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I already told you that today is not the official launch. Highly out of the ordinary at Toyota. Usually, when the members of the media are invited, the car goes on sale. Not in this case. In Japan, the car will be in dealers’ showrooms in April, I hear. Nonetheless, if I want one right away, I better hustle down to my neighborhood Toyota dealer and place an order now.

The car is made at Subaru’s Gunma Manufacturing Division, 1,000 per month. Currently, there are more than 3,000 pre-orders, I better take a number. “But when will the car arrive in the U.S.?“ is what you and I want to know. “Not decided yet,” is the official answer.

Privately, I hear that the car should arrive in America, “sometime in summer.” It will be many hot months before Jack Baruth knows whether he is amongst the chosen 86.

Later, I question hachi-roku Chief Engineer Tetsuya Tada, about the U.S. launch date. No answer. Then, a possible hint.

It soon becomes evident that Toyota is really in love with everything 86. The car will be exported to 86 countries, Tada says. Later, we discuss an electronic gizmo Tada dreamt up (to be covered in the next installment,) and I ask Tada whether the gizmo will be available before the car arrives in the U.S.

“Oh, I expect it will be ready by August 6,” says Tada.

I ask him whether that day has a special importance.

“It is an eight and a six,” says Tada with a sibyllinic smile.


Later in the evening, I receive a phone call from Toyota, saying that I shouldn’t take the 86 countries at face value, it might be a different number. What about August 6, I ask. “Let’s not even go there,” is the answer. Oh, the incertitude!

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14 Comments on “Hachi-Roku Thursday: When And Where...”

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    Given that many countries place the date before the month, might the magic date for U.S. arrival be 8 June and not August 6?

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    I hear the BRZ engine is 8.6″ further back in the car compared to other Subis. So it goes.

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    Those wheels look smaller than just about every other picture I’ve seen of the car. And they look so much better.

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    So Japan is going to drop the 86 bomb on the U.S. on August 6? Zing.

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    Both Scion and Subaru web sites are saying spring 2012 for availability. My guess is Tuesday 27 March 2012.

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    IMO (Honda bias notwithstanding), Toyota is totally milking this launch. And, to be quite honest, considering we’re all talking about it and Herr Schmitt is at another launch party for the ‘same’ car, whoever at Toyota City that thought of this marketing should get a raise.

    I can’t help but think of Robocop 2 however when they kept bringing out the psychotic ‘Robocop 2s’ that would shoot themselves, rip helmets off their skull heads, etc. Was the initial 86 that bad to where they had to revamp it before launch, after all the fanfare?

    I hope not. I’d like to pick one of these up CPO in a few years. A new one is out of the question for me however, considering my employer. HONDA, ARE YOU LISTENING?! :)

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    A price approaching $30k will push it beyond our consideration and we’ll just soldier on with the tC, I suppose (my wife loves it, so there ya go). And if it does wind up being that close to $30k, the initial enthusiasm might cool a tad here in the States for it. Guess we’ll have to continue to wait and see what they decide…and I thought the reveal and spec info on the Abarth was drawn out…sheesh.

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    There are already some Subaru BRZ’s in the states, not sure if they are pre-production or were for auto shows… I work near the port and saw a car carrier with 3 of them on it.

    Sorry for the crappy pic.

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    Man, the hype surrounding the launch of this thing couldn’t be more feverish if it was name the i-roku.

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    So you’re saying that they are selling at 3x the planned rate!!! Look out Prius C.

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