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A while ago, we showed you a video of an angry Shanghainese woman, towing a tow-truck away. Alas, the video was staged. This time, it’s serious. Or so they swear over at Carnewschina, and at the TV station in Liaoning Province that showed on the evening news what happened when the police wanted to tow a Buick Excelle. The Buick’s driver, a resolute woman, had different ideas.

The Buick was already hitched, but on the wrong end. Using the fact that the Excelle is a front-wheel-drive, the woman could liberate it from the claws of the tow truck, and drive away. What is interesting to watch is how the police in the alleged police state reacts.

If the woman would have bumped an American cop with the door, and then shoved him, she would be in cuffs. If she would have kept on driving with an American cop standing in front of the car, she would have found herself tased, bundled up, arrested, and in a world of hurt. In China, she simply drives away.

They have her number and will catch up with her later.

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14 Comments on “Chinese Woman Liberates Car From Chinese Police. Film At 11...”

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    I wonder how many years she’ll spend in a prison camp for this. Love the parallel with the Tiananmen tank !

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    I have met a lot of strong willed women in China, especially in management positions.

    I feel sorry for all the Chinese men I see walking around the mall carrying their purse.

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      You must live in Shanghai, as that is the custom in that city. There is a reason most Chinese say they don’t want a woman from Shanghai.

      Frankly the police in China overall are a joke. She’ll probably get called into a police station and someone will counsel her on her bad behavior and she’ll probably get a minor fine.

      I see people yelling and arguing with police here all the time. Considering how dangerous this makes the roads and everything else here. I’d prefer if they had tased her and all the rest.

      They save the beatings not for people like her, those are for the political dissidents and people trying to organize demonstrations.

      In general, the casual disregard for the law and bad behavior here is completely ignored. Why else do you think you get a country where it’s better to run over a person and then run over them again because it’s cheaper than having to pay for hospital bills.

      The system here is fairly ineffectual and frankly sometimes I’m surprised there is any order at all.

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        Hey Dave,
        Yes you are right that sometimes their thinking is twisted.

        A real story…
        In Shenzhen I was walking up a mildly inclined street on my way to the factory. I look up and one of those blue stake trucks (aren’t they ALL blue!) is backing up straight at me. I dodge out of the way while preparing to give the evil eye to the driver when he passes. I look…no driver…only a freaked out women in the passenger side with a small child.
        I throw down my computer bag and chase down the truck now going faster and faster down the hill. The truck is now working across to the other side of the street. I was able to open the door (I was lucky it swung fully around) and jumped in. I stopped the truck just before it crashed into a small business that was selling food to the morning crowd getting food on their way to work.
        It would have probably killed and injured many people since no one could hear it coming.
        I put the truck in gear and grabbed a cement block at the business and threw it behind the tire. I then ran like heck up the hill to get my computer bag and then finished my walk to work.

        I was feeling pretty good about myself especially since a few of my production employees waved to me indicating they seen what happened. Word got around the plant.

        Later in the day several of my managers came to talk to me in private. Each of them lectured me that this was a very stupid thing to do, that if I did not stop the truck in time that I would have been responsible for all the people that were killed or injured. They even stated that if they were in the same position that they would have let the truck go.

        Wow talk about going from hero to being thought of as performing a stupid act.

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        Yup, helping people here is bad, because it might cost a company money.

        Your average person here feels differently but after they “mature” in the business environment here helping people is considered “wrong”

        I’ve done my share of helping here, including an old man who slipped and started to fall on an escalator and his wife couldn’t help him.

        Simple human decency isn’t in China. And if you do something to help, you can count on somehow the system working to punish you in some screwed up method.

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      I’ve known more than a few women from China here in the states, and found them to generally be very assertive when dealing with business associates, and to be bossy, and in many cases outright domineering, towards their significant others.

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    It’s very likely the cops will end up in more trouble than she will.

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      I hope so, maybe something will get them to stop looking like keystone cops. Actually I think keystone cops would be more effective than the police here.

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        Well it’s kind of twofold here, firstly while most Chinese people think this kind of behavior is douchetastic on the part of the woman, they also don’t really respect the cops very much since the police are thought of as often-corrupt thugs of sorts (which much like anywhere else they sometimes are), but in this case they’d probably have sympathy for the police since they’re being polite and trying to do their job. But the 2nd part of this is simply that if she has enough money to buy a car chances are that she or at least someone in her extended family knows the right people so she’ll just get a slap on the wrist.
        Nonetheless, generally speaking the crime rate is quite low in China since for more serious crimes they basically put a bullet in your head. There’s basically no middle ground where they lock people up in jails all the time for small infractions, they basically let you slide on stupid stuff up to a point and then start shooting at you. The political dissident stuff is a whole other matter, I mean for regular crimes they basically wrist slap you until you cross a threshold and then it’s bullets to the head.

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    I’m Chinese and find my culture kind of sucks. Like when that little girl got ran over by a car twice and more than 10 people passed by and did nothing. Yeah way to go China. Plus in China everyone thinks everyone else is a scammer. Chinese woman from China are very devious as whole. Always have a knife in your back and a exit plan once the money stops flowing their way. You western guys forget the submissive China girl dream. Its an illusion.

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      I’m Chinese that grew up under British rule (Hong Kong), and I can say a lot of blame can go to the ruling party in mainland China. They have completely destroyed the traditional values held by Chinese people for thousands of years. I would say that Chinese culture is lost except in places like Hong Kong, Taiwan, or Chinatowns around the world.

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    I am Korean and have been told to steer away from Chinese women. Due to the fact that they are most likely an only child and because of that many of them are stuck up, materialistic, self centered, and arrogant people. The description acura9927 gives also sounds similar to the Gangnam girls of Seoul, Korea HAH! I am going to have to find myself a nice down to earth girl right here in Jersey lol.

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    I’m 42 now and wasted 12 years trying to find a nice down reasonably attractive Chinese woman to date marry. I swear without prejudice they can be the most stuck up things to walk around that you will ever seen. And going from one guy to another cause lets face it White guys love Asian girls so they know they are in demand. I so regret wasting time chasing them.

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