely the term applied to the classic definition, meaning happy or joyful, not the revolting usage co-opted by the sodomites.

    Homosexuality is a choice, except when a child is molested by an adult.

    • 0 avatar

      Now that’s trolling for a flame war…

    • 0 avatar

      slow- so I guess that means you popped wood when you saw your HS quarterback? And you totally see how hot Tom Brady is right? But you just choose to be with women, you know, cuz it’s your choice. BTW when exactly did you choose your side?

    • 0 avatar

      Not sure if your goal was to be incendiary (e.g. Limbaugh), amusing (Colbert), or neither, but I’m happy to direct you to any number of definitive studies on sexuality, many of which are strictly empirical papers (atheoretical, just facts and figures) documenting hetero- and homo- normative responses to visual stimuli (erotic photos, clips, etc.). Mind you these are involuntary responses, not deliberate ones (i.e. “choices”), and a number of studies rely on case-controlled experimental designs (the gold standard in research on causal inference, what you would call “proof”). Long story short, the nature v. nurture debate (at least with respect to homosexuality) is largely considered to be settled science. To be sure, the the exact biosocial mechanism(s) that give rise to homo/heterosexuality are not clear (not the the last time I looked anyway). Nor, incidentally, are many of the mechanisms underlying several well known pharmaceuticals that nonetheless “work” in double blind tests. Hell I don’t fully understand the causal mechanisms underlying detonation either, but I suspect most diesel engines knock by design, not by choice.

    • 0 avatar

      Simple test provides the answer:
      Think you’re a straight man? Do you find that you frequently but successfully overcome the temptation to have sex with other men by force of pure moral fortitude? Congratulations, it must be a choice.
      Never been particularly interested in sex with other men? Must be some very different wiring going on in the heads of those who do. Maybe you should thank your God (if you believe in one) for not putting a burden on you that you would struggle with.

      “Continuity of the human race” and “God would never do that to someone” arguments don’t cut it until you can explain birth defects and infertility, which most of us believe aren’t choices.

      I’m left on the side of it not being a choice myself, but obviously Slow Kills either gets a different answer when he applies this test, or really just hasn’t thought it through very well. Either way he’s not someone I would allow around my kids for extended periods.

  • avatar

    There are a bunch of pitchers & catchers on this site.

    • 0 avatar
      Educator(of teachers)Dan

      And that’s ok. Everybody has something that floats their boat; Bertel likes Japanese women, Jack likes women in general, I like women between size 12-16 with junk in the trunk, and life is too short to be unhappy. :)

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    If today happened to be February 2, 1972 I’d be mildly offended that an auto journalist would discuss changing teams for Bob Lutz. However, it’s no business of mine if some guy writes about wanting to play his 8 track tape in another dude’s Eldorado. Click, click, click. Mr. Wert would make a far bigger splash writing delicate prose to Mr. Lutz after the fact.

    And on the issue of taking offense: changing the title of this post to “Jalopnik Creates What May Be The Most Game Changing Blog Post In Automotive History” would really spike my intraocular pressure.

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    there are some posts you just skip.
    Its all part of the TTAC thing.
    hit the back and then the next key.
    no big deal.
    How many web sites have 5 to 10 fresh articles a day.
    Give em a break!

  • avatar

    You guys are all scamps!

    Let it be known to all that I despise how slowly this site loads its ads. That is my #1 gripe.

    Beyond that, I have no complaints about the articles. Okay, I am not fond of old cars, so I mostly ignore the Junkyard Find and Curbside Classics articles. But it’s cool, I’m not asking to have them removed!

    I am not likely to click on an article that has a picture of any grumpy or creepy looking old man. Especially if he is a politician or he runs GM, Chrysler, or the UAW! And definitely not if he’s a politician WHO ALSO runs GM, Chrysler, or the UAW…

    Exception to the rule: He’s getting his ass fired or the article title contains the word “Deathwatch”. Then I’m on it. And I click on ads too.

