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Michael Karesh may have been one of the few writers to review the Hyundai Veloster without the expectation of a truly sporting drive, but even he concludes that

Those who insist on go with their show needn’t despair, only patiently wait for the turbo Hyundai’s not yet talking about.

Because Hyundai’s European executives started talking about a turbo version prior to the launch date, and Hyundai Motor America still rolls its eyes at the mere mention of a turbo Veloster, I wasn’t optimistic. But between a recent explosion of US-based spy shots of Veloster Turbo mules (both in Death Valley and near HATCI in Michigan) and a 210 HP ARK Performance-tuned Veloster Turbo heading to SEMA, I’m beginning to share Karesh’s opinion that the Veloster Turbo is an inevitability for the US market. Besides, Hyundai has earned a little fuel-burning frivolity: its year-to-date combined full-fleet fuel economy (CAFE) is 35.9 MPG, just over the 2015 standard of 35.5 MPG.

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8 Comments on “Veloster Turbo Makes Its Video Debut...”

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    A tubo Veloster can be the spiritual successor to the previous generation Mitsubishi Eclipse GSR turbo. I can see a whole cult growing in response to one.

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    I wouldn’t get too excited. Hyundai’s turbo efforts thus far have been nothing more than turbocharging their stock vehicles and not much else. Adding a turbo alone won’t turn the Veloster into a GTI killer.

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    Sorry, meant to write second generation GS-T Eclipse, but edit isn’t working for me.

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    Gonna make the 1st year adopters feel like suckers.

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    If they can keep an adequately appointed turbo Veloster under $25K OTD, color my interest piqued.

    My ma just got an Elantra Limited a few months ago. I took it for a spin having high expectations, and I’ll be damned if it didn’t exceed them. People who actually buy a Corolla, Civic, or Jetta today just didn’t take the time to sit in an Elantra. I’ve yet to sit in the Accent or Veloster, but everything I’ve read leads me to believe the Yaris, Fit, CR-Z, and Golf are being shamed.

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      Ditto – the interior quality vs. price is frankly amazing with Kia/Hyundai right now. And that’s not even mentioning the fact that they’re beating the competition with better fuel economy and then kicking them while they’re down with standard 5 year / 60k bumper-to-bumper warranties.

      I really wanted to like the Sonic after reading so many glowing reviews – but after driving a Turbo 5-door yesterday, it isn’t even in the same class as the Kia/Hyundai offerings at the same price.

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    As a previous Eclipse GS-T owner (1997) I can only PRAY that Hyundai does this and ASAP. I never understood why they didn’t launch with the turbo as an option. They keep pumping up the Veloster as a sporty, rally car – thus the turbo HAS to come or Hyundai will look like a fool. Every review I’ve read says the main downside to Veloster is that its all looks, but no GO. What makes no sense is Hyundai already has a turbo in the Genesis Coupe, so just drop that puppy in there and call it a day.

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      I can’t help but wonder if this behavior is currently endemic to Korean companies. Samsung has recently been talking a big game about making serious inroads to high-end digital cameras, but their recent actions have not backed that talk at all.

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