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This time tomorrow I will be on an airplane, and for the first time in quite a while I will not be on my to some auto-related destination on behalf of TTAC. That’s right, I’m actually taking a vacation, which I will spend introducing my lovely life partner to the European continent and visiting family in my ancestral homeland of Austria. Of course, TTAC has become such a big part of my life that even my vacation will have a work-related angle: I’ll be spending each week with a different not-available-in-America car that I think should be of some considerable interest to you, our readers. But this is also just the first of two breaks that I’ll be taking from TTAC: in January, I’ll be stepping down as TTAC’s Editor-in-Chief for the calendar year 2012, to pursue a one-year opportunity outside of the field of automotive journalism. Even as I write those words, I can scarcely believe them… I’ve lived and breathed TTAC for so long now, it’s almost impossible to imagine life without it. But do not fear: not only do I leave TTAC in incredibly capable hands, I’m also not gone for good. You won’t be rid of me that easily.

The opportunity that I will be pursuing over the course of 2012 happened upon me suddenly, when an old friend called and asked for my help. His business, in the field of online political fundraising, has been booming, and he asked if I could step in and help manage its growth and bring my writing/editing experience to bear. I had no desire to leave TTAC, which I still consider my dream job, but the chance to work with an old friend, and do something entirely different for a year was too much to ignore. I had no doubt that TTAC’s team could continue our strong momentum without me, and when our owners at VerticalScope gave me the OK to step down for a year, I felt compelled to make the leap. I am not looking to leave TTAC or the auto media behind for the world of politics, and I certainly have no ideological motivations for doing what I’m doing… the simple fact is that I’m a challenge junkie, and the opportunity to throw myself into an entirely new world and a new set of challenges for a year is just too tempting.

But even so, I can’t bring myself to completely tear myself away from this amazing community, even for just one year. I will remain on TTAC’s masthead as Editor-at-Large, I’ll remain involved in the site’s management and editorial direction, and I’ll even contribute from time to time, as my schedule permits. Stepping into the Editor-in-Chief role will be my trusted right-hand-man and mentor, current Managing Editor Bertel Schmitt. From his home base in Tokyo, Bertel will be managing TTAC’s incredible team of contributors, who will also be stepping up to carry some of the slack. I’m also proud to announce that Derek Kreindler will be moving over from Autoguide to become TTAC’s new News Editor. Under Bertel’s leadership and with the addition of Derek’s dynamic talents, TTAC’s team will be stronger than ever, and I have every confidence that 2012 will see continued excellence and growth here at TTAC. I promise, you’ll hardly miss me. If, for some strange reason, you do want to follow my adventures over the next year, I finally broke down and did what I said I never would: I signed up for a personal Twitter account. Henceforth, you can find me under the handle “@tweetermeyer,” although I can’t promise that it will actually be worth following.

I’ll forgo the the usual litany of thanks and acknowledgments here, not because I’m not grateful for everyone who makes TTAC possible, but because I can hardly thank or acknowledge any one person involved with this site without thanking them all. One of my main goals as TTAC’s Editor-in-Chief was to ensure that this site and this brand became bigger than any one person, and our success here really has been a collaboration between tens of thousands of people. From our staff to our commenter base, TTAC occupies an exemplary niche in the automotive media because of our shared commitment to excellence, and I couldn’t be prouder of what we’ve all been able to accomplish here. So my heartfelt thanks to everyone who has ever been a part of making TTAC what it is today. Keep the faith and TTAC’s future will be eternally bright.

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    Congratulations and good luck. You are young, when an opportunity grabs you, grab it!

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      +1. I will miss your steady hand around here, but Bertel is certainly up to the task.

      EN – I don’t know your political leanings, but our B&B are obviously very diverse. Is your help with online fundraising politically agnostic, or is it for a particular candidate or party or cause?

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        gslippy: I’ve exerted considerable efforts to make TTAC a forum for folks from all political persuasions in large part because my most basic political motivations are basically moderate. More importantly, I think that society needs to move past the intense partisan polarization we’re seeing everywhere now, and learn to discuss issues of political significance on an intellectually honest basis.

