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I was thumbing through the latest issue of Living Blues magazine, looking for authentically bluesy phrases, both musical and lyrical, to repeat as if they were my own invention, when I saw this cover.

Putting crapwagons on the cover is a bit of a hipster-esque affectation nowadays, but I get the sense that Mr. Bailey has that ’93-96 Regal on the cover just because, you know, that’s his car. It’s always been hard to make a living playing music and nowadays it’s tougher than ever. Nor is the blues customer particularly interested in seeing some sort of Scott-Storch-esque lineup of recently-purchased, already-in-stock “exotic” cars.

I’ve been working on cover ideas for my personal blues/rock album, to be released when I get around to it. My best idea so far has been unfairly criticized as derivative (warning: image contains explicit language and Jeff Beck-related sarcasm). Perhaps I need to find a Regal and stand in front of the thing. What about you? What car would be on the front cover of your album?

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55 Comments on “Ask The Best & Brightest: Your Album Cover Car?...”

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    A white Toyota Prius engulfed in flames as I stand atop the A-team’s van wielding a combination flame thrower/ machine gun made from a guitar a la Ted Nugent. Hippies and other assorted liberal caricatures run screaming before me.

    Album Title: Rape Your Mother (Earth.)

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    The possible inspiration for the above pictured cover:
    My personal album cover: Me, ship’s mast surfing on the hood of a ’68 triple-BLACK Cadillac Deville (ragtop) while playing my bass guitar and racing against the Mad Max F-150 topless pickup.

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    My favorite car-related album cover is either the Transplants’ self-titled debut album (awesome album with some real old school punk/hiphop beats) or Neko Case’s “Middle Cyclone” which is a hot chick crouching on the hood of a ’68 Cougar holding a sword.

    The only car I’d want on my album cover would be a burning one though. Cuz fire + car = cool.

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    Mark MacInnis

    Mine would be for a stripped-down rhythm-and-blues rock record….I say RECORD, not a damned CD…and the whip has gotta be a 1965 BLACK Lincoln Continental suicide door sedan. The side view. Give it some 70’s style Cragar mag wheels if you want, but dammit NO repeat dammit NO dubs. Putting dubs on a ’65 Lincoln ought to be a death-penalty offense.

    No other ride comes close to expressing what a genuine rocker aspires to….

    And a Nancy Sinatra look-alike in tight blue jeans, a black bustier, pink stilletos and my leather motorcycle jacket, wearing shades (preferably Wayfarers), sitting inside the back with one leg out the door, arm on the armrest on the door, and a big-come hither smile….

    Ya get the picture?

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    A Black Citroen DS sedan. As much as the French drive me nuts (of which I am 1/8th and can criticize with impunity), love that design.

    It even made Adrian Paul look cool in the Highlander. What it would do for me in my leather pants.

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    Ha! Made me laugh as I had a ’95 Regal in that exact same seafoam green color. We named it Janice after my grandmother who drove it before us. Bought it in 1999 with 18k miles on it (my Grandfather hated having a car that was out of warranty). It was so clean it was crazy – still had the little nubby things sticking off the sidewalls of the tires. Gotta love grandparents!

    We drove it for our last few years of college then took it from the Midwest to Philadelphia where my wife put a hellaciously hard year on it driving around doing social work in the worst parts of the city. Car was never the same. Has to be one of the better screwed together vehicles the general has put out though judging by how many of them I still see. That 3800 v6 was NEVER the problem it was always the little stuff that was the issue, turn signals, exhaust, etc. that made us give it up.

    What would I have on my cover…I’d love to say I moved on to something much more exciting but I’m currently rockin’ a Toyota Solara convertible. We call it the Cougara – for its propensity for being driven by 50 year old women.

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    I’d be sitting in the back seat of a black on black 1967 Thunderbird 4-door hardtop with my keyboard in my lap crossing a bridge into an abyss – album title would be Destiny’s Bridge.

    Edited to add: I might also want to use the 58 Biscayne 2 door post sedan used in Steven Lang’s piece “What Type of ‘Keeper’ are You?”

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    Sit in from on the new concept Lincoln MKZ with the title IF NOT NOW WHEN???

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    A Prius with “Shipped by Diesels From The Other Side of The World” sticker across it’s doors, parked in front of a coal burning electric plant with belching smokestacks. An electric extention cord running from the car towards the plant. A crowd of guys in suits pointing at the car and laughing.

    Album Title: “Keep Dreaming Greenies!”

