October Sales: Movin' On Up

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer

After a largely flat year of auto sales, it’s looking like the analysts are getting it right and sales were good last month. Chrysler is leading the good-news parade with a whopping 27% bump in volume on strong sales of the 200, Wrangler and Grand Cherokee and 20%+ increases from every brand. GM had a more sideways kind of month, with 2% overall growth and only Chevrolet rising as a brand. For more, watch October’s sales results unfold at our evolving table after the jump…

AutomakerOct. 2011Oct. 2010Pct. chng.10 month

201110 month

2010Pct. chng.BMW Group27,31823,26517%246,890215,70015% BMW division21,87319,27214%199,552176,73613% Mini5,4153,95037%47,05038,53822% Rolls-Royce3043–30%288426–32%BMW Group27,31823,26517%246,890215,70015%Chrysler Group114,51290,13727%1,123,923910,35724% Chrysler Division21,24416,54728%178,795174,6502% Dodge33,73427,02025%379,175330,03915% Dodge/Ram55,57045,11023%589,776499,68118% Fiat1,965––%15,826––% Jeep35,73328,48026%339,526236,02644% Ram21,83618,09021%210,601169,64224%Chrysler Group114,51290,13727%1,123,923910,35724%Daimler AG24,45319,44826%210,760189,63711% Maybach45–20%4453–17% Mercedes-Benz24,12219,07627%206,632184,43812% Smart USA327367–11%4,0845,146–21%Daimler AG24,45319,44826%210,760189,63711% Ford Motor Co. 167,502157,6506%1,767,2131,626,9129% Ford division161,408143,33913%1,696,0301,445,61117% Ford/Lincoln/Mercury167,502157,6506%1,767,2131,594,38711% Lincoln6,0946,834–11%70,93570,1201% Mercury–7,477100%24878,656–100% Volvo–––%–32,525–100%Ford Motor Co.167,502157,6506%1,767,2131,626,9129%General Motors186,895183,5432%2,089,0441,818,88215% Buick11,68712,569–7%151,779126,56920% Cadillac11,79513,393–12%124,985118,4066% Chevrolet131,804124,2146%1,485,7371,298,39314% GMC31,60933,000–4%326,543263,50224% Hummer–242–100%–3,749–100% Pontiac–83–100%–1,045–100% Saab–––%–608–100% Saturn–42–100%–6,610–100%General Motors186,895183,5432%2,089,0441,818,88215%Honda (American)98,33398,811–1%958,1301,011,247–5% Acura11,11511,0111%100,261107,399–7% Honda Division87,21887,800–1%857,869903,848–5%Honda (American)98,33398,811–1%958,1301,011,247–5%Hyundai Group90,09273,85522%950,411751,92626% Hyundai division52,40242,65623%545,316452,70321% Kia37,69031,19921%405,095299,22335%Hyundai Group90,09273,85522%950,411751,92626%Jaguar Land Rover–––%–––% Jaguar–––%–––% Land Rover–––%–––%Jaguar Land Rover–––%–––%Maserati–––%–––%Maserati–––%–––%Mazda18,32618,0132%209,641192,7839%Mazda18,32618,0132%209,641192,7839%Mitsubishi4,3785,111–14%70,25346,50351%Mitsubishi4,3785,111–14%70,25346,50351%Nissan82,34669,77318%856,425743,47415% Infiniti6,8627,930–14%79,04382,727–5% Nissan Division75,48461,84322%777,382660,74718%Nissan82,34669,77318%856,425743,47415%Porsche2,2702,647–14%24,93420,33723%Porsche2,2702,647–14%24,93420,33723%Saab Cars North America337741–55%4,9843,36748%Saab Cars North America‡337741–55%4,9843,36748%Subaru20,08122,720–12%215,631216,3340%Subaru20,08122,720–12%215,631216,3340%Suzuki–––%–––%Suzuki–––%–––%Toyota134,046145,474–8%1,328,5691,456,790–9% Lexus18,09221,091–14%153,739183,529–16% Scion3,9524,654–15%41,55937,88810% Toyota division112,002119,729–7%1,133,2711,235,373–8% Toyota/Scion115,954124,383–7%1,174,8301,273,261–8%Toyota134,046145,474–8%1,328,5691,456,790–9%Volkswagen38,41528,33236%360,115295,56622% Audi10,2258,12826%95,20681,71817% Bentley16212035%1,4221,07432% VW division28,02820,08440%263,487212,77424%Volkswagen38,41528,33236%360,115295,56622%Volvo Cars NA4,8993,99623%57,05412,589353%Volvo Cars NA4,8993,99623%57,05412,589353%Other (estimate)2482423%2,4662,4112%TOTAL1,014,451943,7588%10,476,4439,514,81510%
Edward Niedermeyer
Edward Niedermeyer

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  • Mjz Mjz on Nov 01, 2011

    Heil Piech! VW's quest for global domination marches on in October Jetta and new Passat selling quite well. Apparently Americans really do like cheap plasticky interiors afterall.

  • Ronin Ronin on Nov 01, 2011

    Last month GM got accused of 'channel stuffing:' ramming cars through to the retail dealers, and then recording the units as corporate sales, whether or not there was an actual consumer purchase. Is it possible this is Chrysler's month?

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