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I always encourage my young and old colleagues to research TTAC the ancient way: By phone, not by email or Twitter. (Not to mention the common research method invented by Messrs. Cut & Paste.) You find the oddest things when calling around.

Today, while researching the alleged Volkswagen v.v. GM catfight, a source at GM handed me this cute little table of bestselling Chevrolets around the world.

Market Top selling GM vehicle
United States Silverado
Brazil Celta
China Cruze
Russia Viva
Mexico Aveo
Canada Silverado
Argentina Corsa Classic
Uzbekistan Nubira
India Beat
Colombia Aveo
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8 Comments on “Data Nugget: Chevy’s Best Sellers Around The World...”

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    This pretty much sums up automotive tastes around the world.

    USA and Canada: Trucks and large vehicles
    central and south america: inexpensive compacts
    asia and russia: decent compacts
    India and middle east: rugged compacts and small trucks.

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    Volt 230

    Aveo? really?? no wonder we Hispanics get taken over so easily by dictators.

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    Careful – it’s a list of the best selling Chevys in each market, not the best selling car overall in those markets. Of course, market share and ranking for each market are left off, and I guess Daewoo and Chevrolet are now one and the same.

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    Educator(of teachers)Dan

    interesting… (Weird but interesting…)

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    I’d like to see a third column that shows what fraction of average yearly income for those countries each of those vehicles is.

    My guess is that Brazil, Argentina, and the US would be the lowest ratio, while Uzbekistan is probably the highest.

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    It would be more useful is the table included information about how those best-selling Chevys ranked in that nation’s sales chart. I mean, it would mean totally different things saying that the Biscayne is the best selling Chevrolet in Wonderland, when it actually ranks 107th overall in vehicle sales in Wonderland.

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    I would have liked to see what the top selling vehicles in those markets are.

    This would better show a) if the list is representative of market tastes and b) how competitive Chevy’s offerings in the local leading segments are.

    Edit: after posting, I read mr.whoopie’s comments, and he is asking essentially the same thing but from a different perspective.

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