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Europe gets the Chevrolet Cruze hatchback and a Cruze wagon – and now Hyundai does too. The i30, also known as our 2013 Elantra GT, gets its own wagon version, dubbed the Tourer.

The exact same powerplants in the standard i30 will carry over (both gasoline and diesel options for Europe), but the big news here is cargo space. At 7 inches longer than the i30 hatchback, the wagon is 176.5 inches long, roughly the size of a Toyota Prius. We’ll see the i30 once it launches next week at the Geneva Auto Show.

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21 Comments on “Hyundai i30 Tourer – Will We Get It?...”

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    A Caving Ape

    I’ve heard that whenever a headline is phrased as a question, you can answer it quite confidently, “No.”

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    Looks like just another over-styled econobox to me, although I do give it a point or two for the pseudo-wagon attempt.

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      I saw one a few days ago at some traffic lights. It’s actually looks like it has a fairly large and practical shape for its size; a bit of a refreshing change from all the “Sportwagons” with less room in the boot than the hatch or saloon version.

      The weird thing is, I normally can’t stand Hyundais but I actually quite like Kias.

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    I really don’t like the design style of the new Hyundai’s. I hope it works for them, but I think is a step in the wrong direction. At least for me it is.

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    red stick

    I suspect that this is the successor to the current i30 Touring, sold here as the Elantra Touring, which has enough interior space to be anything but a “pseudo-wagon.” Hope we get it, suspect we won’t.

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      VA Terrapin

      If the Elantra Touring sells well, I don’t see why this won’t eventually replace it in America. I can see this coming to America in a couple of years along with a mid-cycle refresh for the Elantra sedan.

      The Elantra Touring is more than $3,000 less than the Tuscon while it provides similar interior volume. Besides, the current Elantra sedan looks a lot more like the i30 than the Elantra Touring.

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        We are not going to see it in the States.

        Hyundai USA is replacing the Elantra Touring (i30 wagon) with the Elantra GT (i30 hatch).

        So no more wagon and a hatch in its place.

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        @bd2 Right. And that’s a shame. The problem with the Touring was that it was plain and mechanically primitive relative to the rest of the line-up. It was a smart choice, but not a desirable one. I was looking forward to the new Touring.

        How many hatch variants does Hyundai need, anyway?

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    I always wondered what an i30 was. Last time I was in Sao Paulo near the airport going to the in-laws I saw a billboard in portuguese talking about the i30 being the most popular car in the US. My wife asked if that was true and I told her I had never even heard of an i30. At least I have an idea what the US name is now…..

    With that being said, I don’t think it’s anywhere near the “most popular” car in the US…Not sure how hyundai gets away with advertising that in Brazil.

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      Well it’s probably the distributor that does it. Remember those Kia ads that caused such a stir? It’s not the same distributor from what I can tell, but it is an independent company, CAOA Group.

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      Nothing absolutely nothing Hyundai says in Brazil is believable. It’s just ridiculous.

      As to it not being them but their importer, well that’s just a cop out. Inexcusable.

      Robstar, check on you tube their Elantra commercial here, they claim it’s the best car ever. BEST CAR EVER MADE! How soes that strike you?

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    I think there may be a slow shift towards accepting the wagon or hatch. I know it’s mostly an enthusiast thing but things have a tendency to come around now and again. Watch, next year there will be wagons and diesels everywhere. Watch, you watch, just watch.

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    I don’t see this coming to the US. Why sell both?

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      The previous version of this car is currently available in the US. It’s called the “Elantra Touring”, and it’s a compact wagon that can tow. It’s pretty much the car I’m looking for, except that it’s rather dated-looking for new-car-money. Maybe I’ll trade my beater-Escape for a used one in a couple of years.

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    Seems like a logical successor to the popular (well, here in Canada anyway) Elantra Touring, and an appealing step-down for the SUV-weary. Plus it could save thousands of people from the horrors of VW ownership.

    If Hyundai can justify a two-door Elantra sedan, this wagon should be a no-brainer.

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    Though there’s been a ruckus over VW’s honchos amazed at the quality of this car, it’s really not that much of a car. It rides like any car, handling is just average ditto engine. Economy ain’t great. Design is not for me (I always think of an angry clown when I see the corporate mug, and I don’t like clowns or angry so…). It’s vanilla really which is fine for most people.

    But, when other cars like a Focus exist, this is just in the running. It’s not a must have. Guess the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.

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    As with many of the product that appear desirable to me, I won’t hold my breath.

    Is it so much to ask for at least 1 reliable, affordable, fun to drive, economical small or mid size wagon, and no none of the hatchbacks currently available are true wagons

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    That looks like a very practical, enjoyable vehicle that would suit most American’s needs to a tee. Of course we won’t get it.

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    I’m betting we will get it. Elantra coup was denied, Veloster Turbo was denied, i30 was denied. All are here/coming. The Elantra Touring is a much-loved, solid seller for Hyundai . They have nothing to lose by bringing this here too. I would wager it IS coming, and will be announced within 6 week’s time.

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