By on January 7, 2012

Does this look like the Ariel Atom, the “race car for the road,” you know, the one in which one journalist got killed? It does, but it isn’t. It’s a homemade Atom. Made in China. In a shed.

This is the real Ariel Atom.

This is the daughter of the builder. And the car being built.

Rest of the story with reams of pictures at, which documented the building process from raw pipe to finished dream.

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8 Comments on “Only In China: DIY Atom...”

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    Much love and respect to this guy and his machine. Can’t figure out if the sticker is homage or intended as a middle finger.

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    Educator(of teachers)Dan

    Seems legit…

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    I like the part about the .8L, 40hp engine!

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    The ptoper Atom seems to be too much of a temptation to suicide, this guy’s probably taken a sensible move with regards to power to weight.

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    That’s just awesome,

    Bert do you know if these guys who build these cars can get them licensed in China or do they just drive around illegally (yes I know it’s common to do that here)

    Do you know what the governments policy is towards this type of thing?

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    There are a decent number of guys building these in North America too. They get cease and desisted into submission if they even breath the Atom name.

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    Oh man, I’ve driven and ridden in some pretty frightening contraptions before…nearly died when I was riding shotgun in a ghetto buggy driving on regular truck-filled roads and a bunch of kids threw water balloons at the driver which distracted him almost enough for us to go flying off the road. This thing actually manages to look even more insanely dangerous. So mad respect for the guy who built it but damned if I’m going anywhere near the sharp sheetmetal covered excuse to kill yourself.

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    Officially awesome. What class would that thing run in LeMons?

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