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Beijing Auto is working on a new BJ80V4x4. The old one was based on the Beijing-Jeep Cherokee. In a legit way: The Cherokee was brought in by the joint venture with AMC and later Chrysler. After that fell apart, Chrysler left the tooling behind in Beijing. The new B80V seems to be heavily inspired by yet another 4×4 classic:

The Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen, after it received a Jeep-grille.

Carnewschina, which keeps an eye on Chinese cars that have been inspired by foreign designs, notes:

“Interestingly, Beijing Auto also has a joint venture with Mercedes-Benz, called Beijing-Benz, which makes the C-class, E-class and GLK-class for the Chinese market. Beijing Auto, shows to be a good friend indeed…

If Daimler wants to assert ownership to the iconic Kübelwagen-design, then they better move fast. Beijing Auto submitted the drawings to the Chinese patent office.



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7 Comments on “Fake In China: Beijing Auto Claims Patent To G-Wagen Design...”

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    “Chinese patent office” What is that?

    A room full of copy machines?

    Just wondering how long before these laughable copies stop being half-assed and start to surpass the originals? I’m guessing cost is more of an issue then engineering ineptitude…

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    If you want to do biz in China, which everybody obviously does, then this is what you’re going to deal with. There is nothing anybody can do to stop it either.

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    Did you mean the iconic Geländewagen-design? Not to say the Kubelwagen isn’t distinct in it’s own right.

    The only thing that amuses me more than the unimaginative designs for their vehicles are the unimaginative names.

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    Bertel, what want to know is do most reasonable Chinese actually buy these knockoffs? If image is everything then being caught in a blatant knockoff is worse than not having the real thing, right?

    Also, are the current crop of executives from these companies giving up all this IP to the Chinese so blinded by their paychecks that they don’t realize what is going on?

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    400 N

    Interesting, given Apple’s recent troubles with the iPad – a local company has asserted rights to the iPad trademark which have been upheld by a Shanghai court. Now shipments of exports could be threatened, which totally disrupt Apple’s supply chain.

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    Volt 230

    MacArthur must be laughing his head off!

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