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    My dearly departed ’91 Astro van!

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    I swear that most real car-guys who get their hands dirty (and have more than a few scars on their hands) love the blues. It must be genetic… I actually got to meet the “King of The Blues” national competition winner in Ann Arbor, MI last year. Really cool guy. Runs a music tutoring/jam session place just west of down town.

    One of my new goals in life is to meet this Mr. Baruth and throw back a beer or twelve. I digress…

    If I had to pick the most off-the-wall car that nobody likes in my groups except for me and my dad… The Buick Grand National. (GNX if you’re nasty)

    Just lean you’re arctic white strat (or Olympic White I can’tell by the pic. Mine is arctic.) up against that black bumper showing that menacing 1987 black grill. Zoom in tight just showing how brash and angry that buick is in the right lights. Park it on gravel or brown dirt to give some contrast. Or even on the curb at your favorite local historical district. With or without a back ally/dumpster in the background.

    Title: Brash. Or if you’re still going for that sarcastic approach: F#$% You’r Opinion

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    A steel blue BMW Z3 or Z4 roadster. My dream car for the last 8 years and counting.

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    Albulm Title: Born to 4Run
    … with great songs like Thunder Cloud, 7th Avenue tire blow-out, and of course Born to 4Run.

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    Nothing beats The Cars’ “Candy-O” album from 1979:

    It may surprise you to learn that there’s a car sketched into the image (Ferrari).

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      Rick T.

      You beat me to it! Check out the 3rd image down for a green parody of this cover but be prepared for the horror.

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    Triple black ’72 Continental Mark IV – Tagline ‘I know who loves ya, baby’

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    My old, clapped out 1987 Ford Escort with mismatched doors, riddled with rust and caked in mud, sat upside down in the middle of a muddy field in Essex on a grey, rainy day. Title: “Joy Ridden.”

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    Me wearing black pants and vest over a tan henley leaning up against a white Audi RS6 avant.
    album title: “It’ll do the Kessel run in less than 12 parsecs”

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    Mercedes 600:

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    Why my trusty old 86 Mazda 323 DX of course.
    Barring that a field of old Detroit iron rusting away, no particular reason just seems like a cool idea to me.

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    A beat up, primered CRX. Album title: Too broke to f**k.

    I’d appear on the cover, of course, in a trashy death metal T-shirt, my Schecter C-1 Hellraiser, and holding an orb filled with lightning.

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    A white ’74 Pontiac Firebird with a blue bird and details. I’d be standing on the hood, with a wide black sword, cutting it in twain. The title: “CLEAVAGE”

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    Downtown Dan

    Me perched on the hood of my old ’01 Corolla, in the parking lot of a suburban strip mall. Wearing a Taco Bell apron and hairnet.

    Album title: Graveyard Shift.

    First track: Minimum Wage.

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    Oren Weizman


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    Ray Bailey has a new record? Cool! Been ages since his last one.

    As for a car to stand in or around on…A Packard Caribbean. With all the chrome gleaming. Nice contrast to my old beat up Fender Jazz bass. Which is sitting in a closet. Covered in dust

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    I can’t believe that no one has suggested a retired, police-spec Crown Vic! It’s got cop shocks, cop tires…..proven to be appropriate for the Blues!

    Tony D

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    Joshua Johnson

    Some great ideals thrown out there so far. Disappointed to see no classical listed on here yet (though admittedly I am more fond of rock/metal at this stage in life than classical).

    The music: Lets see, my classical album would be a combination of Brahms and Wagner – subtle, civilized music which lulls you into thinking all is pleasant before attacking you with forceful, powerful movements.

    The cover: Dude in a three piece Armani suit resting on a thick hickory cane, standing before a Jaguar S-Type R, front wheels angled to show the massive Brembo brakes which give a hint to the power underneath the hood.

    The album: Speak Softly and Carry a Big Stick

    I don’t know if I translated the concept well, but it sounded pretty bad ass in my head. I was just thinking of the numerous occasions in which potential threats were neutralized as a result of the other driver getting a look at my brakes and then backing off – the title seems quite appropriate in that context.

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    74-76 Town Car, black on black with deep tinted windows, 3/4 view.

    Album is titled, “Heavy”.

