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Don’t you sometimes want more attention? Aching to simply blow people away? The people at Banshee Horn LLC might just have the thing for people who want to be noticed. It is called the Banshee Horn, and it does what the name says. The folks promise in an email to TTAC that the gadget helps you “warn motorists up to 3 blocks away” with a pain-inducing 139 decibel horn.

The howling horn is a project funded through the crowdfunding platform, where the project had attracted 205 backers at the time of this typing, creating an investment of roughly $20,000 (that should barely cover the lawyer’s fees for the patent…) You can still be an investor into Banshee Horns, and rich dividends are being offered: A $69 investment gets you one Banshee Horn, a large cap $575 investment will net you ten horns delivered to you doorsteps.

According to the emailed  message, “the project was targeted towards motorcycles, but we’ve had many people purchase the system for their cars.”

The goods folks at Banshee better avoid getting attention from China. Here, the horn is the favorite instrument of communication with other drivers, bicyclists or pedestrians, and an eardrum-shattering 139 dB horn should cut through the din for a while. According to repeated rumors, the capital of China will soon be renamed to “Honking.” Rigging up a 555 timer, a compressor, and an airhorn will take a Shenzhen tinkerer the better half of half an hour.


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    Similar horns have been available for a while from Do a search on YouTube and there are many videos of people installing them on pretty much anything. My favourite is the Harley driving down a block sounding like a freight train passing.

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      Robert Gordon

      Similar horns have been available for a VERY LONG while. Try the Lucas WT28/29 Windtones as fitted to Bentleys and Rolls Royces in the 1930s and 40s. These were a set of horns with a matched high and low tone designed to sound the high tone only for a minor infraction or as a two note chord for full authority. Lucas Windtones are loud, very loud not like the one in this video.

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    My brother-in-law has a set of CVX train horns mounted on his Silverado LTZ Z1 and the air compressor in the bed. You can hear him traveling down the road a couple of miles away when he hits that.

    Even better to watch other drivers react when they are crawling across some RR tracks when he hits it…

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    Just bought an 03 Corolla as a commuter car. I’ve owned two older ones before, but forgot how lame the horn was.

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    Darth Lefty

    How long have you been saving up that “Honking” joke?

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    Might cut through the din of some car stereos.

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    This is funny. Back in the late ’70’s when I drove our Gremlin, I used to go into work early – like now – and always got annoyed at slow-pokes that got in my way – I was in my 20’s, you know…anyway, I wanted a louder horn, and being a newlywed, had little extra money, so I visited a friend who ran a small junkyard and got a third horn. Hooked ’em all up and I proceeded to enjoy myself.

    This was 1977, right after I saw “Star Wars” and imagined myself driving the Millenium Falcon! I blasted at everything and everybody, and, as I am also a rail enthusiast, I also blew the horns for every cross street I came to; two longs, a short and a long, just like a locomotive crossing warning!

    I’m sure I “honked” off a lot of people. I was young once…

    Needless to say, we had fun in our Gremlin…

    I also wanted to mount an aircraft landing light so I could see better in the dark, but never got around to accomplishing that task!

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    I already have that particular airhorn on my motorcycle, but the option of using the stock horn for quick toots is a very nice addition.

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    Ever since I watched that Top Gear bit with the Grosser Mercedes (and its two level regular/ship docking horn) I’ve been kinda wondering how to get a horn like that. I think in the Merc you summon the big horn by pulling the turn signal stock toward you while honking.

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    I once had a 1988 Buick Park Avenue that I purchased for $500 in 2003 from the original owner who bought it brand new in ’88. He had every receipt for everything he ever put into that car…which included a factory option 7 Tone Horn which he paid $28 extra dollars for from the dealer. It was the coolest sounding horn ever! I should have kept it and transplanted it on every one of my DD since…

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    My favorite car horn, by far, was the “trumpet horn” option on Cadillacs from the 60’s to (I guess) the 90’s. Loud, distinctive, and somehow oddly classy.

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    I bought a 1957 Ford in 1990 or so…all original, blew the motor up after about 3 months. The only thing I kept out of it were the 2 factory bugle looking horns that transferred into several other vehicles over the years. Last I knew they were in a 1969 F-250 that I had to redo all the electrics on after a jealous girlfriend of the previous owner had just reached up under the dash and started pulling on wires.

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    I have the Stebel airhorn on my bike. Puts out about the same decibels as the Banshee. Very satisfied… makes people think they’re about to pull out in front of the Queen Mary.

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      Stebel Nautilus rules! I mounted one on my bike also. Compared to the instant pezzo it does delay to spool up. If you catch it quick enough you can just use the first note which isn’t the full blast like when your saying good buy or need to turn a head.

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    I’ve had air horns on my vehicles for about fifteen years now. I even had two compressors running four horns on my last vehicle. I don’t find them to be useful in accident avoidance. The two people who have smoked me in that time gave me very little time to react; certainly not enough to use my horns while I was trying to avoid them or minimize the impact.

    What they are useful for, is saying FU to someone who cut you off or crossed right in front of your right-of-way. A ten to twenty second blast while following or until they’re completely across the intersection gets the point across, obviously accompanied by high beams if at night. The most enjoyable are the ones who cross in front with their windows open!

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    We had a fellow running around town with freight train horns in his truck. One evening my kids and I were playing Frisbee in the street and I saw him coming. As he approached I gave him the “trucker blow your horn signal” and my kids about wet their pants. Hilarious…

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    Honk if you’re horny !

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