By on October 30, 2011

Here’s hoping your weekend motoring has been a little bit safer than surfboard designer Roberto Ricci’s…

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22 Comments on ““I Should Call Aston Martin And Ask Them Not To Put This Button In My Next Car”...”

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    What a tool. Another case of someone who appears to not be able to drive, i.e. misjudging a correct entry speed in dry sunny conditions on what looks to be a well-maintained roadway. Good for him that he was not making a turn where there may have been a crosswalk and people standing around. He needs to take a driving course and practice a bit in closed conditions before unleashing himself on the general public…

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    Volt 230

    Is this what rich people do on their day off? No, numbnuts, it’s not the damn button that’s the problem, it’s the way you drive like if you own the whole freaking road!!

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    He should call Aston Martin and tell them to make his next car a Cygnet.

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    Volt 230

    yeah, blame the run-flats!

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    At least he can smile about it. Sh!t happens. It’s all how you deal with it.

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    A-hole: defined.

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    It’s the nut behind the wheel.

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    Do you really want to ride shotgun with a guy who crashes his car seconds after turning off traction control? This guy should buy an Enzo next.

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    Jack Baruth

    It’s Sunday morning quarterbacking on my part, but he could have drastically reduced the severity of that crash by letting go of the wheel and going full strength on the brakes. He’s cranking the wheel even after everybody realizes there’s nothing left. Alternately, if he’d taken his feet OFF the brakes he might have made the turn. I don’t think he was actually entering too quickly. He just overdrew his front-tire account with all that simultaneous braking and steering.

    If he were an autojourno he could write about moderate understeeer.

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      Touché! But, regardless, the guy is a butthead with apparently enough loot to snag a great car, but hardly the brains to learn how to drive it responsibly (on public roads no less); as for his behavior afterward, it’s a seeming case-study in arrested-development.

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    With 3-4-500+ horsepower, am I the only one who thinks it’s a really bad idea to turn off the traction and stability control on a public road? It seems like it would be easy to give the car the wrong input, causing the type of havoc we see here…

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    Fred Applerot

    “Good tires,” Bob mused, casually lighting a cigarette, “but certainly not great tires.”

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    That was depressing.

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    On the blog-a-sphere we can sit back and criticise his driving.
    But deep down, we are all jealous that he can bend an Aston Martin, and walk away from it laughing. Oh to have deep pockets
    I love the engine sound prior to the crash, just sublime..

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    That’ll buff right out, heh

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    There’s no excuse for d!psh!t driving too fast without a clue. What would Ricci say about me taking up kitesurfing with no knowledge or training? Least I’d be a danger mostly to myself!

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    I agree with all saying the driver is an idiot but…I would caution against being too holier-than-thou about it.

    Anyone can make a mistake.

    For those that think they are better drivers than him..well, maybe you are, but you may likely just be at a higher threshold when you make YOUR mistake and you may just not walk away smiling like this guy.

    You know…pride cometh before the fall and all that….just saying!

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      The old adage about good pilots never letting their aeroplane get into a position where they need to demonstrate their good piloting skills applys equally for car drivers.

      Yes, Michael Schumacher or someone of that ilk could have probably held the skid for a bit longer and maybe executed a wonderful four-wheel drift around the corner, but I’d be willing to bet that on a public road, he would have slowed down before the corner and not switched off the T/C like a cockwhisk.

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    TOOO much money and zero driving ability

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    I would laugh when they us the video to pull his ticket for speeding and reckless driving.

    Middle-age crises are about choices and consequences, turning off your T/C as you apply power in the curve is a most stupid, but knuckleheadedly-effective, way of proving this.

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    Next time maybe he’ll RTFM before pushing buttons he doesn’t understand.

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