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If you live in the Houston area, you’re best off avoiding going to have a chance to meet some of your least favorite TTACers this weekend!

Start with the 24 Hours Of LeMons at MSR Houston, where no fewer than three of us — Jack, Sajeev, and Murilee — will be competing and/or judging Saturday. Then on Saturday night, check out The Hideaway where yours truly will be fronting a trio inbetween the headliner sets. Show up early and say hello, or show up late and get punched/molested/bored to tears with stories of the Volkswagen Fox!

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12 Comments on “More Meet The TTACers: Houston, TX...”

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    Someone slip Jack $200 to play Fuwa-Fuwa Time, for the troll value. Upload to Youtube.

    P.S. Although… Marco only scored 480k views:
    It may be a bridge too far.

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      Never thought I’d see a K-On reference on TTAC – learn something new about your fellow readers every day.

      p.s. While that video was not bad, this one on the same page was a bit disturbing:

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    Yeehaw It’s Texas!

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    Looking forward to your coverage of the gig on Saturday. Because, when you think about it, that’s far cooler than driving around in a funny looking circle all day.

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    This was something I posted in Porsche 911 Turbo S review but I assume that post is not current anymore. So I re-post it here and I do understand that it does not seem relevant, but still….

    “Jack, I need your advice with this:

    The 991 Carrera with the “new engine” has 350hp and an official time to 0-60 of 4.6 sec. The new Cayman/Boxter is coming by the end of 2012 and the BMW M3 will be there shortly there after. They will not let Cayman S to be more powerful or faster than base 991 so I assume it will have similar performance numbers to the current car (320hp, 0-60 ~4.9 officially). The new F30 M3 will probably have something around 450hp or so with a rumored turbo 6 (probably with a better torque number than the current car too)

    So the question is, will the performance gap between the next gen M3 and Cayman S be even higher than the current gen cars (I remember you said M3 beating current small porsche range in the past)

    Given the oppoprtunity, will you go for an M3 or Cayman S for the next gen cars, and what would be the rationale behind your decision.

    I am a big Porsche fan, but your input will make a difference for me for my next possible choice of cars.

    Timm “

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      I can’t speak for Jack, but two things are obvious here:

      1- If you’re looking for an answer to a question, send an email and it will be answered under “Ask the Best and Brightest” or “Piston Slap:Can’t decide which car I want to dream about.”

      2- Jack has not had a chance to drive either car. Based on “numbers” for a 991 doesn’t give you an adequate judgement of that car, much less a model that is still 12-14 months from introduction. Why don’t you wait until the cars are out and tested before wait on Jack. Why don’t you drive the cars, once they are out, and then make a decision based on what you’ll enjoy the most.

      Finally, the Hot Wheels BMW M3 (pearl white) rolls slightly quicker than the Hot Wheels Lambo Gallardo Superleggara. So, I think my son will want to purchase the corresponding model when he is old enough (only 4 right now). Man, I hope things don’t change in the next several decades, that could really screw up his decision process. I was totally suprised by this, but he is not interested in a truck anymore, not after his Matchbox Raptor got stuck on the track. F O R D, indeed.

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        “I can’t speak for Jack, but …”

        1- Yes I totally agree, you can’t speak for Jack, so you should not have tried in the first place (since it does not matter).

        2- Jack owns a Boxter currently (same platform as Cayman) he knows the driving dynamics of the car, he is knowledgeble in a way that I trust his sense. Don’t worry, the next gen Cayman will not going to be too different than the current gen so he can estimate based on his current experience and the numbers outlined above. I am sure he can make a very good educated guess about the issue and would know what he is talking about (obiviously you have no clue)

        3- Number 2 also gives the explanation about why I did not post the question on the boards you mentioned: I do not care about “public opinion”, I am asking his opinion on this matter; which as you nicely stated “I can’t speak for”

        4- I understand the cars I brought up are not relevant to you; and you have no desire to learn or talk about them. So be cool, calm down and don’t try be an issue. This is a conversation that:

        a) is not an interest of yours
        b) and you “can not comment on someone elses behalf”

        You can go and play with your son’s toys instead, since you know much more about them…

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      Jack Baruth

      I have always enjoyed driving the Boxster and its descendants more than I’ve enjoyed driving the M3.

      Around a racetrack, particularly one with long straights, the M3 will often make short work of the Cayman. Unless you are running NASA’s Time Trial class, this really shouldn’t matter too much — and note that a prepared Boxster won the 2007 NASA TTC championship against M3s.

      My money would be on a Cayman, but more than that, I’d recommend a Boxster, which is really no slower, costs less, and has a nice convertible top for a day out with your lady.

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    Why aren’t you guys up here in Cambridge for the Ig Nobel Prize Awards Ceremony???!

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    Hmph. No VodkaMcBigbra no care. Will be there anyway.

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