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This mule of Ford’s new global midsized car may be well-camouflaged, but it’s not hard to imagine something not unlike the new EVOS concept lurking underneath all that bulk. Think narrow, slit-like headights, a version of the Hyundai-esque hexagonal grille that we’ve seen on the updated Taurus SHO, a high beltline and a fastback-ish C-pillar, and you’re probably getting close. Which leaves the final mystery: what in the foxtrot will those alloys look like? Try not to lose too much sleep over that one…

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21 Comments on “Ford’s New Fusion/Mondeo Is So Secret, Even Its Alloys Are Camouflaged...”

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    the new Malibu will eat this thing alive, similar to what the Cruze has been and is doing to the Focus.

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    I hope the new Fusion maintains the roomy interior and trunk of the current model. The Focus and Fiesta have among the most cramped interiors in their classes.

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      Yeah, I hope so too. The smaller rear seats in the Fiesta and Focus don’t turn me off personally, but I do think it’s a curious oversight, especially in the case of the latter, considering it was supposedly designed nearly from the start with the US in mind. And needless to say rear seat room will be an even bigger consideration in a midsize car.

      The Mondeo is already a big car though, even bigger than the Fusion I think, so the new car shouldn’t have a problem in that area. But we’ll see.

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    “a high beltline”

    Nooooooooooooooooo … More glass please; I have the rest of eternity to sit inside a cramped, dark box, and I might not get there so quickly if I could see everything outside of my frikkin car.

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    Yawn – It’ll sell like crazy.

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    Even Its Alloys Are Camouflaged

    That’s not so unusual. Most of the car companies test cars for Radio Frequency Interference not far from my home a couple miles north of 8 Mile and I’ve seen camo’d wheels before.

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    Most of that clip looks like it was shot outside the Allen Park power-train labs on Enterprise drive. It’s a great place for prototype spotting. Also the location where I received my very first speeding ticket!

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      Is this spy footage? Because it seems pretty staged. By my count, the photographer is standing in at least 4 different locations as the Mondeo happens to drive past. Plus there is at least 1 shot where the photographer is following in another car.

      It seems unlikely that a photographer would be able to plan for 5 different shots if he didn’t know the “secret” car’s route in advance.

      It seems to me that when automakers really want to keep a car hidden, they can. When we see stuff like this, I suspect it’s because Ford wants us to see it.

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    I was hoping the Evos would evolve into the 2014 Mustang. It seems like a great design to go where they said they wanted:

    – Smaller, lighter
    – Modern, not retro

    If the Evos degenerated into just a front clip for this bland-looking four-door, that would be a shame.

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    I hope it avoids the weight creep that the Taurus has suffered with each restyling. Supposedly Chevrolet did cut the weight of the porky Malibu somewhat for 2013.

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    Gone are the days when a new Detroit model needed to be camouflaged because it was radically different from the last year’s look. This car could be easily hidden behind a Honda or Hyundai badge and nobody would know it was a new Ford.

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    Pic is not showing up on my new ipad2, although all other pics seem to be ok.

    Is the camo really that good??

    P.s. anybody else seem to be having this problem too??

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    Silhouette says stretched Cruz. I’m a fan of the current Fusion after spending a week with one during a business trip. Styling, ride, handling, room, fit and finish. It was all there. Hope they didn’t mess it up.

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    I’ve been waiting for the new Fusion (and new Accord) before I buy my next vehicle. Being no so much a fan of Hyundai/KIA or the Malibu the current Fusion is a front runner. Hopefully the styling is more conservative than the current Sonata which I don’t think will age well. Not sure how that high beltline will look in 8-10 years. What I’m more concerned about is the interior though. With the Koreans loading up options that you can only find in a Lincoln over at the blue oval any guesses if the new Fusion will have things like ventilated seats, push button start, etc.

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