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With the Passat moving from a poor-selling but Euro-premium sedan to a cheaper, more mass-market design, it was inevitable that the Passat CC “four door coupe” version would change as well. Unfortunately, in order to make it more similar to the new “Das Impala”-style Passat, VW had to really tone down the design. So much so, that you almost have to wonder who is going to buy this car on style alone… which is the whole point of having a “four door coupe” version of a sedan. But hey, at least it won’t be outselling the Passat anymore, as it has for much of the last several years. Mission accomplished?


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17 Comments on “What’s Wrong With This Picture: Passat CC Gets Put In Its Place Edition...”

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    “Das Impala”. Brilliant!!

    They’ve ruined this car (the CC)…like putting braces on January Jones.

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    Still a good looking car and reasonably priced, but that new corporate grille is a snoozer on this car. They could have done better.

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    I actually like the change.

    The CC looked outdated with the old VW corporate face, which as also been removed from the Eos and Tiguan (but so far remains on the Routan minivan).

    The droopy headlamps of these models reminded me too much of a Chrysler Sebring. The new face is cleaner, elegant, and up-to-date. Ditto the taillamps.

    Other than the front and rear fascias, it would appear the rest of the body is carryover, which is fine, because it’s still gorgeous.

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      TAIL LIGHTS – They made a huge improvement this time around. I have completely disliked the current CC based only on the ugly tail lights. I can’t recall ever disliking a styling feature this much. It looks like 4 little alien eyes staring at me. The rest of the car is very striking.

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    The new rear looks great, but the front is a mix of good and bad. I agree that it’s not terrible, but VW could have done a bit better. I suppose that’s why this is a mid-cycle caliber update.

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    No Uberholprestige. The back looks good, but I don’t drive backwards on the highway. Hopefully they will at least get a mesh or non-chromy grill for the R-Line.

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    i have to respectfully disagree!

    i think this looks great. subtle, to be sure, but very clean and snazzy.

    love the new rear fascia, like the new front. those taillights look outstanding. vw interiors are already great as it is.

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    It seems odd to move the Passat downmarket then pull the CC along with it. If anything I would have expected it to get fancier.

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      Absolutely. Just as the Avis spec Jettas give Golfs a sales gimmick other than additional rattles, one would think that the generic new Passat would make the CC interesting for anyone who bought VW’s for any reason other than being cheap and German-badged in the past. Maybe VW is scared that people will look at an expensively trimmed CC and notice that the new Passat is costed to Hyundai and back.

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    Meh – I never really got the styling of this car in the first place. The first gen Mercedes CLS is what a “4-door coupe” ought to look like, and this thing always just seemed like a weak imitation at best. This new version strikes me as about as blah as the first one. I agree with other posters commenting about their at least having made the tail light area look better.

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    Loved the looks of the old CC and was often glad to see a stick shift version sitting on many a dealers’ lot.

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    I liked the CC, but I like this even more. Now if only they’d sell a Passat CC wagon since the ‘mercanized version isn’t available as one.

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    Front and rear are vastly improved, but the roof line has me concerned. Seems less aggressive than the current CC, which would be a huge disappointment.

    I am reserving too much judgement until I see it in person.

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    I currently own a 2010 CC and I like the looks of this updated version better. The tail lamps are awesome. Now if we could only get the 300 HP version of the 3.6 that they have over in Europe. The 3.6 needs a smidge more power to separate itself from the Avalons of the auto world. All in all this has turned out to be a very nice car with a nice balance of luxury and sport. Love the VR6 snarl too. No mechanical issues at all to date. I think it’s a better value, design and engineering effort than Audi’s bread and butter A4. Also, funny how the ‘people’s car’ offers 3 years free maintenance and Audi did away with that. I lease cars and switching from Audi to VW was a no brainer. When I turned in my S4 at lease end to a local Audi dealer he tried to sell me an Audi, but I had already signed the lease paperwork on the CC. His response was, ‘I don’t blame you’……

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