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The gang at TTAC wishes you, the Best & Brightest, a wonderful, happy and lucky 2012. May all your wishes come true (go easy on your New Year’s resolutions, this year, you may have to keep them …) May your rods remain unthrown and your payments be painless.

Our New Year’s resolution is to provide you with even better information, reviews and analysis.

I am starting off the well-wishing (unless the Aussies did beat me to it) on a balmy evening, overlooking Hong Kong Harbour.

As a longstanding TTAC tradition, let’s march the celebrations around the globe!

The gang at TTAC will take Sunday off to nurse any party aftereffects, and will be back on Monday.

Happy New Year!

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    Cammy Corrigan

    From the UK, I wish the rest of the B&B a happy and prosperous 2012.

    Don’t bother wishing me the same. I’m in Europe. Prosperity as about as likely GM fitting a set of brake pads to a car…

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    Prepare for the worst, hope for the best.

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    It’ll be New Year here in Hamilton, Scotland in approx 7 hours and 18 minutes.

    So I’ll wish all of the B&B, and writers here at TTAC and very happy and healthy New Year now, because when the time comes, I’ll be helplessly drunk :)


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    “Our New Year’s resolution is to provide you with even better information, reviews and analysis.”

    Ok, lets start with why, with a HUGE hord of boomers about to automatically arrive at Cadallic’s and Lincoln’s doorstep ready, willing, and very able to purchase the luxury car of their dreams (or delusions) did both of these marques abandon the market?

    I know of nobody that owns either of these two; all have went M-B or BMW.

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    Many thanks to you all, and CHEERS!

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    And Happy New Years back!

    It’s still Saturday morning here in Seattle and I’ve not had breakfast yet. :-)

    That said, I’m keeping things kind of simple here, outside of get organized even more this year but 2 things HAVE to take place. One, a new, better paying job (or an alternative is a side gig that can do the same or at least enough for a car payment) as I can barely live on what I make now and my truck (being the other thing) is getting very, very long in the tooth and will HAVE to be replaced this year, no matter what. I’m just hoping I don’t have to resort to another 10 YO beater as I’ve never had a car that was less than 8-10 YO and over 100K miles (often well over) by the time I get them and I’m not getting any younger.

    The rest, it’ll come as it comes.

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    Surprise, here is the real truth about cars 2012.

    Who would have believed on December 31, 2000 that 25mpg combined would be considered a high mileage crossover/suv that would be introduced in 2012 with a new engine concept?

    Ford does – the $38K Edge Ecoboost.

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    Happy New Year! May TTAC writers continue to bring us the truth! Wishing everyone healthy and prosperous 2012!

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    To Ed Niedermeyer, who did a yeoman’s job herding his cats in the same direction, +/-45 degrees – hope your New Year’s endeavor is satisfying
    To Bertel Schmitt, I look forward to more of your sly humor infused with that certain manga comic sensibility…
    To Mehta and Lang – jointly and severally, who always provide interesting reads
    To Michael Karesh – well, somebody’s got to be serious around here and you do it well
    To Murilee Martin – good hunting in America’s junkyards, although some of what you find by rights should have ended up in the crusher lane right off the assembly line
    To Jack Baruth – always enjoy your semi-gonzo journo style even, or especially, when cars are peripheral to the story
    To the commenters who often provide some very interesting insights based on industry experience
    To the rest of us who manage, despite our perverse natures, to be civil even when disagreeing

    Happy New Year to all

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    On multiple occasions, I have indicated I see very few new Detroit products on the roads. My life is on the east coast, and on the west coast. So many times, I have been called a “troll” for making such a claim, and I appreciate the editors not folding to the calls to “ban” me for making such claims.

    In the boston globe, I find this article. It shows the top 10 selling cars in new england. The result? Not a single car in the top 10 comes from Detroit. This should call into question claims made by so many that Detroit cars are common in the east coast or west coast neighberhood they live in.

    I hope this link causes so many engineers and designers who know little of the car market outside the midwest to understand the problem they face, and adjust their cars.

    I wish all TTAC editors and posters all the best in the new year.

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      If one understands the east coast to be on lakes Erie, St. Claire and Huron,
      and the west coast as on lake MI,
      then there is still an overwhelming preponderance of Big 3 metal on the roads,
      Get outside these limits, and, well, not so much.

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      All of those cars match with what I see in Southern Maine. Note that a lot of Mainers do drive domestic pickups. But when it comes to cars I see a lot more furrin brands than I do domestic. I think VWs might be somewhat popular because of the longevity of their bodies in salty areas. That’s not to say that the electronics will last 12 years, but the bodies are pretty corrosion resistant. There are also lots of rusty Mazdas in Maine which provides for an interesting contrast.

      And Happy new year as well! Thanks to everyone involved in running the site. I’ve been coming here since the early GM deathwatches were being published by RF. So thank you for being my daily time-killer when there’s nothing to do, or when I don’t want to do any work.

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    Happy New Year from Alberta Canada,a haven for car guys in the frozen North.

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    Andy D

    Happy New Year!

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    Athos Nobile

    Happy New Year!

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    Happy New Year to the Best and the Brightest from the Rest and the Rightest !

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    お新年おめでとう御座います, as we, old and experienced kamikaze say!

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    Happy new year to everyone also.

    I’m glad you had fireworks there in HK.

    Shanghai said there would be a laser light show followed by fireworks. What we got was one colored building with a few lights on it and a few laser lights on top of it. And for fireworks we got a very long string of firecrackers. *blink*

    On the other hand the Pearl Tower was nice with the countdown on it.

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    We had new years church bells ringing in the year here ’bout 2 hours ago…

    I and my Smart car send greetings to all of you from Switzerland.

    Thanks to the crew and the B&B at TTAC for keeping it real, educational, interesting, and fun.

    Whatever it takes, and whatever comes your way, may 2012 be a year of new horizons, satisfaction and happiness for each of you.

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    Happy New Year to all from British Columbia, Canada.

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    Happy New Year to all, I will have a toast to dear dead SAAB, she gave a good fight but it is time to stay dead and live on in our hearts.

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    Happy New Year from Ajax, ON.

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    Andy D

    I watched Boston’s 36th annual First Night fireworks on WBZ . I was sipping my 2nd hot lemonade and Myer’s.

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    Happy New Year All!

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    Happy New Year from Louisville, Kentucky! May everyone’s 2012 be better than everyone’s 2011!

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