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A fellow auto journalist posted this video of the Chevy Volt dance from the 2009 Los Angeles Auto Show on his facebook page. At that point in time, nobody was paying me to write, and I was not yet a “social media influencer”, so I was unable to attend the L.A. show (and I still haven’t). In honor of Bertel’s post detailing General Motors deciding to “match supply and demand” for the Volt, let’s all take another look back at a very memorable marketing initiative.

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28 Comments on “The Chevy Volt Dance: A Retrospective...”

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    I’ve missed the Volt Dancers. Thanks for giving them another day in the sun…

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    Is this what you call interpretive dance?

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    They don’t seem to be very efficient with humility.

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    Cammy Corrigan

    Susan Docherty! Now whatever happened to her…..?

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    The Doctor

    I’ve always wondered what was going through the minds of the three people in the background (other than “I better check my CV is up to date”…)

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    At about 1:03 they sing “Emission free clean energy”

    ‘fraid not, homey. There are emissions some where – just not from the tailpipe of the Volt. Coal, oil natural gas or nuclear energy was converted into electricty, send down miles of power lines and powered the Volt. There is no free lunch and no free energy.

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    First time watching this. Well, trying to watch it, anyway.

    I want my 20 seconds back.

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    Oh do I have an internal video from a GM marketing dude recorded in fall of 2009 that you all would just love!
    It’s called the “Groovy Room” and it is supposed to show how the “culture is changing at the new GM”.
    I think you all would get a HUGE kick out of it. Not sure I can post it though. Gotta check with the lawyers……

    Keep making me laugh GM.

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      Rob Finfrock

      I’d be a bigger fan of GM’s comedy act were it not for the $50 billion cover to get in to see the show.

      To call GM the Dane Cook of the automotive world would be extremely unfair to hack comedians.

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        Yeah, that $50B really gets me too. And no chance of ever getting it back either. It’s just not right to subsidize business failure, no matter who did it, Bush or Obama.

        And most people expect failure from the domestic car makers, especially GM, because that’s all they’ve known for the past thirty or forty years. Declining sales and a mass exodus toward the imports and transplants. The Volt is no different.

        The EV1 had its followers but never caught on. And then the Prius came along. Now, 10 years and a million copies later, it’s an accepted part of automotive evolution.

        The demand for the Volt just wasn’t there. Never was. Still isn’t. Another misread of the market by GM. Great concept idea but a dud in the real world.

        Maybe people shun the inefficiency of a gas-generator charging a battery-powered sedan, and that’s exactly what it is for trips over 40 miles.

        It’s hard to beat the efficiency of a Hybrid vehicle like the Prius, Fusion Hybrid, MKZ Hybrid, Camry Hybrid or Sonata Hybrid, and you get more room to boot with those cars, often at a much lower price than a Volt.

        But maybe this will be a better strategy because I do think the Volt should be available to anyone who wants to buy one. Maybe in the future GM can make them on-demand.

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    This is as good a place as any to mention that our local news reported that the City of Dallas has purchased 60 Volts. I thought that a rather significant number when total sales are only about 8,000.
    Does anyone know how many of the Volt’s first year sales were similar fleet sales?

    I’ve only seen a few Volts here in DFW – a couple at the Chevy event where I drove one, and one on the street with temporary tags on it.

    Oh and regarding the dancers. I think it obvious what impact they’ve had on sales. Kind of cute, though, in a 1964 sort of way.

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    what about 230mpg?

    is there a bit of schadenfreude that the apparent ‘failure’ of the Volt is greeted with such glee?

    when i say failure, i mean the tacit announcement that the “adjustment of supply to demand” will be the Volt’s future

    and the Toyota ‘unattended acceleration’ style ‘Volt fires’… seems to be stumbling from one disaster to another

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    Byron Hurd

    GM has a lot to learn from the Europeans when it comes to dance intros. Nobody pulls off borderline-uncomfortable homoeroticism as a marketing tool better than the Germans.

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    Admittedly off topic, but the squirming in my seat feelings this set off reminded me of the same feelings watching Steve Balmers’ “monkey dance”

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    Robert Fahey
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      Sprockets! Nice!

      The Volt dance itself wasn’t nearly as bad as the music. That song sounds like it was “written” during an episode of Whose Line is it Anyway.

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    You have to watch closely, but I’m pretty sure the dancer on the left trips on an extension cord about midway through. Everything appears fine, but then near the end she bursts into flames and burns down the entire stage.

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    Chevy Volt dance rules.

    Haters gonna hate.

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    I’ve seen two Volts in Louisville, one in traditional silver, the other in red. It looks better in red.

    That video, though… what did GM hope to accomplish with the cutesy hipster song and the interpretive dancing there? This is the Chevy Citation of all new vehicle introductions of all time.

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    There ya go Dick Clark!
    The Volt wasn’t a hit because it was too hard to dance to.

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    Seriously, I don’t understand any of the fuss about JLo pushing Fiat 500s when critics have this gem to study.

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    At least this wasn’t a TV ad.

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