    2nd album, 70’s chevy p/u with the round lights and vette rims, main colour is rusted. Title: Weathered

    3rd: 80’s Chevette, puke brown, dented, side view with a skirt/ dress caught in the door but no woman around. Title: Downtrodden

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    White Lotus Espirit, lights on, coming out of the fog. Title: Whispers

    1950’s GMC 5 ton with plow, shoving wrecks off the road. Title: Heap

    1974 Civic, immaculate, with two pairs of legs leading off frame, one a young woman’s, dressy and a male, looking rough. Title: Pristine.

    This is a hoot!

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    ’76 Datsun B210 hatch, in Ugly Turquoise

    Album title: Still. Not. Cool.

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    OK Go’s eponymous album already features a 244, and my 745 hasn’t (yet?) made it to the level of post-apocalyptic horror attained by the Satellite on the cover of Hack. I doubt the new 855 will be particularly notable for its appearance, either.

    Of course I’d have to use one of my cars, y’know? They’re my cars.

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    60’s Triumph, Bonneville or single carb don’t matter, with clubman bars and rearsets. I’m wearing full Rocker kit, 59 club studded leather, Davida pudding bowl, you can just see the knot of a tie where the leather’s isn’t quite zipped up. The music inside is pure rockabilly, of course.

    Back cover (this is an LP) is a rather bruised and beaten Mod with his Vespa trashed and one of the mirrors shoved up his ass.

    Title: Rockers Rule!

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    My first car: 1966 Dodge Coronet Deluxe 4-door sedan, half primered and with the rear quarter panels smeared with so much body putty it looked like lumpy oatmeal (all done by the previous owner). Title: “The Bondo Blues”.

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    A blues probably has to have a Cadillac on the cover. The best album covers were from the early 60s: Little Deuce Coupe (32 Ford Hot Rod)

    and the Sting Ray/Grand Prix from Shut Down Vol. 2, etc.

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    A red Iso Grifo. Just because it’s awesome and beautiful.

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    A Nitro Top Fuel Dragster doing a burn-out at night, with the flames shooting 15 feet into the air. Me standing in front of it, with my custom made R A Gresco guitar remade into concrete.
    In behind the dragster the flames are lighting up Marshall Stacks to the clouds.
    (a tribute to Gary Moore)

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    You would have thought that everyone would be posing next to the rear hatch of a wagon that had badges on it: “AWD” “TurboDiesel” and “5-Speed”….

    Preferably a Panther wagon at that…

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    I make some noise on the harp so it’d have to be a Graham “Sharknose” with some vintage shark finned Turner mics.

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    Something like this:

    Title: Fuel, Compression, Spark
    I always though “Gaijin Roundeye” would make a good band name. We’d sound a lot like The Vandals.

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    I’d use my late uncle Otto’s ’59 Imperial Crown, custom cherry red with a white roof, photographed from the side.

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    Educator(of teachers)Dan

    Country Album so…

    My 2004 F150 Heritage Editon call the album “My Heritage”.

    Or perhaps a giant sedan like a 1996 Cadillac Fleetwood…

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    I actually happen to be working on putting out a smattering of recordings I’ve done over the past couple years… It would be a pop/hip-hop/electronic/over-hyped-by-teenage-hipster bullshit album so I guess I would have to go with my neighbors diaper-polished 92′ Mercedes-Benz 400E parked in an abandoned parking lot or forest in similar fashion to a Frank Ocean album cover.

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    a 1974 Dodge Monaco equipped with the “440 Magnum” squad car package. Because I miss Belushi.

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    A ’46 Buick Super 2-door fastback. The driver is wearing a white T and a fedora. It’s slammed to the highway. It’s body covered in heavy surface rust, it’s flanks adorned with weathered salvage yard markings. It’s pulling a rusty trailer while belching thick black diesel smoke. The trailer’s safety chains are excessively long, throwing sparks everywhere. On the trailer is a bullet-riddled Smart Car with a blood-spattered windshield. In the adjacent lane is a Toyota Highlander with a dorky kid looking out a window, wearing a stunned expression.


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    Felis Concolor

    I’d use my dazzle-painted Pinzgauer and attempt to duplicate the same shot angle, only instead of the Rodia Towers it would be Bishop Castle in the background.

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    Although not my concept, as an Albertan I’ll gladly allow guitar god Gordie Johnson to figure it out for me; note the plate…
    Big Sugar also named an album Hemi-Vision.

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    a 1978-1987 GM A/G-Body, more than likely an Olds Cutlass Supreme, or Pontiac Grand Prix with T-Tops. Or perhaps a 1990-1993 Chevy 454 SS with 100 spoke Dayton wire rims. I know one thing, it wouldn’t be anything foreign.

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