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Want  a piece of “quirky” history?  While the good folks at the Church of the One True Saab still have dreams of white knights, Saab’s heritage is being auctioned off. This caught the attention of (“The best vintage and classic cars for sale online.”) In a lengthy piece, the organ for trailer trash collector’s online hub salivates over “the entire collection of 100+ cars belonging to the Saab Heritage Museum in Trollhaettan, Sweden” to the liquidator.

The cars  include everything from the 1946 Ur-Saab to recent show prototypes. Complete listing here, in Swedish. A rare collector’s item in itself!123 pages, 2 pictures per car. Saab history, written by the executioner. Download your piece of Saab history for  FREE!

As for the auction, you don’t even need to bring a trailer to drag away your loot. Also on auction are the workhorses of the museum which include an enclosed trailer, and a Saab 9000 back-halved flat-bed hauler.

The cars are auctioned off by the Swedish law firm Delphi. Written bids on the collection, as a whole, or, come on, cheapskate, individually, are requested via mail or fax by this Friday, January 20th. Instructions here.

Place your bids, or do we have to send Steve Lang over there? Come on, didn’t you always wanted to own the concept cars, just as they show them at the car show? Now you can. Their loss, your gain.

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19 Comments on “Bring A Trailer: Saab’s Heritage Under The Hammer...”

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    I would love to go to that museum to check the cars out, but for buying them…. I bid 100 dollars!

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      Worth a bit more than that the amazing race prepared cars for their competition heyday will I hope find good homes with vintage race fans and that early 80s James Bond car with all of its fake film addons I am sure will fetch a good price if not in this odd sealed bid sale then later when who ever makes the killing sends them to real auctions…. of the prototypes/show cars I wonder how many are real drivers capable of being Reg. for road use?

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    I call dibs on the Saab Aero X concept.

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    when I saw this earlier today, I immediately had this feeling that Jay Leno would add the Ur-Saab to his collection. it’s a fairly significant car.


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    What is the roadster in the last picture? The Aero X is awesome.

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    The blue car is the Sonett prototype.

    I’ve been the the museum, and it’s wonderful. I’ve touched and sat in most of the cars there, including the Sonett as well as Ur-Saab. They have a white GT850 that is just gorgeous. And the last c900 off the line, a ruby red 3-door with about 100km on the the clock. It’s brand new – it smells like a new car. I wanted to take most of them home with me.

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    Sad story. Even sadder that nobody in Saab/GM management ever bothered to put together a non-profit foundation to run the collection, to save it from exactly this fate.

    And to add another note: Short notice sale, with little to no publicity and conducted solely in Swedish? If I was a creditor, I’d be furious with the law firms failure to effectively market the sale and maximize the revenue from it. If I was suspicious and cynical, I’d wonder if this is a deliberate ploy to rig the sale to the benefit of a particular buyer by depressing the sale price below the true value of the collection.

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      Interesting theory Steve65 and one I would tend to agree with. Heres my thoughts as to what is going on.

      Over the last year, Muller has sold or mortgaged anything of any value to anyone to keep his pipe dream alive. The recievers are working to plan that they decided on either very quickly or were working on before the bankruptcy was announced.
      GM have told them that the NG9-5 & the 9-4X are dead as they are taking away the rights/IP/tooling and that’s why all the cars were put in the crusher last week.
      SAAB AB have told them they are taking away the name/trademark so there is effectively no brand to sell.
      The only things left of any value are the current 12 year old 9-3 production line, the PhoeniX platform and the spares department. My guess would be that Youngman have a cast iron, set in stone contract for the old 9-3 and a far more dodgy one for the PhoeniX platform, where they will see GM in court. That just leaves the spares department and I’m sure they’ll get a buyer for that, maybe even GM.
      As I mentioned below another reason for the haste is that the landlords want the buildings asap (to sell to Subaru possibly?) but I think the big pressure for this is coming from the Swedish Government and the EIB. They will want as much clear blue water as possible between them and Muller so that if his close personal friend Antonov’s funding turns out to be, shall we say ‘tainted’, it won’t reflect too badly on them.

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    The link titled ‘Complete listing here, in Swedish. A rare collector’s item in itself!’ does not work.

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    Steven Lang

    If the law firm paid for my flight and put me up in a decent hotel, I would actually go through with it.

    Throw in some common Swedish ‘filler words’ into my chant. Memorizing the Swedish numerical vocabulary would take about a week.

    Bankruptcy firms rarely use auctioneers outside of the United States (Australia & UK are exceptions) but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done.

    Heck, I already bid call in two languages. Why not three? Hey Delphi, yoohoo!!! There is a reason why the sealed bid process is almost never used when it comes to auctioning off cars.

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    I went all the way across Sweden to visit this museum last summer, as I was afraid this would happen. It is a nice little collection, and truly sad that it will most likely be broken up. Surely the Swedish Government can see the importance and step in?? At least the really important pieces, and presumably the archives.

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    In related news, the skeleton staff who have been looking after the factory have been told they will no longer be required after Thursday. Stories in the Swedish media would suggest that the landlords who Muller sold the factories to are very keen to clear the plant asap.

    Any chance of that White Knight the Church Of The One True Saab are holding out for, coming over the horizon to save the day is now looking very distant.

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    Laugh all you want, guys. You’ve just read about one of the two really depressing bits about the Saab collapse. The other part? Just ask any of the employees who aren’t anymore.

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      I feel very bad for the US-based employees of Saab. They have lost thier pensions, health insurance, and are now out of work in a terrible economy, and mostly in one of the hardest hit areas of the country. With a government that could pretty much not care less.

      The Swedes on the other hand, have an excellent social safety net and an economy that is doing quite well, and a Goverment that while not caring to support an unstainable company, will invest in thier citizens. They will be just fine in short order. I assume that most of them have spent the past 9 months that they have been not working (on full pay) figuring out what they were going to do next.

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    Interesting stuff going on at The Church Of The One True Saab this morning.
    As normal there is a load of pie in the sky theories about a merger with Telsa, a major American company coming in and even praise for Youngman, which as they basically negotiated Muller into a position where he couldn’t talk to anyone else before leaving his cheese out in the wind on the day of the bankruptcy hearing (no relapse yet Ms Pang? Pleased to hear it.) is rather surprising. And speaking of everyones favourite crazy Dutchman he now seems to have sided himself with the Turkish company Brightwell, issuing what appear to be joint statements with them.
    But the depth of the naivety on that site about how business works is quite breathtaking. They really don’t understand that no one cares anymore, not even the locals of Trollhatten.Still, I guess those Solar Temple disiciples were convinced too.

    The recievers have just announced that there will be a press conference on Saturday. I’m guessing some of it will be to do with revealing that SAAB AB are taking the brand name back.

    This one still has a long time to run

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