    I am only slightly more likely to click on any article with an accompanying picture of a freighter or shipping yard full of new cars, or any article with a chart for a picture or the word “Volt” in the headline.

    Exceptions: The freighter is partially or wholly capsized or the headline uses double entendre.

    I am 75% likely to click on an article if there is a pretty lady in the pic, 85% likely if she has nice legs, and 95% more likely if the title somehow mentions sex, or implies that the lady is available.

    Yeah, I’m easy like that. If you have all that, you don’t even have to mention cars! :D

    Okay, I’m kidding. Partly. I find most car related articles to be mildly to severely boring. Particularly if they have a picture of any car dressed in black tape or stickers and worst of all, driving on a track…oh just shoot me now please!

    I acknowledge that boring articles are not all TTAC’s fault. When given a choice, I will choose ACTUAL DRIVING over reading-about-driving. Every time. Therefore most articles about cars will be boring to me.

    I can live with that. But maybe it does not have to be this way. After all, in this economic climate, SOMEBODY has to be worthy of a Deathwatch series. Lookie here, California’s going to run out of money by early March. Don’t they make cars? Drive cars? Have ports that receive shipments of cars?

    Comeon, if we can’t have sex, why not death? Or a sequel? That’s how Hollywood gets by…

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    Bruno Balestra

    I really don’t get the complaining about content. It’s like complaining about bad language. If you don’t like what you see/hear, just hit the button and go for something else.

  • avatar

    By my calculation there are about 30 million homosexuals in this country. I further calculate that there are approximately 10.5 million people whose primary job is to become offended on behalf of other people. Finally, there are approximately 40 million people whose hobby is being offended on behalf of other people. Consididering the 80.5 million people who can do a twice as better job than Jack at making sure life contains no unpleasantness for anyone, maybe Jack should go back to what he is good at and leave the rest to experts.

  • avatar

    I don’t think the article is offensive. I think it’s funny when straight guys have a list of who they’d ‘go gay’ for. People should lighten up.

    As for this sight, it used to be better IMO. I remember coming here for honest reviews of cars. You could get the real story and a little insight on most cars. Now it seems like mostly filler and pasted news clips and press releases. Maybe part of that is since I recently started commenting much more time was spent on TTAC. I’ve been reducing the number of visits in a hope to find more interesting content when I come back. I really just want car reviews from people not bought by the industry. Junkyard finds is great and Curbside Classics is missed. Press releases, pasted news blurbs and the many meaningless articles I can go without.

  • avatar

    I dont even want to know what a top is.. you get hits and misses.. big f-in deal.. If you don’t like it, move along.. it’s simple.

    • 0 avatar

      The top is the inserter. The bottom is the insertee. The versatiles get more dates because they’re both innie– and outtie.

      Knowing this is pointless, as Jack hasn’t mentioned his(or Wert’s) ‘hankey’ code. I’m guessing it’s brown, and in the left pocket.

  • avatar

    Jalopnik had a facebook posting asking people to comment on their one-year-old redesign. I hated it then and hate it now and, subsequently, the only time I hit the site is via the occasional FB link. Several hundred posters echoed my feelings. Jack, you probably helped boost their traffic a bit yesterday.

    For the record, I think the content quality has slipped a bit here but I think that is the normal ebb and flow. I always read the stuff Martin, Baruth, Bertel and Lang post.

  • avatar

    Astute post race analysis Jack; allow me to add to the discussion.

    In my opinion, Maximum Bob would be the less often encountered dominant bottom. He is used to existing at the top of the power pyramid after all. That said, I think there’s little chance he’d ask you be versatile.
    Remember, he owns no mere jacked and chipped Duramax, but a MiG-17. With that level of overcompensation at play, there’s a strong chance his crotch situation is tragic.
    Of course there’s always the strap-on…

  • avatar

    “. . . if I did, I would totally be the ‘top’.”

    Sure Jack, yes we’re all sure you would.

    Sure sounds like whistling while you walk past the graveyard, though . . . .

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