        That said, my work next year is in the partisan arena. I’m not going to go into detail about it, because I will have a strictly behind-the-scenes role, I’m not doing the work for partisan or ideological reasons, and because my duties will evolve over the course of the year. Moreover, I couldn’t work for either side of the partisan divide for ideological reasons… I’m simply not built to be a “team player” that way, nor do I have any partisan allegiance. So, while I will be working within the partisan system (Although not for a major political party), I’m simply pursuing this opportunity as a compelling new (temporary) challenge.

        That’s all I’m comfortable saying about it for now… but who knows, if the opportunity is as interesting as I think it will be, you may just end up reading about it someday.

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        Your reply is what I’d expect – good for you. No need to stir the pot. That happens quickly enough by mentioning “bailout” or “North Carolina license plates”. :)

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        The best of luck to you Ed! You will be greatly missed and I shall await your return. Bertel is an excellent choice to have in your stead.

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        H Man

        Hmm, Ed is in liberal Portland, Oregon… gonna work for a non-major political party…

        He’s working for Nader!

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    At first I thought “Crap! Ed’s leaving!” I breathed a sigh of a relief while reading the first few lines about your extended European vacation, which made it that much worse when I realized you’re actually embarking on a year long sabbatical.

    You’re a great talent and a class act, a rarity in the world of auto journalism. You’ll be sorely missed.

    Good luck!

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    Best of luck; hurry back!

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    While we rarely shared the same point of view, you certainly provided the spice for this site. I’ll look forward to your return. Good Luck!

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    Darth Lefty

    Have funsies.

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    Congratulations; take opportunities such as this when you find them, or they find you – you would regret not taking this one, methinks.

    We’ll miss you, but because of such a strong and capable team, the void you leave will be filled, just as it was when your predecessor left.

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    Good luck! Grab the world by the balls and run with them! We will still be, awaiting your return, hopefully with a ton of tales to tell.
    Don’t forget to write while you’re away.

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    Maybe you could convince Farago to chime in from time to time, just to stir the pot.

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    Educator(of teachers)Dan

    Opportunity knocks but temptation leans on the old doorbell… (JK Ed, temptation and opportunity have lead me to great places.)

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    Whatever, you guys aren’t even my real dad.

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    Congratulations, Ed. I hope it’s an amazing year!

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    Robert Fahey

    Austria must have a pretty fat White Pages with names like Scharzenegger and Niedermeyer.

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    Best of luck Ed.

    Does Bertel’s interim leadership mean we can expect an increase in scantily clad Asian women and anime YouTube links on the front page?

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    Aaah… Austria – IMHO one of the most picturesque countries on earth. Enjoy your well-deserved time off. Don’t do too much flying around on the Autobahns though – I’m sure you need a break from cars.

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    Been a pleasure enjoying and learning from your work. Will miss it, but Bertel as backfill makes the transition a whole lot easier! Thanks, best of luck to you, and fare thee well!

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    Best to you Ed – you have a chance to work with an old friend, go for it. I’m sure the experience will enrich your contributions here at TTAC when you return.

    Besides, as Kenny Chesney sang a few years ago, “A hundred years goes by faster than you think, so Don’t Blink!” Gotta make the most of it…

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    Farewell to the online you then, and ‘welcome to the old world’ for the physical you :)
    I’m sure we will try to keep the arguments going for a year without you, allthough we will expect some more insight in the difference between Europen and American motoring from time to time :)

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    Godspeed…and keep the shiny side up!

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    Amendment X

    Best of luck Ed, and hurry back soon!

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    Yep, my thoughts as I read this. But I’m looking forward to your take on cars we don’t see here…it’s one of the things I enjoyed the most when I traveled back and forth a few years ago (always loved the A-class, go figure!).

    Fair winds and safe travels!

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    Congrats, Ed – maybe now I’ll get to see and read about cars I have no idea exist, other than the ones your dad brings up on “CC”, many of which I had no idea ever existed!

    Now, quoting a famous line from “Hill Street Blues”: “Hey!…Be careful out there…!”

    …Motoring merrily along now, secure in the comfy environs of my beloved Impala!

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    Do your new job well … but don’t do it permanently!

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    Congratulations and good luck! Make sure you keep in touch and do more reader meet ups in Portland (and other areas for the readers here)! It was great to meet you, your Dad and Mom, along with other readers a few months ago.

