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Dateline  Istanbul: Accompanied by Turkish bellydancer music  rock’n’weave, BMW launches its new open-top two-seater MINI Roadster in Turkey’s capital. But is that TWO GUYS? in front? Where is the fun of that?

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27 Comments on “Half The Seats, Twice The Fun – Reallly?...”

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    I never understood the new Roadster, unless MINI are planning to cancel the “4”-seat model. Aside from the 2-seat configuration and slightly different styling, the Coupe and Roadster models aren’t all that significantly different from the Cooper/S models.

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    My wife has had two MINIs, so I get the appeal of the brand, but I really think we’re rushing headlong toward dilution here. I’m not sure I get the point of Hardtop AND Convertible AND Clubman AND Countryman AND Coupe AND Roadster. (I guess Clubman Convertible is next.)

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    I get the regular MINI convertible because it is a 4 seater, but the choice of this over a Miata can only be explained by a deep rooted racist hatred of the Japanese.

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      Based on the kind of comments that can be found on any mainstream auto website these days, I’m thinking a lot of people have a deep-rooted racist hatred of the Japanese.

      Good news for MINI!

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      Sorry I don’t get the connection.

      The Miata is not a fashion accessory, it might have been that way 20 years ago.

      The Mini is nothing like a Miata either visually or mechanically.

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        I guess that’s it, this really is just a fashion accessory. I always put function first with cars, and can’t understand why anyone would pay more for a small two seat convertible based on an economy car, with front wheel drive and possible build quality issues, than for a small two seat convertible with rear wheel drive, four corner double wishbone suspension and notoriously great build quality.

        But I’m forgetting that the Miata isn’t available with “bonnet” stripes.

        Speaking of which, Mazda should offer stripes on the Miata if people want them, along with more special and limited editions. The Miata has always been a great car, but the special editions got it a lot of attention in the ’90s.

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    This commercial displays some of the most dangerous driving I’ve ever seen – taking blind corners at speed in a residential area that normally filled with pedestrians. I know the filming of the commercial took place while the streets were shut down, but I coundn’t turn off that part of my mind.

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    At 18.6 births per 1000, if Turkey were a member of the European Union, it would have the highest birth rate – passing Ireland’s 16.8 and France’s 13.0 – so this is probably fine.

    Meanwhile, Italy and Japan need more cars with huge bench seats…in front and in back.

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    “But is that TWO GUYS? in front? Where is the fun of that?”

    Considering its a Mini Roadster, I bet that they are gay; and it looks like they are having a blast.

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      Or they could just have a totally wicked bro-mance. Just saying.

      I currently drive a Cooper S, and my best friend always tells me, “You know, people probably think we are gay” as we both laugh and grin like happy idiots driving around corners entirely to fast… so basically exactly like the video.

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    “We’re driving in an alternative universe in which heteronormativity is recognized as just another gender construction! WHEEEEEEEE!!!!”

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    So, when is the SUV long wheel base 4 seater version coming out? There must be some people who don’t think just a 4 seater convertible and a roadster is enough versions to choose from if you want some wind in your hair while rock crawling. They could call it the LandMini :P
    (tbh I’m struggling to understand how BMW can make money on both this and the 1-series models, with roughly 15 body styles between them if you include the x1. It’s a niche of a niche ?)

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    I’m waiting for the MINI el-camino.

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    “But is that TWO GUYS? in front? Where is the fun of that?”

    Perhaps they are on their way to pick up their girl friends, which will then have to sit on their laps. Hence the line, “twice the fun.”

    Or they could be Bisexual. *rimshot* Get it? Twice the fun?

    *cricket* *cricket*

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    “But is that TWO GUYS? in front? Where is the fun of that?”

    It would be fun for me!

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    I can’t cite any sources except for a friend, and his life partner- there is rumor that Suburu had similiar inuendo in their ads for years. This may explain why they are popular with our LGBT/Metro friends, on top Suby’s solidness. The cool thing is that bigots would be too unhip on what’s going on to turn sour on these brands.

    This Mini will be all over South Floriduh, especially South Beach and Key West.

    A Mini-amino trucklette could be a hit in Texas: its perfect for wife’s Nieman’s and Whole Foods runs from the ‘ol ranch.

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    MRF 95 T-Bird

    Wonder if there will be a removeable hardtop available.

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