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Many of us consider Mitsubishi to be on its deathbed (as an automaker – they still make TVs and cell phones, right?), but the brand is apparently showing an all-new car at the Geneva Auto Show, destined to be the new face of the brand. But nobody knows what the hell it’s going to be.

Mitsubishi wouldn’t confirm that the new car is a replacement for the Outlander SUV, only that it was “strategic and innovative premium vehicle.” The company is said to be focusing more on environmentally friendly vehicles after years of making vehicles like the Lancer Evolution and Pajero SUV. The company said that 20 percent of its sales would come from plug-in hybrids in 2020. A plug-in Outlander will apparently arrive by 2013.

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32 Comments on “Mitsubishi To Show New Product, Styling Direction At Geneva Auto Show...”

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    Is that a picture of a last gen Focus?

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    Mitsubishi would need a very unique, home-run vehicle to have a chance of viability in the US market. They’ve squandered the last 20 years’ opportunity to make this happen.

    We really don’t need another SUV, plug-in or not. Besides, others are already doing that.

    As for 2020, I’d be surprised if they’re still in the US market in 2017.

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      Are you saying that they will need a Game Changer?

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        A manual diesel Evo wagon would be a game changer that would blow the Jetta TDI wagon out of the competition. If they can price it at $6k, it will be a hit with keyboard jockey Car Lounge types.

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        A manual diesel Evo XI wagon is also exactly the permutation of cars about 3 people give a damn about, and -1,000 would actually buy

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        UNLESS they cleverly price it at -$1000!!!

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        Heh, yes. Mitsubishi is #24 of the top 25 US brands, barely beating Volvo, whose star is rising and has a good reputation.

        Mitsubishi has no distinguishing vehicles, reputation (like ‘Volvo’ = ‘safety’), or anything unique about them. Heck, they don’t even have a rotary engine that I’d love to hate.

        The only good thing about Mitsubishi at this point is that there is nothing especially bad to say about them. They’re not exactly like Saab or 70’s Fiat, or Pontiac. They just sit there, passionless.

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        PJ McCombs

        The interesting thing was that, despite stale and uncompetitive product (exc maybe Lancer and Outlander), Mitsubishi’s US year-on-year sales were up by something like 40% in 2011. In Australia (traditionally a strong market for Mitsu) they were up ~15%.

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        How about basing all future models on the Evo and dropping automatics?

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        You’re not far off of their current strategy:

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    Does anyone really care by this point?

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    Personally, I consider Mitsubishi to be among the undead. Since it’s still not dead, I doubt anything that might kill a normal car company can have any effect on it.

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    “20 percent of its sales would come from plug-in hybrids in 2020.”

    What sales? 20% of nothing is nothing.

    Although if they do come to market with one of the first plug in CUVs, it might just prove to be a “game changing” “feat of engineering.”

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    DK and the rest of Gen Why are looking to find their automotive Holy Grail. Who knows, maybe Mitsu will succeed where others have failed.
    Stranger things have happened in auto history, and this is somewhat of a transitional time in the industry.

    In the interest of full disclosure; I currently own an 09 Lancer GTS
    5-speed that I’m pleased with. TTAC always!

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    I’ve always kind of liked Mitubishis, I was really enamored with the DSM cars when they first came out. In 1991, I worked at a Toyota dealership at the time and s sister dealership was a Mitsu store, they sent over an Eclipse Turbo AWD. It flat smoked the AWD Celicas that we had on the lot. But, Mitsu has a less than sterling reputation for the durability of its hardware: i.e. smoking engines…

    About 18 months ago, a co worker and his wife were expecting a new baby, he felt he needed to get out of his Fusion and get something bigger. His other kid was only a couple of years older, two car seats in the back of a Fusion would be pretty tight. He really liked the Honda Pilot, but he was looking to save a few bux and buy an alternative.

    He asked me my opinion and I had a few suggestions, one of which was the Outlander. He seemed to like it but the wifey killed that choice, immediately upon seeing the car. After several months of taking her to see cars, and her rejecting them, they bought the first car he talked about, a Honda Pilot.

    FWIW, we only have one Mitsu dealer in our area (Grand Rapids, MI) and their selection is limited. With the reputation issue and the availability issue, I can see why folks will cross them off of their lists. You’ve really got to committed to the car to deal with all of that.

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      I had a ’96 Eclipse turbo – great car minus the blue smoke problem. #3 cylinder blew twice under warranty and burned oil at an alarming rate. Thankfully the car was leased so I didn’t feel so bad waving good-bye to it.

      With Saab gone Mitsubishi can now fill in the “quirky” role with only CUVs and rally cars for sale. Has their little EV car gone on sale yet? With the Leaf, Volt and Prius any “green” Mitsub offering is going to a long shot. The Lancer Sportback is about the only interesting product they offer right now. Seems Mitsub has the chance to out Subbie Subaru themselves as the later is becoming more mainstream.

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    If this is Mitsu’s new styling direction… that fascia looks distressingly like a low-rent copy of the current VW corporate car front…

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    I signed up for a Mitsu Galant from Hertz last month, and got a 2012 Malibu with 11k and I was disappointed. All the Galants were gone, with several Malibus rejected for Galants. It’s obvious what that says about Malibu, but it says to me that Mitsubishi needs a major US advertising campaign offering test drives. If you own a Japanese car, Mitsu is a suitable rental. The Malibu is not.

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