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    “One of my main goals as TTAC’s Editor-in-Chief was to ensure that this site and this brand became bigger than any one person”

    There is no doubt in my mind that you have succeeded in making TTAC larger than any one person. I was wondering how TTAC would hold up post RF, but it is as good as ever. Loosing not one but two Neidermeyers in one year is more than a lesser site would be able to handle, but I’m sure TTAC will be alive and well when you return in 2013. It helps that you are leaving the site in good hands, and have a large and diverse community in the B&B.

    All the best, and thank you.

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      Ed Niedermeyer has done a great job with TTAC. I know a few of the commentors in real life and know their screen-names on TTAC. Most would be surprised to learn that these individuals are pillars of commerce, industry or finance.

      For many involved with all aspects of the US auto industry, TTAC is required reading even if just to keep a finger on the pulse of the industry.

      Good luck Ed on your new endeavor. Enjoy your vacation. You’ll need an even longer vacation after November 6th, 2012, just to unwind and catch up on your sleep.

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        “I know a few of the commentors in real life and know their screen-names on TTAC. Most would be surprised to learn that these individuals are pillars of commerce, industry or finance.”

        This doesn’t surprise me in the least – the signal to noise ratio is pretty good on TTAC, with the B&B contributing a lot well reasoned, well presented posts from a wide variety of view points.

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    Have fun trip to Europe! Manual Diesel Station Wagon FTW!

    And good luck with your behind the scene political work in 2012!

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    Bon Voyage Ed!

    Are you selling your M roadster?

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    Rental Man

    Good Luck Ed!

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    The whole thing is a little …….. disturbing, IMO.

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    Good luck Ed, the sky’s the limit for you.

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    So many kind words… thank you all!

    wallstreet: The M COUPE (ever been to Costco in a Roadster?) is definitely not for sale. I hope to be buried in it. Actually, I’ll be temporarily relocating under M power, and I’m fairly certain that the extended wheel time will inspire something that should eventually end up in these pixel-pages.

    quiksilver180: I’ll be relocating for a few months, and traveling quite a bit next year, but I am anxious to hold more meet-ups. I always have a great time with the Motown meet-up crew, and I really enjoyed the recent multi-Niedermeyer meet-up in Portland. I have the feeling that it will happen again.

    Speaking of which, I really recommend that anyone who enjoys TTAC go check out my old man’s (TTAC’s former Managing Editor, for the newbs) site, It definitely makes me a little nostalgic for the good old days, when CC and TTAC were all in one place. On the other hand, typing or bookmarking one more url really isn’t that difficult. I mean, come on… right?

    Bis bald!

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    Robert Fahey

    (The guy on the right must be from the temp agency.)

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    Thanks for keeping my blood pressure up – but most importantly for giving me a better understanding of the global automotive business.

    Best of luck to you – Enjoy!

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    Viel glück Herr Niedermeyer.

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    Nice work Ed. I agree with all that’s been said with regard to grabbing the opportunity. Living in real life for a bit is absolutely worth it. I am away from home myself for a year and am loving it.

    Bertel, now that you’re the boss, maybe you could expense a few track classes! Kidding aside, I am very much looking forward to seeing what you do with the site…

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    Good luck and see you later! I’m sad to hear you’ll be gone so long – but it’s for a good cause, and the site’s helm will remain in capable hands with Shumitto-sensei.

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    Godspeed, Ed!

    To the regulars, Ed, Bertel and the other TTAC staff…I won’t let you down.

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    Good Luck Ed!

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    Best of luck!

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    Good luck to you and I hope stop by often to pay us visit!

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    Good Luck Edward.
    I found TTAC first when it was already under your watch- and have turned into an avid daily reader and occasional commenter (just chiming in to defend the Mazda 3 front fascia or comment on the Japanese-stuff in some of Bertel’s articles).

    Now that there’s gonna be a new guy in charge for a while maybe I should resubmit my editorial-cartoons ideas for consideration… what do you think Bertel様?車の時事漫画はいかがでしょうか? :^)

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    Good luck on your new venture, Edward. I’ve certainly enjoyed reading your writings.

    And Derek, now that you’re moving from AutoGuide to TTAC, who becomes Colum Wood’s “sidekick”?

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