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Reporters gasped at the $160,000 a hand-built custom Ford Mustang went for at the auction in Scottsdale. The same reporter nearly had a heart attack over the $4.2 million a rare 1955 Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Alloy Gullwing fetched ( it could have been $4.62 million, accounts by the same reporter differ.)

The media missed the sensation of the day: An oil burning six year old Jetta sold for $35,000.

The 1.9 liter 6-speed red Volkswagen race car had competed in the Speed World Challenge Touring Car Series. The proceeds went to the Austin Hatcher Foundation for Pediatric Cancer.

The absolute star of the show: A 35hp 2007 New Holland “Boomer” tractor. It went for $535,000, the fact that it was signed by Jay Leno did not reduce the price. Its proceeds went to the Fisher House Foundation. (It  may have been signed by President George W. Bush. Accounts differ again.)

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15 Comments on “Used 2006 Diesel Jetta Fetches $35,000 At Auction!...”

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    It was signed by W. They showed video of him signing it and the actual signature during the broadcast of the auction.

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    Was it because it was reliable?

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    NTI 987

    The Gullwing sold for $4.2M which is $4.62M after the 10% buyer’s premium. That’s the reason for the discrepancy in the report.

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    It was because of the all-wheel drive, magnetic-ride, dual-intercooled supercharged 24 cylinder rotary engine and the 43 speed automatic transmission. And the 15 terabyte USB interfaced infotainment system with the 1 ohm 10,000 Watt amplifier in the attached trailer. I think.

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    The 2012 auction has definitely been a very interesting one.I have followed the online version and have enjoyed a much better view of the lineup of vehicles up for sale.Amazing show once you watch it uninterrupted by commercials and too many sidetracks by the TV version.

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    Looking past the headline cars (are Tuckers really worth more than $2 million?) I think there’s been a renewal of interest in prewar American classics and 1950s American convertibles continue to bring strong money. At first it was the lower production cars like some of GM’s Motorama inspired cars (Olds Fiesta, Buick Skylark, Cadillac Eldorado), but now just about any nicely restored ’50s ragtop from the Big 3 will fetch close to six figures, and the rarer models $150,000 or more. Also, at this point, the muscle car clones are bringing real money. People seem to be willing to pay prices that used to buy a real ’60s Mustang, Camaro or Mopar A Body, for a Dynacorn based reproduction. Of course that means that prices for real cars have gone even higher. Customs went for big money, too. “Elegance”, a Ridler Award “Great Eight” finalist last year, a custom ’62 Corvette, went for over $300K.

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    How much for the silver original Bronco?

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    W can write? Since when?

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    Jack Baruth

    $35K is about 35% of the replacement cost for that car. Even if they built it on the cheap, it’s hard to do a Grand-Am or SWC car for under $60K.

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    They said on the broadcast that the Jetta has come through the auction for several years. The $35k is essentially a donation, as each year winning bidder donates the car back to the charity after the auction.

    Over $176 million in sales – some recession, huh?

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      Over $176 million in sales – some recession, huh?

      As the wife and I watched that’s all we could think of too! Clearly the 1% at the top are having no financial problems. Buying several 6 & 7 figure digit cars for a private collection? CRAZY! These priceless cars should be in a museum for everyone to enjoy. I just can’t imagine how much “spare” money one has to have to blow a few million dollars on a car just for kicks. These folks buy cars like I buy candy bars. The mind boggles.

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        I would too if i had one hundred million billion dollars. I would drive the cars as much as possible, and wouldn’t have so many that i couldn’t drive them regularly. I would have one in the living room though. Maybe a North Korean Chollima tractor hanging from the roof upside down.

        I watched some of the RM auction from Arizona a few days ago and found it reasonably interesting. Some cars sold for 30k, some for millions.

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    Bertel, I was watching the Scottsdale aucton on Saturday. The 1954 Gullwing I saw cross the block sold for $2M, NOT $4M. What were you smoking?

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      This is auction season in Scottsdale, RM and Goodings also hold auctions at the same time as Barrett-Jackson, the main difference being RM and Goodings are not televised live and Barrett-Jackson is. The quality of the cars is different as well, with RM and Goodings often getting more top-line collector cars than Barrett-Jackson, who usually get more musclecars and 50’s iron and has a mix similiar to Mecum. I’ve been watching way too much Discovery HD (now Velocity) and can’t afford the bidders fee anyway.

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